Chapter 35 – The War Against Galland Empire’s Army Started (Afternoon of the Sixth Day)

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


「Who are you guys!」

Are, deja vu?

I’m sure I heard those lines somewhere. I shouldn’t think about troublesome things so I put my sight to the spectacle in front of me.

It is a large army with red flags. The Galland Empire Army.

The soldiers turned their long spears forward and from their interior, a large man who’s riding a horse and is wearing red armor raised his voice.

The other soldiers are in uniform with their dull colored metal armor so it is probably one of the commanders.

I stared at the large man and raised my voice.

「This is the territory of Rembrandt Kingdom! Why did you come to this place!? Let me have your answer!」

I shouted loudly and used a weak wind magic to spread my voice.

There should be a just cause before starting a war. Therefore, it is necessary to make a remark which recognizes the place where the other party is now.

「Oh, that’s right! We’ve been asked by the feudal lord of this margrave territory, Earl Villiers! Are you the messenger of the earl?」

The large man said so and looked down at me.

It would be nice if we could literally arrest this large army but there will certainly be a small resistance.

I must let the people think that we fought a defensive battle.

The people who will survive will probably convey that to the Galland Empire.

「No, we are the one’s who live in the forest of abyss! There is a country in the depths of the forest and the Earl detached his territory to Rembrandt to be part of our country! In other words, this land has become part of our country!」

When I told him that, the large man rounded his eyes and froze. The atmosphere froze in that situation as cold sweat flows through them.

Oya? Did I say something weird?

When I thought of such a thing, the large man began to laugh as if a dam had broke. Hearing his laughter, the surrounding soldiers laughed.

「Are you an idiot!?  The forest of abyss on the west end? That land is a forest of monsters that even Galland Empire will not get its hands on! Are you some kind of madman to utter such a word?」

When the large man said so and began to laugh again, the sword of Sainos sounded.

「My lord, may I cut it?」

「Wait a little longer. It will be bad if you do it now.」

I was able to pacify Sainos’ bloodlust. I raised my face.

「Anyways! The power of the Galland Empire army is no longer needed! I want you to leave now as it is!」

When I say so while enduring the shame, the large man who for laughed for some time shook his shoulder and pointed at me.

「Shoot. They’re just earning time. It’s too lousy. Hahaha」

As the large man laughs, dozens of arrows came flying from the vicinity near him.

Those are arrows from a number of people but those are completely meaningless.

All the arrows were chopped off by Sainos alone.

「Hahaha, wa, wa?」

When Sainos waved the sword while keeping the bladed edge downwards, the large guy who was laughing stopped in the middle and blinked his eyes.

「You small fry… You deserve to die 10,000 times for laughing at my lord!」

Sainos’ raised a snarl from his belly. The soldiers were affected and panicky put out their spears.

「Ra, raised your weapons!」


Voices echoed from the Galland Empire’s army as new arrows came flying. They were all warded off by Sainos again.

Seeing the spectacle, the large man clenched his teeth and barked.

「What are you doing? If such a small group of mercenary were able to stop the march of the 80,000 of us, we will be beheaded by the emperor! Mage Corps! Fire Lance!」

When the large man yelled, about 10 people who are wearing robes that looks like mages appeared.

Each mages are protected by two big shield bearer soldiers.

I looked at the mage troops who started chanting and thought that it was good to separate the mage corps after all.

「My lord! May I cut them!?」

It looks like Sainos is going to run off, I drew back my chin and opened my mouth.

「No, wait.」


I laughed at the scream like voice of Sainos. I give instructions to Soarer who waits from behind.

「Anti-magic barrier and anti-flame resistance.」

「Leave it to me, my lord.」

After Soarer said that, she put up magical defence for all of us in a few seconds.

「Th, this is stupid… No, this is impossible! One person casted magic to all of them without chant! Eeii, shoot!」

The large man was mumbling something. He gave off a command to the mages who have a defiant attitude.

The next moment, a one-meter long spear of flame flew out in the air leaving a red line.

However, it became foggy and vanished at the place about ten centimeters in front of Sainos.

The soldiers of the Galland Empire Army are stunned by the spectacle.

I saw the large man’s mouth still opened  and nodded. I issue an order to Sainos.

「For the time being, 100 people. Return after you cut down 100 of them. Got it? Then, go!」


The moment I issued a decree, Sainos kicked the ground and ran like flying in parallel with the ground.

Even though the tip of the spear was oriented towards here without gaps, Sainos swept through the wall of spears in front at once without shaking at a speed where you can’t catch his sword with your eyes.

The wreckage of broken spears, which might have been cut by Sainos, is fluttering in the air.

It’s a speed that even my eyes can’t follow. The soldiers who have been cut in two in their neck or torso didn’t know what happened to them.

Sainos, who would have cut one or two of them in a second, came back in one minute.

Sainos lowered his head to me as I heard screams and cries of confusion of the Galland Empire’s soldiers.

「I’m sorry, my lord! I’m not sure why but there is a gap in the middle! I’ve cut down exactly 78 people!」

「Ah, yes. It’s okay.」

It was too fast for a power demonstration.

I replied to Sainos’ apology and saw the large man who’s still not moving.

「Then, let’s start the war. We’ll be serious so please do your best to escape.」

As I told that to the large man, I looked at the two summoner, a male and a female elves, from the back.

Both of them are handsome man and beautiful woman with slim figure and blue hair like twins. The man is called Delta and the woman is called Fellow.

「For the time being, 10 cyclops? Arrange them like a wall, in a straight line with equal intervals.」

When I said so, the two of them replied and started summoning. Blue magic formation emerged from their left and right in about 10 seconds and one by one, four-meter cyclops appeared.

Seeing the large monsters, I heard screams from the empire’s soldiers.

Well, probably because we’re just about a knee-high compared to them. They’re scared.

「Now, those who can use earth magic, create a sand wall. Set them behind the cyclops, the height should be 2 meters and thickness of 1 meter!」




The mages replied when I said so. There are about 20 mages in my squad, 15 of them used earth magic at once. A big wall crept up in an instant.

Considering guild match, a large percentage of my guild are mages. It’s simply the best job to defeat enemies from afar.

And my mages are generally high level. They are also equipped with only the best equipments.

「Now, the signal! Prepare your largest scale, flame magic! Lagreat, pick 5 of them and fly to the sky!」

When I told him that, the sky in front of us was dyed with flaming red color.


—Large Man POV—

What, what is going on! What!?

No way! Are you telling me that we are surrounded by 10,000 upper class mages!?

I managed to suppress the agitation inside of me but I saw the pandemonium of the soldiers.

「All of you, calm down! That’s only a magical exercise! Soon, the enemy will move! The cyclops will begin to move! Front rank, set up the shield and thrust the spear on the legs of the cyclops! Archers! Set up your bow and target the cyclop’s eye….What!」

When I was issuing orders, a huge chunk of fire flew in between the cyclops.

What is that magic?

No way, is that the large scale, fire magic that the ten mages of the elf country used in war!?

One of the masses of fire finally fell on top of the soldiers before I could even speak.

When the roar was sounded, it turns into a huge tornado flame and roll to the soldiers around the vicinity.

100 soldiers are burnt out in a moment while the tornado flame swell further to the crowd of soldiers one after another.

What is this?

This is not a war.

The sight before me can only be called hell. I merely looked at the approaching lump of fire.


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