Chapter 32 – Preparations for War

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: This is a war reformation!

Although there are still many conflicts, the hero is steadily getting used to the different world!


When we returned to G.I.Jou, I gathered the leader of each corps and shut ourselves in the conference room.

「How many teams will be left to guard and maintain the castle?」

「There is no problem with only leaving the maid corps.」

「How about scouting and gathering information in Galland Empire?」

「We need one corps to scout the enemy forces. Several people may be needed to move around and gather information.」

「I’ll do it. The one who should do it should have a high individual combat skill, right?」

「To stop the enemy’s march… we should summon monsters to do it.」

「Affirmative! One of us can summon up to 10 giant beast type. We’ll have 100 summoned beast in all.」

「I’m sorry… out of the five monster tamers, two won’t be able to do it so we currently only have 30 monsters. All of those monsters are from the vicinity of this G.I.Jou.」

「Then, can a spirit mage summon ghosts?」

「That’s right. Flame types have time limit of 3hrs. One person can summon up to 25?」

「155. We can make them as a temporary wall against the enemy. We can even break them into two or three groups.」

「My lord! How about me?」

「Wait for an opening.」


「It can’t be helped. Anyway, the enemy are great in number so we should not be careless. You have never experienced to be in a battlefield with over 10,000 opponents, right? Therefore, setting walls to restrict the enemy’s movements then intimidate them with the dragonkin unit are absolute necessity. If you’ll attack immediately, you’ll be attacked by magicians, bows, or a unit that is capable of long-distance attacks such as magic swordsman. Next, you’ll probably get caught in the breath attack of the dragonkin units towards the enemy commander’s location…」

I watched everyone’s face while letting everyone hear their role in the war.

This time, we have redesigned our unit formation and reorganized it into a special troop formation for war.

There are six types of troops: Scout, melee combat, long distance combat, dragonkins, summoner and special.

It is an easy to understand role that can be matched with their job. Only healing mages are incorporated to each units.


One woman opened her mouth while I was explaining the strategy.

It’s a beautiful woman with drooping eyes. She’s wearing a kimono and has a dark brown hair that extends up to her shoulders.

「What is it?」

When she heard that, Milenia looked at me with a difficult face.

「The strategy is too gentle.」

***TN: I like her already!***

Millenia said so and stood up on the spot.

「This is a war and not a guild match. That hefty kindness will tighten our neck. That will cause an unnecessary expansion of war.」

When she said that, Milenia looked at our companions who are sitting around.

「The enemy who wants to flee will likely be able to escape with that strategy. That kindness will surely cause a bad situation later. Though it is a good estimate to say that one commander and one thousand enemies are comparable to one ally but, if you don’t want our companions to die, it is necessary to show power and results to the point that no one would want to oppose you.」

Come to think of it, when I was creating Milenia, I set her to be an excellent strategist.

When I silently nods to Milenia, she slightly smiles and opens her mouth.

「As for me, I will propose an encirclement annihilation war. We don’t know the level of the opponent’s magic and weapons so the dragonkin troops should attack far away but then, their breath’s effect will be thin. We should put a mage on their back while in the dragon form and let those mages cast mass ice rain from the sky. With that, we can unilaterally attack from high altitudes.」

「The terrain is going to change.」

When I imagined Milenia’s attack strategy and frowned, she nodded greatly.

「The terrain will indeed change. When a large army marches, they don’t make long and slender formation because it will increase the number of targets. There will be a chance that their commander will be taken out in a surprise attack that will divide them. Therefore, if they want to quickly go to a certain destination, they’ll split up and join their local confluence and move with ships while leaving the large army. Or make full use of the advantages of a large army and march on flat grounds.」

「Hmm? In other words, it will destroy the advantages of a large army?」

When she heard that, Milenia smiles again.

「That’s right. It is unexpectedly easy to surround a large army if it is our guild. The large army will be thoroughly maintaining their formation so that it will not fall apart unnecessarily. So, while the summoned giant beast monsters are sealing their movements, we will install a wall in all direction using earth magic. I don’t know the level of magic but it should be at least 1 meter thick. And the height should be about 2 meters? Let’s prioritize crushing those who were able to get out beyond that.」

Attacking them from the sky which render the enemy’s counter attack useless  and completely removing their chance to escape, a work of a demon.

I feel sympathetic for the enemy soldiers that will receive Milenia’s torture rush play but it seems to be popular among my guild members. All the guild members are listening with pleasure.

Well, unlike me who was fighting in five years because it is a game, my guild members have repeatedly washed their own flesh and blood while losing their lives.

In the point of view of the game characters, they have been killing each other with the assumption of dying every week. The enemies they fight are equally strong or stronger than them. They may not feel sympathy for the enemy.

「No, that’s not it.」

I still have my japanese senses, perhaps it is the common perception in this different world. It might be a culture level similar to medieval Europe and Warring State Era.

I might have felt a difference in my awareness of the war. The meeting seemed a bit sidetracked by the story of the guild match in the past.

I was wondering what the guild match looked like from their point of view so I listened to everyone’s conversation silently.

「Well, that time was serious! Was it the 32nd Guild match? Our guild was still small at that time and there were only about 40 of us. But the opponents are 300?」

「Ah, it’s the Phantom Horses Guild. It is a joint guild of Crazy Horse, Ghost Knights, and Shameless Insects so we can’t win in number. Well, their number was about 150 and it was also the first defeat of the guild.」

Hmm, they seem to be able to recognize other guilds. Hearing the conversations of the characters I made gave me a mysterious feeling.

「I think that is the best thing indeed. You see, while the enemies are occupying most of our base, Boss defeated the enemy general by himself.」

「That was awesome.」

「That’s true. At that time, even Eleanor’s diversion was destroyed so I thought that it’s a complete defeat.」

「… I was not able to meet my master’s expectations at that time, but the next one …」

「Ah, that time. Master is in one of the three detached team while I am with those who are defending G.I.Jou. Master assault the enemy’s guild master by himself while the enemies are vandalizing the inside of the castle…」

I think that I heard a ridiculous story.

Because I was in the game, I was so reckless… It is dangerous, and I feel that it is unexpected excessive from subordinates point of view.

No, I must change.

This place is not Japan.

If you hesitate to kill,you are likely to be killed.

There was a part that I was not able to have a sense of reality yet but it is necessary to throw over reliance away soon.

I pressed my back to the backrest while thinking about it.


AN: I feel like I’ve become worn out again.

For those of you who read this novel, I give you all my love…!


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