Chapter 25 – First Different World Visitor of G. I. Jou

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: If the earl’s heart stops, Ren is the culprit.

The author’s reasoning power shines!


—Earl Villiers POV—

A variety of races descend from heaven one after another.

Humans, beastmen, elves, dwarves, a crowd of people from various races from all over the world are falling from the sky.

Neither the knights commander, the knights, nor the gatekeepers who were watching from a faraway place was able to say anything upon seeing the spectacle which does not seem to be real.

Meanwhile, Bowarei yelled at the people descending from the sky as soon as he confirmed their faces.

「What are you imitating! Earl Villiers is here! You’re all rude!」

You are stupid!

They are a group of magicians who can cast flight magic. They might be court magicians from the country of elves.

They are only around 20 people but can still be called a threat.

Because not many people from our kingdom can do that.

Because he stupidly barked at the group of outstanding magicians, even Zackson gives Bowarei a penetrating glare.

「Baron Bowarei! Be a little quiet!」

When I scold Bowarei, he had a fake smile while being surprised and bowed many times.

It’s not a noble thing to do. But now is not the time to care about it.

Which country has such a magician group? The only thing that can do this is an alliance of three or four countries.

Then, within the five great powers, the other four countries formed an alliance excluding the Rembrandt Kingdom?

That would be the worst. The threat of the group of magicians who uses flight magic will make a diversion from the west and the horde will be attacking the north, south and east at the same time.

When I was blowing cold sweats in my head with the Rembrandt Kingdom’s destruction in my mind, the last one of the group that came down from the sky came down.

Looking at that face, I was again astonished.

「What, you haven’t been out of town yet?」

The guild master said that he’s an exceptional rookie, the one who took a rude attitude to me, the Earl, the adventurer Ren.

The group of magicians follows behind Ren and builds formation in an instant as Ren moves forward.

While I was still speechless by the magicians with amazing degree of kneading, Ren is already standing in front of me and looked straight at me.

「Sorry. All the mercenaries who came to Grado village has been captured.」

「…Hou. That’s excellent. Did it end without uselessly marching here and putting out extra expense? Well, I only moved my private knights and the resident force.」

I will keep talking to Ren in a natural way as much as possible.

If you look at the attitudes of the group that is lined up behind Ren, it is easy to imagine that this person is the one who put these abnormal magicians together.

The problem is if Ren was a general or a royal of some country.

If Ren and the people in the back are just mercenaries, it may be called a revelation for me.

When I was thinking about various situations in my mind, again a stupid baron opened his mouth.

「This idiot! You’re in a situation where you hindered the great noble like the earl’s movement without permission! Your head is still intact because the earl is gentle! A noble face…」

「Shut up! Bowarei!」

Did you not feel this bloodlust? This idiot!

The bloodlust are swelling up from behind Ren.

The resident knights of Ramblas, who have experiences of war, seemed to have looked at Bowarei with wrath from behind.

Do you understand that a place is necessary to drop a topic like a noble face!

「Is that so? I’m sorry for that. Then, let me at least show you hospitality in our base. Ah, the knight order are invited to.」

「…  Base? Did you make it in some city? I’ve never heard of such a story.」

I asked unintentionally because  of the content of Ren’s dialogue and his very poor suggestion.

Bowarei is already dissatisfied to the point that it already appeared on the entire surface of his face.

My heart is sorely bothered by the fact that a group of such magicians are gathering in one place and I haven’t heard of it.

When I was worrying about my side and territory, Ren smiled lightly, denying what I had thinking back.

「No? The base is in futher back of Grado village. I heard that it’s not any country’s territory.」

「In the forest of abyss? Do you mean that you pioneered a base there? However, it is very far away so let me refrain from it.」

I couldn’t hide my surprise in Ren’s words. Anyway, that’s the forest of abyss.

Rembrandt Kingdom and the Galland Empire repeatedly sent a pioneering group to expand its territory but all of them ends up dead.

When I was young, I led an elite force and entered the forest.

However, it was a tough forest to crawl in. We were forced to retreat without having to wait until the evening. It is a terrible forest that even though everyone were prepared for death, including me, escaped.

Well, they built a base there but probably only at the shallow part. Ren’s confidence is also convincing.

However, then.

If that is true, Ren is not a member of a royal family of other country.

If the royal family of another country has aimed at Rembrandt, it is not necessary to set up the base in the forest of abyss purposely.

I smiled at the golden mountain literally descending in front of me without noticing it.

「However, I would like to see a base built in the forest of abyss. I’ll prepare at a smaller scale and head over there tomorrow. I know how to move in my territory so I will not let you wait so long.」

When I said that, Ren lifted one of his hands and turned the palm to me.

「You don’t have to worry. I will take care of all the money and time needed for the march. Now, everybody, stay calm!」

Ren said something that I didn’t understand and gave a loud voice to the almost 2,400 knights and soldiers in this place.

I can understand the money, but time?

When I thought so, Ren took out something.

A slight reddish-gold wand that is not too flashy and is made of a material I have never seen before.

「No way… No, that’s…」

I shook the words that came into my head. But my eyes did not move my eyes from there, contrary to consciousness.

「Plural fly」

Ren murmured something with a small voice and my body was pulled up to the sky as though a myriad of threads were bound all over the body.


It was a very shattering incident.

Looking at it, the knight order are dancing in the sky as well.

What an unusual spectacle. Many knights who fainted with fear can also be seen.

As I expected, Bowarei fainted which is unbecoming of a noble.

I thought that the state of floating in the sky is only for a short time.

Or did it become short because of the feeling of excitement and tension?

When I realized it, we passed the village which looked like Grado and flew over the forest of abyss.

Is this flying magic?

If you can always carry such a large number of people, no, even once a day, this world will be yours.

「We have arrived.」

Suddenly, I heard a call from Ren who was flying ahead.

Looking at it, there is a beautiful castle that can be said to be majestic on the other side of Ren who is turning his face here.


I had never seen such a majestic castle, not only in size, but in height.


AN: Do you feel sorry for Bowarei?


Not really?


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