Chapter 28 – Feast for the Founding of the Nation

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: Perhaps the presence of the earl is thin.

I can’t think of a very clever conversation!

It is proportional to the author’s head…!


It was possible for the knights to participate in the feast by fully using the dining room.

In the form of stand-up party.

It can’t be helped since I never thought that there would be too many soldiers.

「Muu, a variety of delicious dishes.」

「It’s good, I really like it.」

Only me and the earl have a seat. The rest are crammed in the dining room. By the way, the high human Eleanor and the demonkin Cartas are standing next to me as escorts.

I looked around the dining room and remembered that there were about 2000 people in here presently. It’s really surprising.

「Koh, this sake is surprisingly delicious…It has a strong alcoholic content but is somewhat different from wine and ale.」

「It’s a distilled liquor. This is the only drink we have here.」

It worries me that the earl and the knights are enjoying it too much.

There were even knights that were crying.

The maid troops are going around adding dishes and drinks for such a number of knights. They are in a situation where manpower is insufficient.

「Umu… You even served my vassals such first class dishes in this castle of yours…Our strategy will progress more than enough even after losing Baron Bowarei. Ah, no, of course, we will lend our power to your founding of a nation.」

The earl said so and laughed, then, an uproar occurred from a corner of the dining room.

The uproar gradually spreads to the surroundings and it went silent by the time it reached here oppositely.

And, it was a well known person that even made the knights divide into left and right.

「Ba, Baron Bowarei…」

I heard someone muttered. It was almost like they have seen a ghost but there is no such sign that the baron became one.

Baron Bowarei moves forward to my location leisurely without minding the gazes.

「Iyaa, I was late! Ha ha ha! Ren-sama I was the one who first approved the earl’s plan! I’d be troubled if you talk about it without me!」

Bowarei laughed in a cheerful mood for some reason.

「Ba, Baron Bowarei? What the hell happened…?」

The earl’s eyes are black and white due to Baron Bowarei’s change.

「Iyaa! It’s just like waking up in a dream! Now, our knights are about 2000! But if we gather the surrounding adventurers and mercenaries, it’ll reach 10,000! The other lords will probably put out as many as 5000 each. Still, if we gather them all, it will be a large army of 100,000! We can do it even without borrowing power from Galland Empire! Ha ha ha!」

Bowarei looked around and found a chair on the wall and brought it by himself.

Really, what happened to this guy?

When I looked at Bowarei with suspicious eyes, I found the figure of the foxkin Soarer from the direction Bowarei came from.

Soarer left a bewitching smile and disappeared without a sound.

What did you do to him?

「U, umu. However, a hundred thousand forces will be dispatched from the capital as rebellion suppression troops. Cooperating with the Galland Empire is necessary.」

「Yes, it is. While the kingdom is sending out the rebellion suppression troops, it will be the chance for the Galland Empire to strike. If that happens, it will be a pincer attack from the east and northwest. Finally, the margrave territory force will suppress the kingdom dispatched troops with the Galland Empire. It will such a situation.」

「Yo, you really understand it…? What really happened?」

The earl is in the midst of confusion because the baron is like a different person.

While listening to these two conversations, I was thinking about of how to use the pro-independence nobles.


At the end of the feast, we brought the group that came to G.I.Jou during the day to Ramblas at night, I can finally rest at last.

Now, we returned to the original throne room and listened to Eleanor and Cartas’ reports.

「So, what happened to Baron Bowarei? Do you know anything, Eleanor?」

「I received the report. It seems that Soarer has brainwashed him using some magic. He will now work for us until the day he dies. No, even if he dies, we’ll revive him and make him work again.」

I was speechless when I heard Eleanor’s explanation.

「It’s overkill.」

When I said that, Eleanor shook her head and rocked her the long blond hair like she was angry.

「No, master. That is still insufficient. He has to recognize master as a being more than God.」

「Hahaha! Well, he’ll be able to correct his mistake. I think it’s a good thing! If it was me, it would have ended by him getting killed.」

「Ah, okay. Let’s put Baron Bowarei’s matter out.」

I listened to the conversation of these two and gave up halfway.

The cultural standards of this world would be a rather gentle punishment. Usually, straight to guillotine.

When we were having such a conversation, a heavy knock sounded in the throne room.

Outside the door are two guards so someone needs not to bother knocking.

Who on earth is it? Eleanor, Cartas, and I gazed at the door and waited for someone to enter.

When the door opened, Soarer and Baron Bowarei came in.

The two of them walked while the three of us were dumbfounded.

「My lord, how are you feeling?」

Soarer said that and lowered her head. Behind her is a restless Bowarei.

「Oh, no problem, but… What happened? Besides, Baron Bowarei is also…」

When he heard that, Baron Bowarei prostrate on the spot and pushed his head against the floor.

「I am sorry, Your Excellency!」

「…  Your Excellency?」

To the words that jumped out of the mouth of the prostrating Bowarei, I blinked my eyes and tilted my neck.

Bowarei who heard my voice, opens his mouth while his head is trembling on the floor.

「A great man like Your Excellency can be only measured by himself. Moreover, I have repeated rude remarks…! This Bowarei will accept any punishment!」

「Is that so? Well, raise your head.」

「No! I will stay in this state! Please trample down my head by all means!」

No, I do not have such a hobby.

Why must I trample the head of a greasy old man?

When I pointed my puzzled eyes to Soarer, she nodded and smiled.

「Leave it to me.」

With a bouncy voice, Soarer trampled the head of the prostrating Bowarei with one foot.

「Ah, thank you!」

Eh, what is this play.

Public SM play in the throne room?

「Now, put your cheek on the ground and raise your butt. If you’ll be a good boy, I’ll give you your punishment.」

「Ah, thank you very much!」

「No, don’t do it.」

I was about to get dizzy to the hell that unfolded in front of my eyes.

Soarer gladly looks at me while twisting her foot on Bowarei’s head.

「My lord, how is that? I achieved a splendid result so tonight….」

Impossible. I’m scared.

「Okay, Eleanor. Let’s go to bed now.」

When I talked to Eleanor, Eleanor nodded with a bright smile.

「What! Ye, yes! I will gladly accompany you!」

「No, you don’t have to accompany me in my sleep.」

「Eh!? But what about our amortization target…」

「We have none.」

I had to quarrel with Eleanor for such a thing. I fled to the door while slipping through the stormy side of Soarer and Bowarei who was still stepped on.

「No, it can’t be helped. I will also withdraw.」

When I left the throne, I heard Cartas words behind me.

No, Cartas. I did no go because of donbiki!

***TN: ドン引き(donbiki) – withdrawing from someone because of their speech or actions***


AN: Bowarei awakened?

No way, Bowarei is into that!?

On the contrary, Bowarei might have become strong…


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