Chapter 34 – All Troops Sortie (Excluding Maids and Butler)

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


「Master, may the fortune of war be with you.」

The head maid Proudia said so with her usual expressionless face. The butler Dion bowed deeply.

「I have always thought that our guild is the strongest, my lord. All those who stand before our guild will be burnt to ashes. May the fortune of war be with you.」

Dion, who usually has a poisonous tongue, encouraged me with a smile on his face.

I look at Dion with an indescribable feeling. However, it is Dion, so I gave up looking at his face.

「…Yeah, may it come with us.」

I looked back after I answered.

Just outside the main gate of G.I.Jou are 188 members of my guild lined up and waiting in line with Eleanor at the frontmost.

I looked over my fully armed guild members and took out my own sword from the item box.

The name of this sword is a pun, Coupon Sword. The attack power of this sword is at the maximum value. Additional effects are the following: stamina and magical power recovery, 30% maximum HP increase, and 50% increase in both attack and defence. It is a foul weapon.

***TN: Since this sword was used during the game, I think the HP means Hit Points which is the health of the character not the Hentai Points that was introduced in a previous chapter .***

Because there is a considerable flexibility in design, I designed it as a luxurious long sword like the one I saw on the internet.

When I thrust that long sword in front of me, I looked around and opened my mouth.

「Now, we’ll go to war. This time, it is not against another guild. The enemies are also unknown. However, as a result of our investigation in Ramblas, someone who has a strength that is equal to us are only the characters from old tales that are considered legendary or the rumored S rank adventurers.」

I cut my words there and took a short breath.

「But there are many enemies. According to the prediction, they are about 100,000. Even if the less than 200 us showed up, the enemies won’t even bother with us. But that is obvious. Understand that we are at a disadvantage and follow the strategy. Don’t let your guard down. Got it?」

When I said so, everyone answers back at once all together.

I looked back at everyone’s strong eyes and nodded.

「The strategy is as I told you. I will lead the troops in the south side which is the front line of the enemy. Cartas troops will take care of the east side. The west side is Laurel’s troops. The northern side, the enemy’s back, will be manned by Eleanor’s troops. Of course, do not move until you heard the signal.」



「Ai yo!」

Eleanor, Cartas, and Laurel responded mightily to my reconfirmation.

After the verification, I stabbed the long sword on the ground and smiled. My fingers are trembling due to excitement.

「Now, let’s go to war!」


We looked at the state of the enemy from the sky.

The great army of the Galland Empire was marching in a regular, dense formation with their red flag. Their arms are long spears and swords. There are also large shields that are likely twice the height of a person.

The blue flag Rembrandt Army are marching in a considerable distance. Their arms are sword and big shield. They are the permanent stationed troops at the border.

I moved my gaze to my troops which are standing in the sky.

I have 51 troops at my disposal with the 4 of them as my escort.

The others have 41 troops each.

By the way, I thought about the rearranging the distribution of magician troops and melee combat troops but Milenia looked at me with a hateful face.

Each unit ‘s composition is balanced.

「Well, first is the Rembrandt Kingdom Army. Are they betraying or are they being deceived by information? Let’s confirm it.」

I said so to all of my troops. We went down to a slightly distant location from the kingdom’s army.

「Stop! Who are you guys!?」

A group that seems to be an adventurer,  jumps before the army.

Well, their reaction is probably normal.

I saw a knight on a horse that is coming here. It is a knight with flashy white armor.

「We brought message from Earl Villiers. The earl already sent a messenger yesterday but did you received the earl’s message?」

I said the confirmation with a loud voice, the knight opened his mouth with a surprised face.

「What!? No messenger came! Wait a minute, I’ll check it with the general!」

The knight said so and stopped the army’s march. He soon slipped into the army to disappear.

What’s this? Is it alright to take the words of a suspicious fellow?

I almost said it out loud instinctively. Well, if you think about it, it is an army that is supporting independence. They always update information.

Perhaps the knight was trembling inside with the tension that their lives will change in the next few days.

I thought of that while waiting. The previous knight appeared from the column of soldiers who were looking at us suspiciously.

「Come with me.」

When the knight said so with a grim face, the soldiers around the Knights were able to avoid left and right and the road was made by the crowd.

「My lord, I’ll go first.」

「I’ll rely on you.」

Sainos takes the lead of my escorts, Sedeia and Lagreat to my left and right, and Soarer at the back.

This party composition can hunt all species of the dragon of colors which are large bosses.

Moreover, there are other 46 guild members behind us.

We walked in the midst of the 20,000 Rembrandt Kingdom troops.

After walking for awhile, I came across a group of soldiers who are clearly of different quality.

Everyone of them are riding a horse and was equipped with blue armor and big shield.

There is one knight that is wearing a white cloak.

The knight looked at us and took a step forward.

「I’m the one commanding this army, Dennis Hoover. I heard that you have a message from Earl Villiers.」

The knight who was called Dennis asked me. He gets off the horse and look at me.

「Ah, though there should have been a message yesterday but it seems that it was not transmitted. The Galland Empire disregards its promise with the earl and has come to the margrave territory as invaders.」

When I said that, the voices of surprised went up around me.

Dennis wrinkled his eyebrows and drew back his chin.

Dennis have done that in a few second then looked at me.

「… I thought it was strange. I heard that the reinforcement from Galland Empire is only 5,000 soldiers but the army came is a large army with 80,000 soldiers. However, we could not resist the directive of bringing the Galland Empire’s army.」

Dennis said that and sighed, he crossed his arm and looked at me.

「But, what should we do? This situation is already tough and if we make a wrong move it will be quite severe. Does the earl knows?」

Dennis asked me that and I smiled.

「The general should go ahead with the army. The Galland Empire’s army at the back will stop moving but move forward as much as possible.  If not, you’ll get caught.」

「…?  Do you have a plan?」

When Dennis twisted his head into my lines and asked, one knight came running from behind him.

「We have received a question from the commander of the Galland empire’s army “Did a problem occur?”. How should I respond?」

The knight who brought the message asked. Dennis turned his gaze backwards and clicked his tongue once.

「What an irritating matter.」

Dennis, who had guided the enemy behind him without knowing, muttered without hiding his frustration.

I bitterly smile, I turn my eyes to Dennis and open my mouth.

「Please advance. Leave this place to us.」

「What? You’re not hiding soldiers somewhere, are you? Standing in front of that large army, you’ll be crushed in a few minutes.」

Dennis worriedly said so but I laughed aloud.

「The waiting soldiers are hiding. We’re already surrounding them from all sides. Please proceed with confidence.」


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