Chapter 27 – Go! Bowarei! I Choose You!

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: Now, Bowarei, Razor Leaf!

What! Bowarei uses ember!


—Baron Bowarei’s POV—

The limit of my patience was reached.

Even I, the great Baron Bowarei, which is merciful, wise, and tolerant I cannot let this continue.

He was able to deceive Earl Villiers because he was already old but he can never deceive the far sighted me.

I looked around with a sense of superiority and saw that everyone was surprised.

「Look at that wall, everyone!」

「Lo, Lord Bowarei!? Wh, what are you going to do…!」

「Ei, shut up! Zackson! Even if the earl is gentle, don’t get in the way! Who are you to interrupt me!」

What a nerve, shameless! What an arrogant bastard!

It seems that he has gotten arrogant because he became a honorary noble by being the knights order commander but that bastard can’t hide the fact that he is an illegitimate child of someone!

Even though I shouted, Zackson grits his teeth and glared at me.

This fellow! He was also deceived because of such imitations!

「Behold, everyone! Is that a gold wall? Are the pillars, walls, and ceilings are gold plated? If you look closely, you’ll notice it! These are totally different!」

When I said that and pointing to the surroundings, the overlooking fool opened his mouth.

「Ah, well, those are not made of gold.」

「You heard that, everyone?! The words of that man who understood that my eyes can be deceived! Don’t be fooled by a room which is plated by crappy fake gold! Behold the person who stands in this place! Like the fake gold, the material of those armor are the same!」

I speak grandly and majestically to inspire the heart of everyone who is frightened and atrophied.

After hearing my words, everyone’s eyes began to have power.

The earl is looking at me with a strong eye.

Come on, follow me!

Let me reform that fool and make him kneel in front of the Earl!



—Ren Ren’s POV—

I was still looking at a stupid man who did not see reality.

If it’s just me, it is something to laugh about but my subordinates are not amused and seems to want Bowarei to be executed.

The belligerent high elf Sunny has come to look at me again.

He was quite a jolly fellow but I will not let negotiations end with this.

I called out to the earl who has a bloodshot eyes and seems to want to grab Bowarei.

「Earl, can you entrust that idiot to us?」

When I said so, the earl groaned with a sour face.

「I should be the one to do it but I’m sure that will not settle anything. You may do as you please.」

The treatment of Bowarei was decided sideways with Bowarei still barking something.

「Sunny, you can do whatever you want. Get him.」

As I said so, Sunny stoods up with joy.

「Please wait.」

However, the foxkin Soarer stops it.

「My lord, can you please leave that duty to me by all means…」

Soarer shook her sensational body and took a step forward. I was nodding naturally to the power that presence although I kept silent.

***TN: that presence is referring to the sensational body.***

「Thank you very much. Were you Baron Bowarei? Please come with me… I have prepared to welcome you.」

Being called by a beautiful woman with mysterious smile. Bowarei loosened his sloppy cheeks and nodded many times.

「Umu! Did you wake up from my words! You’re quite a beauty. If you come to my territory, I’ll show you real luxury not these fakes. Ha ha ha!」

Bowarei was taken by Soarer and went out from the door on the right side of the hall cheerfully.

Sunny is sulky which matched her slightly childish, uncorrupted face.

Will she torture it? I’m scared.

When I was imagining the future of Boirey, the Earl opened his mouth fearfully.

「No, I’m really sorry. I should have never brought such a man here… By the way, I have one proposal…」


When I asked back, the earl nodded greatly.

「Ah, yes. You want to found a nation?」

***TN: The earl called him ”kiden” which is a male pronoun for “you”. It is used for someone you recognized as equal or superior to yourself.***

The earl has asked a suggestive question probably to check my reaction. Apparently, it seems that he wants to negotiate.

Although I am anxious about why his way of calling has somehow changed.

「Well, that’s right.」

When I replied, the earl nodded in satisfaction.

「Then, do not you cooperate with me? Actually, I have been preparing for the last 10 years.」


When I asked, the earl smiled happily.

「I’m cooperating with 20 other feudal lords that are adjacent to my territory to become independent from the Rembrandt Kingdom.」

The earl said so he observed me to see my reaction.


Such a thing can not be allowed under normal circumstances.

Then, how would they become independent? I wonder if the royal family of Rembrandt has weakened to the point the their authority has fallen.

「What kind of preparation have you done?」

When I asked, Earl raised the edge of his mouth. He might be thinking that fish ate the bait but I still have the right to decide.

Surely, he’s not thinking that his knight order can possibly do it.

「Although this is something that can never be put out, there is no problem if it is the king of the forest of abyss. To put it simply, we’re going to borrow the power of Galland Empire.」

When the earl said so, he looked at Zackson who’s beside him. Zackson seemed not to understand the intention of the earl’s gaze for a moment, but immediately noticed something and looked up at me while kneeling.

「Ha! Please forgive my rudeness! We have borrowed 5000 soldiers from the empire and the emperor will also acknowledge our independence! After that, we will be born as an independent country after the admittance of the Rembrandt Kingdom!」

After Zackson’s report, I quickly turned my attention to the floor.

「…Presently, the Rembrandt Kingdom is in the age of turmoil. The former king increased the territory of Rembrandt Kingdom and the current Rembrant Kingdom has the widest territory in the five major powers. But, the other day, the former king had died. The present king has been a general until then but he’s the impulsive type which prefers to be involved in the military rather than the internal affairs.」

The earl explained the inner circumstances of the Rembrandt Kingdom in a very emotional and frank manner.

No, probably my emotions are mixed.

When I was looking at the Earl with dubious feelings, he continued to talked about the Rembrandt kingdom.

「In addition, the territory in the east side, which expanded with great pains, is not particularly stable in terms of internal affairs and security. Therefore, this will give us a good opportunity while they are busy with the empire in the east.」

「Because the east side is unstable, the west side wants to become independent?」

「That’s right! As expected of the king of the forest of abyss! Ha ha ha!」

Zackson is the one that call out to me.

I’ve somehow summarized the earl’s information and plans in my head, but is this all of it?

Judging from history, these are signs of a country’s downfall.

Countries that did not move until now remain stable while preserving their territory. In other words, it is a situation where multiple countries with no big difference in power are restraining each other.

There, the Rembrandt Kingdom forcibly extended the territory. Moreover, I heard that their opponent is a great empire in the east.

The former king, who would have been a good warrior king, is now dead. The neighboring country would take this chance to move.

In other words, the Rembrandt Kingdom will be scrambled by the neighboring countries.

If the east moved, why do you think the Galland empire in the west will not move?

The earl doesn’t seem to imagine my innermost feelings.

「That’s why this independence has not been better. That’s why we want you to help us become independent. If we became independent, then your country, that is further west that us, will be easily recognized. The Rembrandt Kingdom will definitely acknowledge it!」

That said, the earl laughed.

I hate it because the Rembrandt Kingdom is likely to perish.

At that time, the emerging country that has revived from it will become food for the Galland Empire.

Indeed. By the way, I looked at it at the Adventurer’s Guild’s library and found out that the territory of each country had not changed for nearly 200 years. The former king has vigorously expanded his territory for the last 20 years.

And, the former king died recently.

This means that the Earl has only experienced a stable domestic situation. He only experienced war victory from the former king’s territory expansion.

It seems that all the nobles in this country are conceited.

And, as soon as the former king is gone, the new king’s territory will be taken back by the neighbors.

The complaints will accumulate because they have not seen reality.

The invinsible and undefeated former king might have ignited the earl’s ambitions.

This is the best situation for me.

Because the biggest war that will make me easily found a nation will easily arise.


AN: Bowarei was taken somewhere.

And the earl is not so smart.

Ah, Rembrandt Kingdom… is not blessed with talent!


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