Vampire Gayar’s Collection

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 62 / Arc 8 Chapter 6


Takeru embraces Felicia who is lying on the altar.

「Felicia, Felicia, please wake up.」

「Uuuu, Takeru-san, everyone, I…?」

「You seem to have been made to sleep with medicine. Felicia, are you unhurt?」

「Yes, I seem to be fine. What about the vampire, steward Gayar?」

「Rest assured. We all defeated him.」

「Defeated? You defeated a vampire?」

「Oh, I had a hard time because it was a pretty strong enemy.」

「You defeated an A class monster…Takeru-san, you’re injured, aren’t you? Please wait…I’ll heal you right now.」

Felicia was busy with screaming and the surprises but she seems to have noticed Takeru’s appearance.

She’s only wearing the white one piece with no undergarment.

Things that should not be seen such as chest and thigh are exposed to the utmost limit.

「Why am I dressed this way? Please don’t look, Takeru-san.」

Felicia covers her chest in a hurry while she turns red.

(Oh, sexy. I should pretend that I’m not looking at her. I’ll pretend that I didn’t see anything.)

Despite Takeru’s expressionless appearance, his eyes are glittering as he glanced at Felicia’s figure.

The female team quickly sensed it and glared at him.

(I’m a healthy boy, it can’t be helped.)

For the time being, Eclair gave her cloak to Felicia.

After Felicia completed Takeru’s treatment, he’ll collect the monster core from the vampire that is impaled on the wall.

He doesn’t feel good to take out the monster core from a man like Gayar but he cannot overlook a monster core of an A class monster.

They also have a duty to report to the guild.

Takeru’s human body dissection started.

「This is… tough.」

「I feel bad nodesu.」


「I’m sorry! I can not do it.」

The woman camp gave up quickly so Takeru and Ordega were the one’s that took out the monster core.

The vampire’s monster core is not big but it shines dark red. The inside whirls like undulation.

It is different from the monster core of any monster that they’ve hunted so far.

Leiria, who gave up collecting the monster core, begins to look at the altar which is the next target.

「Takeru, let’s take that.」

Leiria points to the black orb which was hung in the center of the altar.

「Is it a dark attribute sacred gem?」

Eclair seems to be interested as well.

Takeru collected the orb and put it in a bag.

When Takeru’s team are still searching at the altar, Baron Orugin and his wife enters the room.

「Everyone in Babel…」

Takeru’s party readied their weapons.

「No, we do not intend to fight against you. We’re sorry for what happened.」

The Baron’s wife, Daniela, came forward and apologized.

「Did you know about steward Gayar’s true nature?」

Eclair asks harshly.

「We knew that problems were occurring in our territory and it looks like the steward is involved in it. However, when we tried to interrogate him… We cannot continue investigating when we see his red eyes. It has been left unsettled.」

Daniela distorted her face with guilt.

「It’s the demon eyes of vampires. I heard that people with weak power will be fascinated and drawn in.」

「So that’s why Gayar is doing whatever he likes?」

「But this is our responsibility as lord. There are also victims.」

「I can’t say anything about it. Even if you ask for a crime, I think that the princess will decide it.」

「Is that so? I’m sorry I bothered you too much.」

The Baron and his wife could be seen as victims but they were also responsible for protecting their citizens as lords.

Either way, Takeru cannot judge them.

「Takeru, I want to take this.」

Leiria shows a small bag made of beautiful black cloth.

It seems that while Takeru was talking, she continued exploring the altar shrewdly.

(As expected, Leiria’s on her own pace.)

「What’s in it?」


Leiria puts the contents of the bag on the palm of her hand.

A thing like a fang of an animal rolled out.

「What is this?」

「A wyvern’s fang. A material for skeleton soldier.」

「The skeletons from before were made from that?」

「It seems so.」

「Baron Orugin, can we collect this too?」

「Ah, if there’s anything you need for the steward’s belongings, take whatever you want.」

「Then, we won’t hesitate.」

Leiria replied in my insted and quickly put in in my bag.

Takeru’s party who finished the investigation on the altar room left the castle of the baron.

The quest was fulfilled so they decided to return to Turku for a report.


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