In the Dungeon

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 60 / Arc 8 Chapter 4


Takeru woke up in a dark dungeon.

「Umu, my head’s still spinning. What happened to everyone?」

Takeru shakes his head to clear his still vague mind.

「Takeru-dono, you’re awake, how’s your body doing?」

Ordega, who had woken up first, calls out to him.

「Oldega, where are we? What happened to everyone?」

I do not see the figure of my other members except Ordega.

「Takeru, don’t panic, we’re here. It seems that we are trapped in a prison.」

I heard the voice of Eclair from the next cell.

「Eclair, are you okay there? What happened to everyone else?」

「Leiria and Feene are here, be relieved because I am not hurt.」

「Takeru, I’m fine.」

That was Leiria’s voice.

「It’s good that Leiria’s okay, how about Feene?」

「She’s not awake yet but she seems to be okay.」

「Okay, so where’s Felicia?」

「She’s not in this prison. She seems to have been taken alone.」

「Why did they take Felicia alone?」

「I don’t know. Maybe because she found out the identity of the enemy.」

「The identity of the enemy …yes, she surely said that the steward Gayar was a vampire.」

Before he passed out, Takeru recalled that Felicia identified the true nature of the steward.

「If he’s really a vampire, it will not be easy to win even if we confronted him directly.」

I can feel impatience from the voice of Eclair.

「Are they such a strong enemy?」

「Takeru-dono, vampires are very powerful monsters. Even a lesser vampire is said to be a B class. If it’s a high-rank vampire, it has the power of an A class.」

Having known the identity of the enemy, Ordega becomes wary.

「That steward was obviously acting on his own volition. Then, it would be reasonable to consider him as a vampire. No way, he’s not a divine ancestor right?」

***TN: 神祖 – divine ancestor. Usual title for vampire, true ancestor, is written as 真祖.***

「If it’s a divine ancestor, human beings have no chance of winning.」

「So, Leiria is saying that we can’t win against a divine ancestor?」

「Divine ancestor is said to be the evil king of vampires which is the origin of the blood that binds them.」

「Oh, even monsters have king?」

「What are you being so carefree about? Divine ancestor is at least an S class monster. No one has ever fought one so, I don’t know what it’s really capable of.」

「S class at least is amazing. I’d like to see it once.」

「Takeru, what kind of person are you…」

The amazed face of Eclair comes into view.

「Divine ancestors are impossible to meet, they lurk deep in the labyrinth.」


「Yes, it is said that there are three divine ancestor on this continent. Each of them created a labyrinth and sleep in the deepest part. Those are the three great dungeons of Eurasia continent.」

「Well, Eclair said that you have dived one before.」

「Yes, it is the dungeon that divine ancestor Ferid made.」

「If that is the case, that Guyar is unlikely a divine ancestor.」

(Even so, the enemy is still an A class monster. It’s a nasty opponent.)

Even for Takeru who have fought against various monsters, an A class is an unknown opponent.

「Even a simple vampire is a problem. They are far above us in terms of power and magic. They have high magic resistance that nullified ordinary magic.」

「Don’t they have weakness?」

「They are weak against holy attribute magic. Water attribute also seems to be effective. On the other hand, fire and wind can be almost nullified.」

(Then, Feene and Eclair’s magic will not work. It’s painful that Felicia is not here.)

The clergy Felicia, who is said to be a natural enemy of vampire, was caught. Takeru’s fire power decreases.

「Will sword work?」

「Close combat will work but it’s also quite durable.」

(As expected of an A class.)

「Is that so? I will hold down the vampire with Eclair as support. Leiria will concentrate on attack with water magic. Ordega will take care of surprise attack.」

「Understood. Let’s shape it off like usual.」

「What do we do when monsters other than vampires come out?」

「At that time, we’ll manage somehow. Anyway, Takeru should concentrate on the vampire.」

「It’s good that the strategy has been decided. So, how do we get out of jail?」

「Uuh, it’s noisy nodesu.」

Feene seems to have woken up.

「Is Feene okay?」

「Uuh, I can hear Takeru-oniichan’s voice nodesu. But I’ll sleep a little more nodesu.」

(Hey, you shouldn’t sleep twice)

「Feene, don’t sleep and get up.」

「Ha, Eclair-oneechan… Where are we nanodesu?」

「Dungeon. We’re trapped.」

「Seriously nodesu? I thought I heard Takeru-oniichan’s voice nodesu.」

「If it’s Takeru, he’s in the next cell. We seem to have been separated.」

「Feene are you okay?」

「Ai, I’m alright.」

「Good. Feene, can you get out of the prison cell’s bar with transformation?」

「I’ll try nodesu… Ei」

I heard Feene’s foggy voice saying “Uuuuu’ as she struggles for a while.

「Impossible nodesu. I can’t pass nodesu.」She seems to have given up.

「Feene’s transformation is limited, her head and butt are caught.」

Transformation can change your looks but it cannot change your size.

(Indeed it was impossible. Then, the other mean…)

Then there is a sound of someone coming down the stairs of the dungeon.

Takeru gets ready,

「Is everyone from Babel safe?」The Woman in maid’s clothes came calling.

「You were serving at the dinner party.」

「Yes, my name is Yutte. Sheila-sama ordered me to become a maid in order to infiltrate this residence.」

It is common for nobles to send breathtaking maids and servants to investigate enemy information.

Princess Sheila seems to have had a shrewd hand.

Yutte stealed the key.

「Thank you, we’re saved. Do you know where Felicia was taken?」

「Steward Gayar was often confined in the altar room. I guess she’s probably there.」

「What about our weapons?」

「It’s located at the monitoring station. But there’s security….」

「It’s alright. Please guide us.」

When they come near the monitoring station, the guards who have noticed come up with weapons and charge.

「Takeru, these guards doesn’t seem to be aware of the true character of the steward.」

「Looks like it. But I’m worried about Felicia. I’m sorry but you have to behave yourself a little.」

Takeru just plunges into the guards.

Dodges the spear that attacks him and hit their belly and chin with his bare hands.

Though he went easy on them, he defeated four people in a flash.

Ordega blew one person off with a shoulder tackle, and then threw one more.

Eclair did something and made all of them sleep.


Yutte is surprised with her eyes wide open.

When they take back their weapons,

「Yutte, leave this place to us and leave here soon.」

「I understand. Good luck.」

After hearing the location of the altar room from Yutte, they headed there in full speed.

(Stay safe, Felicia.)


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