Chapter 22 – Emergency! Guild Conference in G.I.Jou!

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: Emergency meeting of the created characters!

It feels like Toy Story!

Ah, that’s stupid …


「Master has slept.」

When Proudia entered the conference room saying so, Eleanor, who is waiting on the podium, nodded and looked at the seat.

There are people sitting in all the chairs. There are even people in the aisle.

All the guild members, except those who were guarding the inside and outside the base, were gathered here.

「This is a grave situation.」

When Eleanor said those words, the interior of the conference room that was supposed to be quiet was enveloped in deeper silence.

「Everyone, as you all know, Sainos, Sedeia, and Sunny became adventurers to act as master’s escort. The three of them have been instructed to rest by master so I did not asked them to come here and let them sleep, but we have to do something about this agenda.」

When Eleanor gave an aggressive shake, everyone tilted their necks silently.

Eleanor looked all the members again and opened her mouth.

「Master is anxious about our arbitrary actions.」

The moment Eleanor said so, the conference room was filled with a variety of voices. In the conference room which various feelings are mixed, one man raises his hand.

It is the demonkin Cartas. While picking his beard with the fingers of his right hand, Cartas directed his eyes to Eleanor as if stabbing her with it.

「…That anxiousness, why would our lord have such?」

Cartas said so in a low voice, Eleanor responds by looking back at the Cartas without fear.

「Because the three of them tried to kill 12 subordinates of the earl on their own accord while master is on a meeting with the earl.」

To Eleanor’s answer, a roar flew this time.

「Those three…」

Mira, the dark dwarf sitting in the front row, opened her eyes wide in astonishment then dropped her eyes on the desk in front of her.

And, Mira, seeming to have thought about something, looks up.

「…This is a mistake. Those three are no doubt, no, everyone of us pledges our loyalty to master. 」

When Mira said that, the red haired demonkin Rosa raised one of her hands and opened her mouth.

「Why did those three tried to kill them? There is a reason, right?」

When she heard Rosa, Eleanor’s thin expression completely fell out.

She looks like a doll with a cold expression, Eleanor opens her mouth.

「Master was verbally abused. He was told that he did not know about etiquette because he was not educated. He was treated as a rude and barbarian low class person.」


Rosa instinctively stands up upon hearing Eleanor’s report. Bloodlust filled the conference room.

In the midst of everyone’s bloodlust due to anger, Dion, who is dressed as a butler, did not lose his calm demeanor turned his face to Eleanor.

「They tried to kill them but was not able to? Surely, they would have at least taken one or two limbs? Though if it were me, I’ll torture them for a year.」

When Dion said so, Eleanor swung her head without moving her brows to that horrible remark of Dion.

「No, they’re all intact.」

「Oi oi, we’re going to murder them now, right?」

When Eleanor denies it, Cartas said that with a shivering voice of anger.

However, Eleanor swings her head.

「Master is afraid that we will take selfish action without his instruction. If master permits it, I would have been the first one to go and murder them all. I will beat, kick, trample, strike, crush, burn, and burn again their ashes so nothing will remain.」

Eleanor said so with insanity dwelling in her eyes.

As everyone agrees with it, everyone nods and shouts all the rage.

「…Then, how about making them submit to master?」

Proudia raised her voice at a time when the voices in the conference room was decreasing.

「What do you mean, Proudia?」

When Eleanor asked with a dubious face, Proudia looked at Eleanor with a straight face.

「Let’s teach those foolish people the existence of master. His overwhelming might to those who believes in strength, his deep, broad knowledge to those who believes in intellect, and his never been seen prowess and authority to those vile fellows obsessed with power.」

When Proudia spun those words with a low but beautiful voice, everyone was quiet but nodded powerfully.

「…We all have a loyal heart. However, the problem is that master dislikes acting on our own.」

When Eleanor said that, everyone dropped their gaze.

However, there was a person who raised her hand during that time.

The foxkin who swayed her big ears and tail, Soarer. Soarer tilted her little head with her arms folded to her big breasts.

「My lord has a broad heart. Would it be better if we ask him directly?」

When Soarer said that, the time in the conference room had stopped.

「… Is that okay? Master is anxious about us taking unexpected action so I’m worried about that.」

The dogkin Laurel, who was sitting next to Soarer, rocked the armor his wearing as he turned his face to Soarer.

However, Soarer caught Laurel’s fears with a smile.

「Please leave it to me. However, it might not be suitable for all of us to do it.」

Soarer said so while mysteriously narrowing her eyes.


「I can’t sleep.」

Sainos, who doesn’t know that there is something happening in the conference room, lifted the upper part of his body from the bed and muttered alone.

「It’s bothering me.」

As he said that, Sainos crawled out of the bed and moved to the room’s window while shaking his drooping tail.

Those who are superior in battle ability or have enemy detection skill stay in a private room on the rampartl, and those who do not have battle capability or who do not have confidence in their sensing skills are staying in a private room inside G.I.Jou.

Sainos’ private room is on the 3rd floor east side of G.I.Jou.

「Hmm…if I can’t sleep, I’ll take a walk. My lord told me to take a rest but this occasionally can be considered as a way to relax. Yes.」

After making an excuse for himself, Sainos began to walk in the castle.

Although he was just walking inside the castle without saying anything, Sainos’ eyes was as wary of the surroundings as if he was a soldier in patrol.

Sainos, without a sign of resting at all, paraded the castle while exchanging greetings to the guild members that were doing patrol or maintenance work.


And Sainos stops in front of a room.

The throne room.

Sainos quietly dropped his hips, and opened the door with one hand without a sound.

He looked at the throne room with the gap in the slightly opened door. Sainos slipped in the throne room after releasing his tension.

「…  Good evening.」

When Sainos said so, the two figures in the throne room raised their faces in a sluggish motion.

「…  Ah.」

「Sainos came too?」

Sedeia and Sunny said that and looked back at Sainos.

Sainos walked up to the front of two people and looked up at the throne where no one sat.

「Sainos is also reflecting alone?」

When Sedeia, who laughed at herself with a self-propelled smile, asked, Sainos sniffed and looked the two.

「I’m not disobeying my lord. I am firmly following his order to sleep and prepare for tomorrow.」

「You’re not sleeping.」

「No quibble.」

When Sainos tried to refute them, they cut him in immediately.

Sainos is dumbfounded and just raised a groaning voice.

Sedeia looked at Sainos then looked up at the throne.

「… I think there is no mistake in today’s action. But it was against the will of leader. We were not able to act to leader’s desire. To have made leader uneasy is my only regret.」


Sunny went along with Sedeia’s haltingly monologue.

Sainos glared the the two with half opened eyes as he shook his cranky tail.

「… What?」

Sedeia glared back at Sainos as if complaining when she noticed.


After all, Sainos was not able to say anything.  He averted his eyes from Sedeia and looked up the throne.

「To consider the will of my lord.」

「…That is. That is the greatest rule as a faithful subordinate to leader.」

「Absolute rule.」

The three of them knelt on the spot, silently bowing their heads to the empty throne.


AN: The back setting comes out to this little by little.

It is the brain shortage of the author when it is not written….


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