New Request

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 57 / Arc 8 Chapter 1


The renovation inside the tower was going well.

Especially the first floor, it changed rapidly. It seems that the safety is guaranteed in the forest, although up to the outer edge only.

Aside from the Meissner Company, the atelier that processed medicinal herb and monster core to make potion and the blacksmith that processed monster materials also decided to set up a branch shop.

A lot of space has already been used.

Of course, they need to pay rent.

All negotiations were entrusted to Tifa.

In the dining room on the second floor, the newly hired chef waved his arms.

He is a man in his mid-30’s named Phelan. He seem to have worked as a court chef before.

I asked the resident military officer Mira-san and she found the best man at once.

Her atmosphere of a career woman seems to be genuine.

Since it is said that Phelan can make variety of dishes as long as there is an ingredient, he seems to be enjoying the search for ingredients hereafter.

The bathhouse was also completed.

A separate washing area were created for men and woman. A large bath was also made.

This large bath is a mixed bath.

At first, a separate men and woman bath will be created but there were opposing opinions that it will be a waste of hot water so a mixed bath was created instead.

In this world it is hard to boil water so only an upper nobles can have a bath at home.

However, utilizing this tower, it will be almost free because to make hot water, it just needs mana. Takeru did not say anything about it.

He kept silent because he was pleased with mixed bathing.

Of course, because it is a mixed bath, everyone is wearing a bathing suit.

After the completion, the first bath will be enjoyed by Takeru’s party.

Takeru and Ordega scrub their bodies first before entering the large bathhouse.

「Takeru we’re entering. 」

Eclair says it.

「O, oh 」

Takeru was a little tense so his voice sounded hollow.

The female team opened the door of the public bath and came in.

Eclair is wearing a black bikini.

She appears to be on the small side but she has an appeal of a gravure idol.

「How do I look in my swimsuit, Takeru? 」

「Oh, it matched you well. 」

「Fufufu, good. 」

(It doesn’t suit you, Eclair. It is too seductive. Is this the appeal of an elf?)

「Takeru, look at me too. 」

Leiria is wearing a blue one piece. It matches her slender figure.

You can put her as a cover of a boy’s magazine.

「Leiria is also beautiful. 」

「Yeah, I’m glad.」

(Leiria is getting cuter lately.)

「Ta, Takeru-san, please don’t stare too much. It’s embarrassing.」

Felicia is in a white bikini and a pareo like a mini skirt below.

Because she’s usually a neat shrine maiden, the destructive power is over 9000.

***TN: correct translation is; Because she’s usually a neat shrine maiden, it has extra destructive power.***

「Felicia also looks good.」

「Su, su, such!… Thank you very much.」

(Felicia’s chest is…. I don’t know.)

Takeru can’t take his eyes off the big chest of the Saintess.

「Takeru-oniichan, Feene? How about Feene?」

Feene’s swimsuit… is this a swimsuit?

Even though she is a beastkin, she is not different from a human girl except for the ears and the tails.

Takeru has no loli attribute but she is certainly cute.

Takeru said 「Feene is cute」 and Feene happily wags her tails while saying 「hehehe」.

When the first stage of the renovation of the tower was completed, a letter came from the guild master in Turku.

The seem to be a nominated quest.

Takeru who had exhausted their budget due to renovation work immediately headed to the guild.

Helmina calls them out as soon as they enter the guild.

「Everyone from Babel, welcome. The guild master is waiting. This way please.」

They immediately enters a private room.

After a while, the Guild master of Turku, Dreesen came in.

「It has been a long time. Aren’t you big shots now? The town is buzzing rumors about you.」

「Oh, we’re not that much.」

Eclair is smiling but an irregular one.

「I thought that it was strange in the first place that Eclair became a subordinate of a no class. Who would have thought that Takeru is the owner of that tower?」

「I did not mean to tell a lie. I just couldn’t say it openly.」

At that time, it will be a fool proof for Takeru to publicize the ownership of the tower.

「Dreesen knew about the tower?」

「I knew there was a tower in the dark forest. I had heard that it was just a ruin and I didn’t know who the owner was.」

「It is probably because Takeru was chosen as the owner of the tower recently.」

「I wonder, otherwise I can not explain that sudden change.」

「How far does Dreesen knows about the tower?」

「I know that to enlarge the tower, you need monster cores. The bigger the tower, the more power it can wield. You’re the one that crushed Nicolo’s Tower right?」

The Guild’s information network is not to be reckoned with. It seems that they know that they have fought with the people of the tower.

Takeru did not respond so Dreesen continues.

「Do not misunderstand, I knew that slave trade has been done at that tower. I felt bad about it cause they are a collection of former adventurers guild members. I am grateful that you guys have defeated Nicolo.」

「We did that unwillingly because they kidnapped Feene.」

「That little fox girl? Indeed, Nicolo has his eyes on beastkins but they picked the wrong person to mess with this time.」

Dreesen looked at Feene’s appearance and nodded as if convinced.

「By the way, we heard that we have been nominated for a request?」

Eclair changed the topic and asked about the request.

「Oh, I want you to check out the town of Taukehit in the northeast direction from the Tower of Babel. It seems that strange things are happening.」

「Strange things?」

「Ah, the thing is, we are unable to contact the lord of the town. And there are a considerable number of people missing. This request comes from the royal palace. Sheila-sama seems to be acting as a middleman between you and the kingdom.」

「The princess? Does Felicia heard of anything?」

「No, she didn’t say anything in her letter.」

「To think she have used the guild.」

「Well, if Princess Sheila is involved, I don’t think it’s dangerous.」

As Ordega says, Sheila will not expose her beloved Felicia  to danger.

Thinking that way, Takeru decided to accept the request.

However, he will soon realized that it was such a sweet thinking.


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