Chapter 33 – Sixth Day in the Different World

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: The battle will finally start.


The morning came.

I woke up and raised the upper part of my body and confirmed that a beautiful blond girl, Eleanor, was sleeping near me.

I crawled out of the bed in order to not wake up the high elf Sunny and the dark dwarf Mira which are sleeping between me and Eleanor.

Now I’ve done it….

Even though they are already at the right age, this stinks like a crime after seeing the figure of two small girls.

I was changing my clothes carefully in order to not make a sound then, the sound of cloth rubbing against each other echoed.

「Master, I…」

TN: The one who called him is probably the dark elf Mira. Mira calls her Master in english, Eleanor calls her goshujin-sama and Milenia calls him Oyakata-sama.  I translated all of those as master. By the way, the other guild members also has their own way of calling Ren.

I flee from the room like a madman after hearing that sweet voice from behind.

The sanjūrokkei says it is best to retreat during this situation!

TN: Sanjūrokkei  is the 36 (ancient Chinese military) strategies (of which the last resort was said to be beating a retreat)


I was full of guilt in the morning but I still need to go to the earl’s castle.

Sainos and Sedeia are also coming.

「Who are you?」

However, the gatekeeper stopped us before entering the vicinity of the castle.

This is a premonition of the promised event. I thought of that but the gatekeeper recalled who we are and saluted.

「Ah, you’re Ren-sama! I heard that you’re a future S-rank adventurer! I am honored to meet you!」

「Ah, please be at ease.」

After that, I was guided to the earl’s office while receiving a royal level treatment.

When I sink my body to the sofa in the oval office, I opened my mouth to the earl who has a dubious face.

「You are completely different compared to yesterday with Baron Bowarei’s presence.」

When I told that to the earl, he shook his head lightly and opened his mouth.

「It’s natural. The partner we seek will be coming with superior numbers, what should I do for my subordinates to thoroughly respond to it? It is definitely a strong hit. However, Baron Bowarei’s case is different because he is disliked by my vassals and servants.」

The earl smiled and looked at me.

「Speaking of which, where is the Baron?」

When he heard that, the earl raised the edge of his mouth and draw his chin back.

「I have order the execution of the strategy prepared for independence to each lord with a fast horse. He has various biographies since he came from a distinguished noble family. He is a good horse for this territory.」

「Fuu, then shall I cut down the talk? Are you sure you’re ready to be independent? Wouldn’t it end here with just preventing the invasion of the Galland Empire?」

When I said that to earl, he rounded her eyes and looked at me seriously.

「You seem to be quite confident, are you really alright? When I said that the Galland Empire has 100,000 troops, that’s only a speculation. Nonetheless, I think it is most reasonable if you think about the strength of Galland Empire as a whole.」

「Well, they won’t be a problem.」

When I answer to the earl’s anxiety, he looked at with a cramped face and looked at Sainos and Sedeia who are standing behind.

「… Awesome. I’ll have to make sure not to antagonize Ren-dono by all means assuming that you’ll succeed. Well, we won’t be recognized by the Galland Empire anymore so we may need someone’s hands…」

The earl started muttering while massaging his chin.

「All right, if that is the case then we’ll proceed with our plan.」

「Mm… Is that so?…Can you please give us 5 days. I never thought that I would also ask for such a thing, but now it is not an exaggeration to say that our fate depends on you. 」

「Leave it to me.」

I replied to the earl’s words and left his office.


Now, the three of us, me, Sedeia, and Sainos, are heading towards Galland Empire using flight magic.

I’m going to check on the state of the marching Galland Empire army. By the way, Rosa and Lagreat are also gathering information from the inside but they haven’t contacted us yet so it probably means that the other party hasn’t arrived at the border yet.

If we defeated the empire without even having them crossing the border, they will probably complain that we’re the one who attacked first.

When I was thinking that, Sainos looked at me with a serious face and opened his mouth.

「My lord, Earl Villiers is not to be trusted. If we were attacked from behind while we are fighting the Galland Empire…」

「There’s no merit, right? The earl who’s aiming for independence is going to be attacked by the Galland Empire. Besides, the earl can’t gather tens of thousands of troops in a short notice.」

When I say so, Sainos groaned and closed his mouth.

This time, Sedeia faced me.

「But leader, to be honest, I have never seen a strong man in this world, so I’m not worried that much about the war. The problem is, aren’t they going to betray you after founding a nation?」

「That’s not a problem too. I’m going to make the founding of our nation a flashy one so that everyone will recognize it. Let’s try to show our might to the earl so that he won’t feel like going against us.」

When I said that, Sainos and Sedeia looked at my face and smiled.


「No, it’s nothing. However, it seems that our lord of those days has returned again.」

Sainos said such a thing to look at me. Sedeia also opened her mouth and succeeded the lines of Sainos.

「Yeah. I find it hard to sleep with leader not being aggressive. If it is the old leader, you’ll definitely challenge the surrounding countries and try out how far can you go in this world.」

The two of them said such a thing, I made a dry laugh and took my eyes off them.

If this is the game, I’ll surely do it.

When I was doing such a self-analysis, there was a shadow coming close to us.

「Boss! Nice timing!」

A beautiful red haired woman in black clothes, Rosa. She was riding on top of dragon form Lagreat.

「Is there any movement?」

When I asked Rosa to join us, Rosa twisted her neck and started reporting with a puzzled look.

「The Galland Empire’s troops directly crossed the Rembrandt Kingdom’s border with an army that seemed to be the border defence force of Rembrandt Kingdom merging with them.」

「Nn? Merge?」

I returned a vague reply to Rosa’s report.

「That’s right. Until then, it was about seventy or eighty thousand troops, but now I think they swelled to 100,000.」

Rosa silently waited for my word after her report while giving me a slightly suspicious look.

It might be a natural action if they are not aware of what the Galland Empire is planning.

However, the earl will not forget to contact them. I’m sure he’ll order them to earn even one day.

「Rosa, where are the merged Rembrandt Kingdom force is located? Are they in the front?」

「Ah, yes. They are certainly at the front line.」

When I asked, Rosa tilted her neck in affirmation.

In other words, the military commander is a traitor.

Or, the messenger that the earl sent was crushed on the way?

「… Maybe it’s the latter.」

Slipping one or two spies in the earl’s camp won’t be noticed, no, they have definitely done it easily.

That is my impression on the selfish Galland Empire.

The worst case scenario is that the earl’s troops is heading for him thinking that they are guiding their allies.

They’ll probably use them as a shield.

The Galland Empire probably arranged it this way.They plan on making the earl’s troop battle each other in order to decrease their morale.

If that were the case, the earl would have lost.

However, this time the Galland Empire was quite unfortunate.

Because they have to face us before the earl.


AN: I’ll make a short story for a while.

Thank you in advance.


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