Steward Gayar

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 59 / Arc 8 Chapter 3


Takeru’s party, who received dinner invitation, went to Baron Orugin’s castle.

The baron’s castle is on a small hill on the north side of the town.

When Takeru showed the invitation letter from the baron to the gate guard, they were immediately guided into the castle.

Takeru passed through a very large hall. A vertically oriented table gives off a nobility atmosphere.

Soon the Baron and his wife came to greet them.

「Welcome to the town of Taukehit, adventurers. I am the lord of this Barony, Oldoziv von Orugin. This is my wife, Daniela.」

「I’m Daniela.」

Though he is a noble, he behaves politely to the younger Takeru.

They cannot see him as someone who commits crime in the shadow.

「I’m the leader of party Babel, Takeru.」

「Takeru-san, you are quite young and you must have no problem with dealing with other people.」

He seems to be surprised to see that there are elf and beastkin members.

Apparently they do not know about Babel.

As soon as Takeru and the others took their place at the table, the food has been carried immediately.

It seems that everything seems to be delicious, the smell is good.

「Delicious, it’s delicious nodesu.」

Feene immediately eats the meat dish.

Though Felicia was quietly watching the baron couple, she sats down and eat in a reassured manner after a while.

After chatting for a while while having a meal, a tall man with good build entered the hall.

He is dressed in a wrinkle-free suit.

「Takeru-dono, he is Gayar who is working as our steward.」

「I am Gayar. It’s a pleasure to meet you, adventurers.」

Gayar lowered his head with a modest greeting like a butler.

However, immediately after seeing Gayar’s face, Felicia dropped her knife and fork and started trembling.

「What’s the matter, Felicia?」

「Felicia!」 all of her surprised companions called out too.

「Ta, Takeru-san, that man. I feel strong miasma coming from that man. That man…」

The light disappears from Felicia’s pupil and entered a trance state.

「That man… is a demon… a terrifying demon that sucks blood of a person. A vampire!」

Felicia’s unique talent “Shrine Maiden of Divine Will” can clearly distinguished the opponent with the help of the goddess.

The reason why she insisted on receiving the dinner invitation in the first place is to see the Baron directly to use this power to him.

And it seems that the baron is not the enemy but this steward.

「Hou… identifying my true identity at a glance?」

Gayar frowned his eyes unpleasantly because his true identity has been exposed but he did not seem to be impatient.

He looks around and scowl at Takeru.


Takeru stands up quickly from the chair and takes a stance.

「This…is strange. My body…can’t move.」

Feene, who tried to stand, staggered and collapsed.


Eclair rushed up to help her but falls down too.

「This is… medicine.」

Following the same pattern, Leiria gets down on the table.

「Le, Leiria…」

Ordega also falls on the floor with his chair.

「E, everyone, Cure now…」

Felicia tries to help them by casting Cure but she fainted.

「Feene! Eclair! Everyone!」

His companions collapses one after another. 「Damn!」 Takeru desperately endured the scenery in front of him in order not to faint.

In the end, all the members of Babel fell asleep.

When Gayar was watching Takeru fall down with a smile, he signaled the soldiers to enter the hall.

Takeru and the others were carried out with the order of the steward.

「Wait a minute. That girl, who is she to be able to see through my real identity?」

Gayar embraced Felicia and gazed into her face.

「Muu, this girl… looks familiar. She’s certainly the Shrine Maiden of Oracle. I can’t believe she’s accompanying a party like this. What a fortune. If I suck the blood of the shrine maiden that is chosen by the goddess, my power will be further increased and the old one’s will be no match for me.」

Gayar, who was aiming for powerful adventurers, is in a good mood for an unexpected harvest.

「What shall we do with the rest?」

「For now, throw them in the dungeon. The elf and the blue haired girl also smell great. I seem to be able to taste good-quality blood.」

The vampire licks his tongue as if he can not wait.

On the other hand, those who fainted were carried into the dungeon.


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