A Town in Baron Orugin’s Territory

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 58 / Arc 8 Chapter 2


The town of Taukehit is a medium-sized town compared to other towns in the kingdom but it is surrounded by castle walls.

It is in the heart of Baron Orugin’s territory. The baron and his wife are also residing in the castle there.

We were able to easily enter the castle town by showing our guild cards at the gate.

「Entering is easier than I thought. 」

「That’s right. But don’t be careless. We are probably being monitored.」

「The guards guarding the gates were not particularly suspicious.」

「The soldiers may not know anything.」

We should not let our guard down due to the possibility that the soldiers are involved in the anomaly.

First of all, we took a lodging at the Wildcat Pavilion in the center of the town.

We are planning to make it our investigation base.

「Well, what are we going to do from now on? Will we check the state of the town first?」

「It is necessary to gather information.」

「I want to go downtown.They might have been selling rare items.」

「Is there anything delicious nodesu?」

「Both of you, we are not sightseeing.」

「But it is a good idea to gather information in a shop. If you buy something, the owner’s lips will lighten.」

「There is some truth in what Ordega says. Then, let’s go to the town and gather information.」

「Understood.」「Yay nanodesu」

Leiria and Feene are in carefree modes but since we’re going to act together, it will be fine.

「There was no such information in particular.」

Eclair says that while licking the baked candy apple she bought in the middle of information gathering.

「This is sweet and delicious. But it’s hard to eat.」

Leiria seems to be addicted to sweet that looks like a cotton candy.

「*mogumogu* This is also delicious nodesu. I want to eat another one nodesu.」

Feene has become addicted to a baked eggs with cream sweets that looks like a crepe.

「Be on guard everyone. We don’t know when the enemy will attack.」

Takeru is eating a skewered grilled meat while cautiously looking around.

It is an unknown meat but it’s delicious.

「The residents of the town don’t seem to know anything.」

Ordega is biting to a dish that looks like a hotdog.

「Take a grip everyone. Our purpose is information gathering not eating sweets.」

Although Felicia warns everyone, she’s not convincing since she’s putting a sweets like donut on her mouth.

Does the money Takeru spends on everyone’s sweets useless? They went around the stalls and shops downtown but they didn’t get any valuable information.

「Baron Orugin is fairly trusted and no one speaks ill of him.」

As Eclair says, there was not a single scandal concerning Baron Orugin, the lord of Taukehit.

「As for the people who went missing, it seems to be thought that it is a work of a kidnapper.」

It seems that the residents sudden disappearance is blamed to thieves and has not been considered as a major incident.

In this dangerous world, public order is bad.

In fact, Feene has also been kidnapped.

There was no particular result in their information gathering so they returned to the inn.

「Takeru-sama, you have received a dinner invitation from Baron Orugin.」

As soon as we returned to Wildcat pavilion, the owner of the inn call out to me.


Eclair gives a surprised voice.

「How did he know about us?」

「The Baron likes to talk to adventurers so the news is probably from the guards of the gate.」

The owner laughs at it like it was natural. He seems to be not hiding anything.

「What should we do Takeru? It might be some kind of trap.」

(It might be as Eclair said but we still don’t know if the baron is evil.)

Takeru is hesitant.

「Takeru-san, let’s go. It is said that you can’t take the cubs if you don’t enter the tiger’s den. I think we need to take a plunge and jump in here.」

Felicia seems to have thought of something and is unusually aggressive.

「Alright, let’s do what Felicia suggested.」

When Takeru declares his decision, everyone agreed.


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