Chapter 23 – Peaceful Morning (The Fourth Day in the Different World)

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


A leisurely morning time.

Slow background music and coffee aroma.

Such a peaceful morning.

Will not come for the main character!


I greeted the peaceful morning.

I wonder if it has been a long time since the last time I experience this.

Alone in my room.

A time alone is important.

The view from the window looks beautiful.

Stagnant weather. Cloudy sky without any blue part.

Dropping sounds everywhere.

It sounds like a national superhero theme song.

Now, today is such a pleasant day.

I seriously don’t want to get out of the room.


As soon as I got out of the room, I was called by Eleanor to come to the throne room.

When I enter the throne room, my subordinates are lined up and are sort by seniority.

I have a bad feeling.

While holding my face down, I headed to the throne and quietly sat down.

Then, all of my subordinates kneel on the floor and lowered their heads.

After confirming that everyone had stopped moving, Eleanor stood and turned her body in front of me.

I really have a bad feeling.


「Na, what is it?」

I was called by Eleanor and I replied in polite words unintentionally.

Eleanor who listened to my reply lowered her head deeply and opened her mouth.

「Master, we, everyone, swear absolute loyalty to you. We are willing to devote everything, both body and soul.」

Eleanor speaks up to there and raises her face.

「Everyone loves and adores master. Will you put your faith in us, master?」

When Eleanor said so, the senior subordinates behind her looked at me.

To that serious expression, I instinctively swallowed my saliva.

「….Of course. For me, everyone of you are the best companion.」

When I say so, I felt the tense atmosphere in the throne room relaxed slightly.

Eh? You’ll still continue?

I caught Eleanor’s gaze from the front and felt the signs of my stomach aching.

「Master, thank you. We will continue to make our best effort as master’s subordinate.」

「Ah…I ask of you.」

「By the way, master.」

When Eleanor said so while looking at me, I can see the hiding wrath under her expressionless mask.

A demon has appeared. The ogre comes out in the village!

「Master… there are those who foolishly denounced you.」

When Eleanor murmured, sounds of several clenching teeth comes from behind her.

「…They won’t be forgiven.」

Eleanor stood up when she said that in a bit of a chilling voice.

「For us, master is synonymous with God. The people who denigrate master cannot be kept alive.」

When Eleanor said that, everyone behind Eleanor stood up all together.

I felt my heart bouncing in the sight.

When I pressed my trembling fingertips against my foot, Eleanor looked at my hand and gave a soft smile.

「… But master is worried that we might not be able to control our emotions.」

There was something in Eleanor’s smile, a charm that makes you feel comfortable.

Eleanor must have understood my intentions properly. When I thought of that, Eleanor slowly opened her mouth.

「… Then let’s show it off to those foolish fellows. Master’s power and crystal of wisdom. Our magic items and never been seen war potential. This G.I.Jou. Every wonderful things that master created that no one can imitate.」

「So, you discussed and decided about it? 」

「…! 」

In my small murmur, I can clearly see that Eleanor became tense.

Sweat flows from her forehead and her gaze swayed around my feet.

Looking at it, my subordinates who were watching us behind Eleanor also have their heads lowered.

… I see. I understand that they have been alert for an unforeseen circumstances that happened to me too much but they can’t tolerate themselves becoming foolish to their master.

So the conclusion is to ask me and get my permission.

「Is this the will of everyone?」

The voice did not came from Eleanor but from behind her. Sainos, Sedeia, and Sunny, who were kneeling near the middle, raised their face.

Sainos who met my eye with a stern expression opens his mouth.

「The three of us talked yesterday. We deeply regret that we made my lord uneasy due to our actions, we have reflected.」

When Sainos said so, Sedeia nods and opens her mouth as if to take over.

「When leader was ridiculed, we felt bad and got angry to the point that our head becomes blank. But we realized that doing what leader doesn’t want us to do is worse. Therefore, before doing anything, we will think of what is leader’s desire first.」

A somber atmosphere flowed in the throne room after hearing Sedeia’s words.

Meanwhile, Sunny raised one hand and uttered a voice.

「If master will permit it, I will erase that country.」

「Sunny, the content is different!」

Sunny put her chest up, perhaps she said words that she desired instead of her dialog.

Sedeia looked at Sunny in a hurry but Sunny never took her eyes off me.

I can endure it but I don’t want to.

Yes, that’s what her eyes are saying.

I took a deep, long sigh, and saw Eleanor who still strained her body.

「… I understand. Then, let’s take action. Today is the day when the earl is gathering his knights. Because they will be gathering knights from Ramblas, maybe it’s already time for them to go to Grado village.」

When I told Eleanor, Eleanor raised her face and looked at me.

「And then…」

Eleanor’s eyes had the color of expectation and anxiety.

I stared at it and lifted the edge of my mouth.

「I wonder if it will stun the earl. We will invite him to G.I.Jou.」

When I made that decision, cheers echoed across the throne room.

Our existence will be out with this.

So far, one-sided approach was possible, but when this castle and our existence became public, we need to pay attention to what action the other party will take.

Ah, many people have contacted us in Grado village.

If I judged that it is possible to use it, I’ll take the Grado village as a hostage material for negotiation.

It became totally troublesome.

I thought I had a bad feeling.

But the characters I made are alive. Angry, sad, repented … And now it is laughing with a shining smile.

Well, it doesn’t matter much.

Let’s do it if they’re happy.

Taking a look at everyone, Eleanor smiled at me with wet eyes.

I mixed it up with a wry smile but I smiled back to Eleanor and nodded.

I will make a country that these guys will be proud of.

The founding of a country.


AN: Now, we will move towards the foundation.


Three more days.

Hurry up, you bastard.

Various words of encouragement are likely to arrive with stones!

Thank you very much!

I will work hard! ?


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