Chapter 18 – Third Day in the Different World

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


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Morning came.

Yes, the morning came finally.

The status that exists only in adults, the stamina of the night.

Hentai Point

In short, HP.

This HP turns into spirit binging with recovery magic.

I’m a fool.

「Good morning.」

In the morning, as I use my head to think about things that are very stupid, the maids of hell who are already wearing maid dress rowed in line and lowered their heads.

Everyone’s face seems so glossy. Did they become energetic in bathing in the morning sun? Are they plants?

The dark side has fallen this morning. Proudia looked down at me coldly and opened her mouth.

「There is no problem with combat power. I think resilience is good too.」

「… What are you talking about?」

When I said so with half-opened eyes, Proudia made a noise from her nose and made a beautiful smile on her face.

「You have done well, master. Well then, I will start my morning service in the castle immediately.」

That said, Proudia left the room.

While I am shocked by Proudia’s unhesitant criticism, the maid troops line up in a row in front of me.

「Master, it’s so big…」


The first maid suddenly said such a thing. She went out of the room with her cheeks dyed.

And the next maid comes in front of me.

「Master, you’re durable」

「Master, you have no wasteful movement」

「Master is so fast」

「Master’s weakness is being stroked」

「Master, try binding」

「Master, is kinda maguro」

***TN: マグロ(maguro) – someone who is inactive during sexual intercourse***

「Master, three people at the same time」

「Master, raise more spirit」

「Master… It was…」

The 10 of them tell me something that I did not understand the meaning of one after another and left the room.

「Oi, what was the meaning of the last one?」

I finally regained my sanity and complained after being in trance but by that time, all the shocking maid troops had left the room.

「Those girls… aren’t they doing whatever they want…? Hnn?」

I noticed that someone was sleeping next to me when I was trying to get out of bed while grumbling and complaining.

It was Eleanor who has a strangely happy sleeping face. I saw Eleanor’s white moist skin and a soft-shaped chest, and I shifted my gaze to the morning sun with a straight face.

It seems that I have received recovery magic before I knew it.

I’m a fool.


I came to the adventurers guild in Ramblas with Sainos, Sedeia, and Sunny.

If we want to look at the documents and some confidential information, Keins said that we can just ask the receptionist that we wanted to look at it at the second floor of the guild. It is in a small room which is next to the meeting room in the second floor.

We are silently comparing parchments that are piled up in the dirty room. The best description for these is out of order.

「Ren-san, how about this?」

The receptionist Miria came along for some reason and brings out a parchment to me.


Miria chose an up-to-date information from the adventurers guild in other countries. I received the latest one and look at Miria who has a glittering eyes.

She’s like an attached dog.

「Is it okay? This is pretty confidential, isn’t it?」

As I asked Miria to confirm, Miria held her hands in front of her chest and looked up at me.

「It’s okay! El Rand-san told me to fully cooperate! El Rand-san is amazing, isn’t he? He’s not just an old elf. He has been a guild executive for over a hundred years since the adventurers guild of this country was established.」

El Rand, that elf? It’s probably because he suspects Sunny as a royal.

I looked at Miria while thinking such a thing in my mind and nodded.

「Thank you. I appreciate it.」

As I said so, Miria’s face reddened and she suddenly gathered up parchment.

「Ye, yes! Please leave it to me! I will collect all of the countries!」

「Ah, yeah. I ask of you.」

I am impressed with the diligence of the guild staff Miria as she scrutinizes information with a furious momentum.

「My lord, I believe that it will be wise to go to the capital as our next step.」

When I was watching Miria, Sainos said such a thing and bowed his head.

However, Sedeia intervenes there.

「I think going to Galland Empire is better. The country of elf will be nearby then.」

「I want to go to the elf country.」

Sunny agreed to Sedeia’s dissenting views against Sainos. Well, she only spoke what she desired.

「I want to see the magical cultural level and individual abilities of the elf country. However, we are in a situation that we won’t be able to say that we finished researching one country. I want to study the magic of the elf country by all means but hurrying to go there will lead to a short circuit. First of all, as Sainos suggested, we should go to the capital of the kingdom or the nearby Selenia.」

When I said that, Sainos raised his face with a sparkling smile. His tail also swings fast to the left and right.

「Sainos, dust.」

「Oh, I’m sorry.」

Sunny complained about the dust that were triggered by the tail of Sainos. He apologized with a smile but he’s still swinging his tail.

「I’ll take this time to spread it.」

Sedeia spreads the tail of Sainos under her buttocks and use it like a cushion.

「Oh, thank you Sedeia-dono.」

Sainos appreciates Sedeia for putting his tail on her buttocks. Sedeia delicately frowned since the tail is still trying to swing sideways under her seat.

「A, ano」

Another voice pops up coming from the side.  It is Miria who looked at here timidly.

「…Sedeia-san and Sunny-san are elves, aren’t they? Don’t you have any other family member or acquaintance who is traveling elsewhere?」

Miria asked a question in a depressed manner. Sedeia and Sunny look at each other.

No choice, I decided to deceived her with the setting I thought of.

「Ah… Actually, in the mercenary group where we were, I was the last leader. Most members of our group are war orphans. Most of us do not know the face of our family.」

When I explained it, Miria’s face rapidly turns blue.

「I’m sorry. I didn’t know that I’m asking something selfish…」

「Don’t worry about it.」

When Miria apologized, Sedeia replied in an easy tone as the representative.

It is a lie but in this atmosphere, no one will say so.

When I saw that Miria was about to cry, I heard a knocking sound on the door of the room.

「Excuse me. Ren-san, the guild master is calling you.」

It was Keins who opened the door. Keins seems to feel something about the atmosphere in the room but went out without saying anything when I told my consent.

「Continue the investigation here. I will meet with the guild master alone.」

When I said that, Sedeia and Sainos stood up.

「It will be better to take someone as an escort.」

「The one who can fight indoor the best is me!」

I stared at the two of them. When did you become rival? Do dark elves and wolfkins have bad compatibility?

「Then, Sedeia, come with me as precaution for assassination.」

When I said that, Sedeia smiles and Sainos’ tail hangs down.

No, I’ve adopted Sainos idea earlier.

Then, Sunny suddenly spreads Sainos’ tail, who seems to be feeling lonesome, under her buttocks and sit over it cheerfully.

I’m worried about Sainos’ tail.

「I’ll be back.」

I told that to the three in the room and headed to the Guild Master Bart’s room with Sedeia.

In addition to the conference room and the document room, the second floor has a locker room for the staff.

The exciting event of inadvertently entering a locker room was suppressed by Keins who is waiting at the inner part of the hallway.

I passed by Keins and knocked on the door of the guild master’s room.

「You have come. A little troublesome thing has happened.」

The moment I opened the door, Bart, who was sitting in the back of the room, said such a thing.

I closed the door of the room silently and turned my sight to Bart.

「A little?!」

「I dislike troublesome talk.」

Keins opened his eyes in astonishment as I said those words.


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