Reporting to the Guild

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 63 / Arc 8 Chapter 7


After defeating vampires and completing quest, Takeru’s party came back to the guild in Turku.

「Yes, not the Baron, but the steward was the mastermind of this incident.」

When the Guild Master Dreesen hears of the event in Taukehit, he was convinced and nodded deeply.

「Even so, are you sure that the steward was a vampire? You were able to live and return.」

「Don’t say it like the other way. We risk our lives.」

The eclair was right, things were pretty dangerous this time.

Especially for Felicia.  If we were a little slower, her blood may have been sucked.

「No, I’m sorry. But the power of you Babel is genuine to be able to beat an A class monster.」

Babel is not doing much quests for the guild.

In that sense, it was a good opportunity to gain the trust of the Guild Master in this request.

「What about the Baron and his wife?」

「The guild can’t decide for their case. After all, we just only received a nomination request. The baron and his wife’s treatment will be decided by the kingdom. In their case, it is related to a monster. What more, that monster is a vampire. They should expect a considerably heavy punishment. Depending on the case, their territory might be confiscated.」

「Is that so…?」

(Baron Orugin and his wife are liked by the people. Can’t they be helped?)

「By the way, what will our reward be?」

Looking at Takeru who looks a little disappointed, Leiria changes the topic.

「Of course, you will be fully paid. Wait a moment.」

As soon as Dreesen rang the small bell at his hand, Helmina came into the room.

「Give Babel the reward for their successful quest.」

「Yes, I understand.」

Helmina returned with a small bag.

「This is the quest reward, 200 pieces of gold coins.」


(We’re saved. I spent too much money on the bath.)

For Takeru, who was short on fund due to the renovation of the tower, 200 gold coins is a big help.

「Oh yes, Helmina-san. I wonder how much this magic core is?」

Looking at the face of Helmina, Takeru remembered the monster core they got from the vampire. He takes it out from the bag and passes it.

「Th-This is?」

Seeing the magic core that whirls like undulation, Helmina fearfully asks.

「The vampire’s magic core.」

「Ba, bampire」

She’s so surprised and her pronunciation becomes strange.

「Please wait a moment.」

Helmina received the magic core with trembling hands. She panickedly went out of the room.

After a little, in the next room 「What’s this!」 was heard. It seems that it came from the appraiser but Takeru’s party pretended not to hear it.

Helmina, who came back after a while, is sweating in her forehead for some reason.

「Takeru-san, here is the monster core. If you want to sell it to the guild, it will be for 1000 gold coins.」

One would not able to suppress their excitement with that amount of money.

「1,000 pieces!」

As is expected, Takeru is surprised too.

「Helmina, are you sure you’re not making a mistake?」

Guild master Dreesen instinctively opens his mouth.

「Yes, according to the appraiser’s estimate, that is the estimated value.」

Helmina answered with a serious face.

「We wanted to buy new clothes right? Also, our room in the interior of the tower.」

There seems to have been a lot of things that Eclair wanted.

「Hieee, delicious eat all you can food nodesu.」

The hidden ear of Feene dashes and stands out.

「Magic book, magic crystal, magic ring, magic wand …」

Leiria is only saying magic related things.

(All of those are magic related things, how much do you love magic.)

「There was a cute bear stuffed animal in the shop on the way.」

Although she’s a shrine maiden, this girl doesn’t seem to go against worldly desires.

Her eyes are sparkling and shining in anticipation.

「I’ve just wanted a new shield. I can also have a new armor.」

It seems that Ordega still intends to turn it to equipment.

(With 1,000 pieces of gold coins, everyone can fish a new equipment. But if we use it in the tower, it can grow even further. Which one should I choose?… First of all, I’d like to consult Tifa.)

「Let’s go back to the tower and decide after thinking carefully.」

Takeru conveys his idea of putting it on hold.


It seems that  the women wanted to sell it and make some money.

They reproachfully looked at Takeru.

(200 pieces of gold would be enough to buy things you want.)

However, experience told Takeru to say nothing about it.

The party rank of Babel became local rank in this quest achievement.

For individual members: Takeru, Leiria, and Feene were promoted to copper class, Felicia to iron class, Ordega to silver class, and Eclair to gold class.

Takeru, who received the reward fee, returned to the tower with the treasure like magic core.


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