Returning to the Tower and Skill Appraisal

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 64 / Arc 8 Chapter 8



「Master, let’s sell it. Then, let’s buy a high-class sofa and table for the top floor. I thought that it would be convenient to have a kitchenette. Then new bed and then …」

In other words, Tifa is also a girl.

When Takeru consulted Tifa on the monster core of the vampire, her reply was like that.

「Master, the recent growth of the tower is remarkable. The interior renovation has also been completed and there is plenty of space available. I think that it would be better to turn that monster core into money and strengthen your equipments. I’ll never give priority to desire.」

Tifa’s eyes are floating a little.

「Ne, ne, Tifa is also saying that.」

Eclair comes to me and when I look at the female team, they’re nodding greatly while saying “Uh-huh”.

「All right. I’ll turn the monster core to money and share it to everyone.」

Takeru was overwhelmed after all.

「「Yatta!」 」

The girls gave a cheer.

Ordega was silent but he has a satisfied face.

「Well then, let’s update everyone’s status.」

Tifa began the skill appraisal while everyone is in a good mood.

○ Takeru

Level:  Unknown

Job:     Unknown

Skill:    Aura Circle Lv.5

Blunting Speed Lv.5

Blunting Defence Lv.7(new)

Ray Caelum Sword Technique: Elementary Rock Drop

                                                 Intermediate Three Slash Snow Flower

                                                 Intermediate Moonlight in the Water

                                                 (new) Esoteric Eight Slash of Gale

                                                 (new) Esoteric Fiery Sword

Talent:  Unknown

New skill “Blunting Defence” was added to Takeru.

By adding this to the aura circle, it greatly lowers the defense power of the enemy.


It lowers resistance to swords, ax, mace, and spears,

It lowers magical defence for fire, ice, wind, and earth,

It lowers status resistance to paralysis and poison.

The above effects are added.

Two new sword technique was added as the result of Tifa’s analysis.

The Esoteric Eight Slash of Gale is a technique that literally hammers eight slash from multiple directions at the same time.

The Esoteric Fiery Sword engulf the upper part of the sword with flame that gives heavy damage to an enemy.

○ Eclair

Level:  40(2 level up)

Race: Elf

Job:     Spirit User

Skill:    Air Cannon Lv. 5(new)

            Air Hurricane Lv. 6(new)

            Air Explosion Lv. 3

Air Blast Strike Lv. 4

            Enchant Air Lv. 2

            Sonic Move Lv. 3

            Protection Air Lv. 2

Unique talent: Heaven-sent Child of Wind

Eclair hit the level 40 mark. She was promoted to gold class this time but level 40 already exceeds that area.

Air shell develops into air cannon. Air cannon has the power to defeat an average monster with one blow.

Air hurricane is the improved version of air storm. It produces an enormous hurricane that is not only useful against monster but also in group battle.

○ Feene

Level:  31(4 level up)

Race: Foxkin

Job:     Magic Archer(Magic Gunner)(New)

Skill:    Flame Shell Lv. 3(New)

            Frost Flame Lv. 3

            Flame Bomb Lv. 2

            Enchant Flame Lv. 2

            Flame Corps Lv. 3

Common Talent: Fire Fox


                          Lightning Fox

Feene’s job is determined to be a magic warrior. Though it was unknown until now, she probably awoken her job considering her role in the last battle.

Magic Archer is characterized by high agility unlike an ordinary mage. They can use magic while moving at high speed. It is the best job in a battle field. They can move even without vanguard so it is suitable for an independent mission.

It is a suitable job for Feene with both  high physical and magical ability which is pecuRiar for foxkins.

Flame Barrett evolved into the flame shell which raises its power.

○ Leiria von Istria

Level:  31(4 level up)

Race: Human

Job:     Magician

Skill:    Aqua Shell Lv.3

Aqua Coffin Lv.4 (New)

Aqua Wall Lv.2

Aqua Serpent Lv.4

Aqua Hydro Wave Lv.5 (New)

Protection Aqua Lv.2

Common Talent: The person loved by water

                                The person who understands the law and tool of magic(New)

Leiria broke through level 30.

Aqua Coffin is the developed form of Aqua Ring, a stronger water coffin restrains enemies.

Aqua Hydrowave is Leiria’s new trump card. If combined with aqua serpent, it will summon a flood that can sweep away the enemy.

Her talent was added with the word tool.

The talent will bring out the power of tools such as magic wand and ring to the utmost.

It will greatly improve the efficiency of essential equipment and tools of a magician.

○ Ordega

Level:  35(3 level up)

Race: Human

Job:     Warrior

Skill:    War Cry II Lv.4

            Critical Strike Lv.3

            Triple Strike Lv.3

            Drive In Lv.2

            Shield Buster Lv.4

            Shield Maximize Lv.5 (new)

Common Talent: Impregnable Defense

Oldega has reached level 35.

Level 35 is already a medium rank gold class but he’s a silver class.

The new skill Shield Maximize is a skill that prevents enemy attacks by integrating yourself and the shield.

It greatly raises the defense power of the shield, but it will double the damage you will receive.

A technique that throws away one’s body to protect the party.

○ Felicia Artian

Level:  25

Race: Human

Job:     Shrine Maiden

Skill:    Middle Heal Lv.4

            Middle Cure Lv.4

            Holy Sparkle Lv.3

Protection Holy Lv.3

Unique Talent: Shrine Maiden of Divine Will

Common Talent: Shrine Maiden of Healing

Felicia did not participate in the last battle so unfortunately, she did not level up.

There is no change in skills.

Her common talent Shrine Maiden of Oracle evolved into unique talent Shrine Maiden of Divine Will during the uproar with Bishop Kunze in the capital.


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