Vampire Gayar’s Battle Arc

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 61 /Arc 8 Chapter 5


Takeru kicked the door and jumped into the altar room.


Felicia is lying on the altar in the depths of the large room.

She only wore one piece of cloth which is like a white underwear.

She did not answer Takeru’s call so she’s probably unconscious.

When Takeru was going to rush up to the altar, Eclair said “Takeru, be careful”.

A large amount of skeletons equipped with swords comes from left and right.

「Geh, they came out one after another.」

「He have prepared a considerable number of skeletons.」

「Bones bones nodesu. Interesting nodesu.」

「Skeleton soldiers…I want you.」

「I’ll take care of the left side. Ordega, take care of the right.」


Takeru and Ordega part to the left and right.

「Rock drop」The skeletons are weak to blow, they are shattered with a single blow.

「Three Slash Snow Flower」knocked 3 bodies(?) simultaneously.

Takeru’s attack instantly reduces the number of skeletons.

「Shield buster」because piercing weapons are ineffective against skeleton.

Ordega blows of each enemy with the use of his shield.

「Air shell」

「Aqua shell」

Leiria and Eclair’s magic from the back crushed the bones into pieces.

「Ei! Yah!」

Feene reinforced her body with flame corps and do some head butts.

Skeleton soldiers who keep asunder by the impact crumbles.

Takeru’s party repulsed more that 20 skeleton soldiers in an instant.

When the skeleton was annihilated, Gayar appeared from the back of the altar.

「You seem to do more than I expected. You seem to have deserved the addition of the shrine maiden of oracle to your party.」

「Let Felicia go.」

「I can’t do that. The blood of a noble shrine maiden is a feast for us vampires. It is not possible to overlook it at all.」

Gayar cuts the distance with Takeru before the talk is over.

The enemy does not have a weapon, but it has a great speed.

A long, sharp, pointed fingernail scrape Takeru’s shoulder. It easily torns the armor and damages him.


Takeru also returns the attack with a sword but his sword was parried with a hand.

(It is funny that is fingernail can receive a sword.)

The vampire comes on top as he overwhelms Takeru.


Feene moves at high speed and casts flame barrett.

There was no damage but she was able to get Gayar’s attention.

「An annoying little girl who wants to get crunched.」

When Gayar points his palm towards Feene, a black mass like a small cloud flies.

「Wah, insects nanodesu. Waaaaaaaa」

The black cloud is a collection of insects that flies in large quantities.

Feene, who has been clung by the flies, runs in a state of panic in the wrong direction.


Eclair immediately helps the panicking Feene.

Gayar, who drove away the nuisance, strengthened the power of his attack.

He releases countless hand sword attack using both of his hands.

***TN: 手刀(tegatana)- literally means (手)hand (刀)sword –  using one’s hand to strike like sword***

Takeru is already at the limit just by receiving those blows.

Even if you know that it is a monster, it can communicate with the use of speech and has an appearance of a steward.

Takeru’s movement was somewhat lacking in spirit.

「Takeru, use Aura Circle. Even if it looks like a human, it is not one. It’s a monster.」

Eclair who saw through Takeru’s hesitation shouts.

After that, sonic move and protection air wraps Takeru.

「Eclair… understood. Aura Circle」

Takeru activates the aura, light emerges around him. The movement of the vampire weakens.

「What is this power?」

Even though he is puzzled by an inexplicable aura, the enemy does not loosen his attack.

He swings the hand sword from the right, left, up and down.

Takeru fights back with rock drop this time but it was prevented with two hands.

He tried to blow the defence with Three Slash Snow Flower but it does not seem to work that much.

As expected, resistance with sword seems to be quite high.

「What’s the matter? Didn’t you expect such a thing?」

As he was convinced with victory, Gayar laughs while showing his long canine teeth.

(I don’t know what else to do but I still have to do something.)

「Blunting speed activate」

Takeru raised the power of aura circle to the fullest.

The aura ‘s light shone even more intensely.

The fifth tier skill was added with blunting speed which greatly reduce the attack speed of the enemy.

「Guuu…bastaaarrrddd…..This power certainly came from hell.」

Gayar’s red eye opened greatly due to surprise.

(From hell?)

Takeru rushes skills to the vampire with dull movement.

「Moonlight in the Water」

The expanding strike from below attacked the crotch of the enemy who fell down trying to avoid it.

The vampire kneels.

「Three Slash Snow Flower」

All the three slashes were concentrated on the enemy’s left shoulder. It seems to have done considerable damage this time.

「gugugu, Iiiiiii」

Gayar still stands up.

「Takeru, get down.」

Leiria releases the Aqua Serpent with a lot of magical power.

Five giant water snakes bite the vampire’s hands, feet, and throat. The enemy is carried away and is pasted on the wall.

「Uuooo, I’ll end this guy.」

Takeru dashes at full speed to Gayar who is still struggling with the snakes.

The steel sword penetrated the enemy’s heart.


The vampire who was pasted on the wall with a sword in its chest, raised a scream of death and stopped moving.

Finally, they took down the A class monster.

「Takeru, are you all right?」

「Ah, we’ve beaten it for now but won’t it revive in the morning?」

「Takeru, what are you saying? Monsters don’t come back to life.」

Leiria answered.

(The vampires in this world do not come back to life? Well, that’s better.)

There seems to be no resurrection from the coffin like the movie.


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