Chapter 26 – Earl’s Astonishment

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: Now the time has come for the Earl’s eyes to pop out.

Will Baron Bowarei’s heart break?

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—Earl Villiers POV—

I am overwhelmed to the point that I don’t want to go.

I am an upper noble. I am Earl Villiers.

Yes, because there is no such thing as this beautiful, scratchless, silver wall.

But still, it’s color is whitish silver. What on earth is this mixed in this silver plating?

I looked around while walking in this straight wide corridor.

This corridor is wide enough for ten adults to walk slowly side by side and the ceiling is high enough to look up. It is decorated with furnitures like detailed vases and pots that you’ll hesitate to touch as well as shining silvery full-body armor.

If you look closely, its silver color is close to the color of the wall.

「Ren, what is that wall and armor made of? It isn’t just silver, right?」

When he heard that, Ren who was walking in front returned the answer casually.

「Ah, I pasted about 1cm of mithril plate on the surface. It is necessary to use mithril since it has the highest magical power conductivity.」

「Mi, mithril… No, that’s stupid…」

I looked for a hole in the silver wall to find out the material that would prove that Ren’s words are lies.

However, the material looks very similar to the mithril ring heirloom that was passed down to my family for generations.

The armor made of mithril is the strongest armor that always comes out in the hero’s tale.

I also heard somewhere that a mithril sword and shield have been passed down by the royal family for generations. I don’t know whether it is a lie or the truth or some sort of exaggerated story. There is also a talk that one of the S rank adventurers had regularly used mithril helmet and armor.

In other words, if I’m not mistaken, only people in high position have mithril.

That’s why putting mithril on the wall…don’t screw with me!

Yes, stop! Bowarei! Do not try to break the wall!

I gave instruction to Zackson by gesture to pull off Bowarei from the wall.

「We have arrived.」

When Ren said so, there was a huge door in front of us before I realized it.

Metals were pasted on the door. It was majestic that me who already seen various decorations is at a loss for words.

Red gold metal relief with silvery metal. The great door, coupled with its profound and immense splendor, seemed to be the gate of God to the heavens.

Then, I noticed it by chance.

No, I have noticed.

The reddish gold metal.

「O, oi, Ren-dono.」

At that time, when the majestic door opened quietly without a sound, I changed the way I call Ren who I unconsciously thought was a commoner.


I was completely speechless at scenery of the other side of the door which opened slowly.

The moment the door opened, the world of gold and silver spread.

Gold floor, gold pillar, silver wall, silver furnitures….

The only one with different color is a crimson carpet with a splendid embroidery, and a huge translucent crystal chandelier.

What is this overwhelming wealth and power!

Is this the castle of God!

When we were not walking forward to the scene, Ren quickly walked ahead.

As I saw it, that hall seemed to be a throne room. Big pillars were lined up and far behind was a high staircase and a white silver throne.

On the left and right of the hall, about 100 people were standing in line.

They are from various races. And, there are a lot of handsome men and beautiful women.

Some people wear armor, light armor, or robes, but everyone has sophisticated and unusual equipment that seems to come out from a fairytale.

「I, I understand. I understand it. I understood everything…」

Zackson who is standing diagonally behind screamed with a trembling voice.

「Wh, what? What did you understand?」

I asked Zackson’s soliloquy in order to suppress the desire of escaping from this unrealistic sight.

Zackson stares at the hall to gasp without even looking at me who spoke with him.

「They are apostles of god… According to the legend, all the apostles who fulfilled their mission lived in the Castle of God and spent the days with peace and tranquility.」

Zackon talked about such stupid things.

No one was able to breath and move upon hearing such words. It spreads to the knights like a living thing.

「A, apostle…」

「The Castle of God… Oh, this is God’s…」

Two words, god and apostle, are repeating in everyone’s mouth.

Now, at this moment, those two words dominate our lives.

It is natural.

I also partly believe those words.

「Lord, please step forward.」

A voice hung from the inside of the hall to us who was not able to move.

It is a low, thick voice of a man. However, it was a voice full of mysterious and sophisticated charm, without any annoying things.

Upon looking at it, there was a silhouette of a man from the tip of the crimson carpet.

The interior is too wide and it is blurry in my old eyesight.

「Let’s go.」

When I say so to squeeze out, I felt the sign of Zackson looking at me.

Stupid people. We have no choice but to go. How can we turn back in this situation?

As for me, I am hesitant to set foot on this crimson carpet which is far more beautiful than the cloak of the king.

「…Let’s go.」

However, I am Earl Villiers, an upper noble.

I’d rather choose death than run away here.

I steeled oneself and stepped forward with my foot.

I walked straight on the soft carpet until I reached the bottom of the stairs where the throne was visible.

Apparently, the man from before seemed to be lined up in the right column.

The man apparently looks younger than me. He is a big guy who has stocked a stubborn beard. He wears black leather clothing with armor made of red monster scales.

He looks like a human but I felt something was different.

When I look away from the man, I look up at the throne.

There, should I still say it? Ren was sitting in a relaxed manner.

「By the way, there is a reason why I have the earl uselessly walked to the throne room all the way through the long corridor.」

Ren gave a dignified voice which is different from what we had ever.

No, it might be good to say intimidating.

When Ren spoke, I felt as if the atmosphere was getting heavier.

「… on your knees.」

Someone said so.

It is not the previous man. That voice clearly belongs to a woman.

Although it could be said that it was pretty. It was a clear voice, but our spirits freezed enough to prepare for death with a slightly inclined anger. We broke our knees on the spot.

Was she satisfied because we had knelt? The woman who queued up in the front row on the other side of the man from a while ago slightly draws back her chin.

She was a beautiful girl. No, the word beautiful is not enough at all.

There is no daugther of any noble that is comparable to her splendid beauty. The long golden hair and the simple yet gorgeous white dress make the girl’s beauty more distinctive.

If someone said that she is a goddess, everyone will be convinced.

Such a girl is turning her eyes to the throne.

「I apologize for my subordinates. Well, please treat her clear-cut attitude as a different matter. Now, let’s continuation of our talk, Earl… I think we should build a country on this land.」

「A country? Deep in this forest of abyss? No, it is certainly a land that Rembrandt kingdom and Galland empire can not touch. If you rule here, no one could have argued that you carve out a territory… however, I think you already know but it’s another matter whether the other countries accept it.」

I panickingly returned Ren’s words.

If you can stop it, you have to stop it.

If the country of the people who can build such a castle in such a place is made, all the plans that I have spent many years will turn to nothing.

When I expressed a negative opinion, Ren shrugged his shoulders and breathed out a short breath.

「… I do not want to make enemies thoughtlessly. So acceptance from the top five major powers is necessary?」

When Ren says so, a big voice from a while ago was raised and it laughed.

「Ha ha ha! You should merge with the five major powers as a feudal lord! So be obedient and step down at once!」

Give me a break!

I was about to scream at that man’s too dynamic solution. It is my territory that will be crushed first.

「That’s the last resort. If we were attacked, we’ll counter it. But as I said earlier, I would like to do so without making enemies.」

Ren denied the opinion of the man by saying such a thing to the man.

A sweet guy.

This is a chance that can be used greatly.

If I can use it well, I…

「Scamp it, you fool!」

By the time when I envisioned a path to a new strategy fulfillment.

That fool opened his mouth without permission.


AN: Next time, Bowarei’s hit and miss!

The long awaited participation of Baron Bowarei!

Stay tuned!


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