Chapter 56 – Envoys from the Empire



Finally, a diplomatic envoy came to the capital of Silesie from the Germania Empire.

It seems that Crown Prince Freed, who is the real ruler of the empire, will come himself.

「Well, I thought I’d be like that.」

It is the remarkable prince that managed to become a hero by subjugating a miasma reservoir by himself.

There is no reason for him to go himself as a diplomatic envoy for there is a possibility of war.

Because the other party is the crown prince, as the regent, I have to go to the capital, of course, Princess Silhouette too.

My body tightens as I think that war will start if negotiations break down.

No, I should worry that if the negotiations break down, “battle” will start on the spot.

When I was walking in the hallway of the castle, the dukedom’s princess, along with her two knights escort, pass by.

The dukedom’s princess makes a bright red face as she tries to pass by.

We haven’t speak with each other ever since the time of the previous sacrament.

I am also very awkward but I must tell her that I am going to the capital.

「Ano, Princess Caroline.」


The princess’ shoulder trembles and her glasses fell from her eyes and slipped on the floor.

After it bounce from her big chest, it was good that it fell on the carpet on the floor. The lens almost cracked.

I picked up her glasses and hand it over to the princess.

She received it with her trembling hands. Well, I’m slightly embarrass too. But I have some business with her.

「I apologize for startling you, your highness princess. As a diplomatic envoy came from the Germania Empire, Princess Silhouette and I will need to go to the capital immediately.」

「Do you want to… I’d better not go with you.」

That might be so. Unlike the duke, she doesn’t have any diplomatic authority of Transylvania.

If the dukedom’s princess met with the crown prince, it will develop into a more troublesome problem than the one with Brynie.

「Well, it would be better for your highness princess to not come out.」

「Then, I will do so.」

The conversation breaks, the two of us became silent…awkward.

「He, hero-sama! What happened before, I don’t really mind it anymore because it was saintess-sama’s ritual.」

Princess Caroline’s cheeks are red like an apple.

I also made up my mind and look at her face.

「Well, it’s like pouring water into each other.」

It’s a bath joke…

I guess that it does not make sense to this serious glasses girl.

「In addition, after thinking about it slowly and carefully, even a little, I was able to repay hero-sama with my poor body.」

「U oi!」

What are you saying, princess?

Your dialogue just now is misunderstood, the escort knights behind you are terribly dismayed.

「Ah, I’m sorry. Ano, naked.」

「Stop! Your Highness Princess. Nothing happened. We just ran of each other in the bath by chance in an unfortunate event.」

Please stop, because a new rumor might start.

Her cheeks are dyed due to shame as I said that. The atmosphere becomes extra dangerous.

「So,sorry, I’m sorry. I made a fuss like a child. In that respect, Princess Silhouette was dignified.」

「I think it’s a problem if you’re naked and dignified.」

Somehow, being dragged by Ria will make your common sense crazy, that includes me.

It must be a kind of religious brainwashing. Since I’m the only one who noticed, I can use it as a shield for the dukedom’s princess.

「Next time, I’ll be a little more…」

「There is no next time, so please be relieved.」

No, right? I have to strike a nail on Ria to make sure there is nothing.

Even if I can no longer suffer damage, Princess Silhouette and Princess Caroline have been toyed with.

Okay, let’s go to Ria and scold her later.

Either way, Crown Prince Freed became a hero.

He’ll probably bring the archbishop so I should counter it and take Ria.

「Oi, Ria.」

「Takeru, you certainly received it but it is not yet the right time.」

She’s wearing her hood so I can’t see her face.

It is quite rare for Ria to mumble in serious tone. She’s scared.

「What happened……」

「In the last sacrament, I was able to promote and certify you to a quasi-first class hero. However, there is still a big gap from the first class certification of the archbishop. 」

Does the difference in authority become the difference of power as a hero?

I have no magic power, so I can’t use thunder magic. I can’t deny the disadvantage.

「When we performed the sacrament, the level seems to have risen easily, should we do it once again?」

I’m not saying I want to do it but this is serious.

「Just because it seems so doesn’t mean that we need to do the sacrament again. There is  nothing like a stage in the sacrament.」

「Is that so?」

Although Ria is feeling this way, she seems to be only doing whatever she likes.

「Fox example, though this is terrible comparison, what if you’re the goddess Takeru? Are you going to give me power many times without question? Think about it.」

「Well, I guess there should be a proper margin to some extent.」

That’s exactly what I think of Ria.

「A-sama will not give us special treatment. Though that is certainly not the case…」

「Ah, I understand. I will just do something with my wits and courage.」

There is a limit of what Ria can do.

「You are indeed my hero, Takeru.」

Ria said that in a trembling voice, kneeled on the spot, and raised her silver ankh.

She always looks like a decent saintess when she’s in such a serious tone.

Lyle-sensei’s wisdom would probably manage to do something.

If I go with sensei’s instructions, my mind will have a sense of security and all I will need is courage.

—Scene Change—

I’m on my way from the City of Ox to the capital.

I asked for Oracle-chan, she flew to the castle in an instant but she’s somewhat strange.

「Oracle, you… are strangely dressed.」

「How can you say to a lady that she’s strange? This is a dress that sensei-sama gave me. It matches my dignified looks.」

There is dignity indeed. A luxurious crimson mantle which is attached in her shoulder with the help of a pad and a precious stone.

I’m sorry to say, but it doesn’t suit you at all, Oracle…….

To the girl-like form of Oracle, that shoulder pad doesn’t looks good.

「Well, if sensei helps you put it, it might mean something…」

「From the stage of Halle, after the end of the immortality king, it can be said that this clothing is suitable for the dungeon master Oracle.」

Somehow, Oracle-chan is pleased with her crimson mantle and twin tails as she floats.

If you really want to put parenthesis to it, at least stop putting that childish twin tails.

This time, because it’s a diplomatic negotiation, I do not think Oracle-chan’s turn will come anyway.

—Scene Change—

Although the rebuilding project is proceeding smoothly, the scenery of war damage is still deep in the capital of Silesie.

Especially the royal palace, it has been repaired but it’s still remained partially destroyed.

Because the Crown Prince of Germania is invited there, it became a big fuss that turned the castle upside down.

「Takeru-dono, you came in the right time. According to the appointment, I think the Imperial envoys will arrive soon. You should also change to formal clothes too.」

「Sensei, you seem tired.」

Although we’re not separated for a long time, I can see a thick color of tiredness in Lyle-sensei.

Instead of the usual black vest, he wears a cloak colored with red and blue that symbolizes the status of the State Secretary on top of a long sleeved tunic, it seems to be heavy.

Even if he wears an excessive bunch of clothes, sensei is amazingly cute.

I favor him that much?

「Anyway, I have prepared clothes for you so please be ready as soon as possible.」

「Ah, sorry.」

Since I’m a knight and a hero, I would like to wear my mithril armor instead of bunch of clothes.

However, I should wear something that has an emblem of the Kingdom of Silesie.

I somehow feel like a knight of the crusade.

As expected, Princess Silhouette is also dressed up more than usual. She also has a silver tiara on top of her strawberry blonde hair.

As usual, her elven ears are hidden in the hood that makes the princess a little uneasy.

It might be necessary for the princess to become accustomed to the duty of the royal family.

Because she’s a half elf, she can either accept her succession right of the throne or resign from it.

And finally, the Germania Empire’s envoy appeared at the audience of the castle.

—Scene Change—

Eura continent’s largest empire, Germania’s substantial ruler.

Germania Empire’s Crown prince, Freed Germania Germanicus.

A young prince who is called with exaggerated names like golden lion emperor.

Although the castle is still under renovation, a red carpet decorated with gold damask is placed in the audience. It can be reversed and will appear as royal purple.

Even without having someone to tell me, I realized that the young warrior was the golden lion emperor.

Shining Golden Lion hair and dignified features.

The crown prince is a heterochromia with blue and gold eyes.

His beautiful appearance is just like a young lion.

He has broad shoulders and firm body, his strong presence makes him a great crown prince.

Using the original world’s standard, he has the atmosphere of a “special guy” who sits calmly behind the special promotion class.

Even without shouting loudly, just a glance from this person will make you naturally bow your head. He possessed that much charisma.

Behind the prince is a heavy knight with a big shield that is palely shining, a bewitching advanced court magician onee-sama, and a saint that is dressed in a white and blue clothes of an archbishop.

Ah, I think that I’ve seen this atmosphere where there is a party of four with a hero.

Obviously, the other side is a hero party…,moreover, a crown prone of the empire, is it from Romancing SaGa or from Dragon Quest?

By the way, the golden lion emperor Freed is wearing an Orichalcum Armor.

「The armor that he wears is a legendary metal, orichalcum.」

Oracle whispered in my ear but I already just explained it.

If you have knowledge in fantasy, you’ll be able to guessed it roughly.

If the silver metal that I’m wearing is mithril, orichalcum is generally recognized as a metal that is palely shining. The big shield of that heavy knight might be one.

It is probably the most powerful metal in the world, although there are mysterious alloys that were created by Hero Renz so I can’t be too sure.

「It’s okay, you have the strongest armor of the Oracle’s Great Cave. Magical power is applied on the other side of orichalcum. I you take strengthening magic into consideration, your mithril armor with all resistance will not lose. 」

Oracle-chan, who delivered a full commentary, says it with a triumphant face.

Even if the armor is not defeated, the one inside is…

After the prince’s party of four, knights and civil servants followed. Their court ladies are beautiful.

Suddenly, seeing Prince Freed’s shining blonde hair and fine clothing, ladies are screaming “kya kya”.

Somehow, I feel like I have been defeated even though we haven’t done anything yet.

Dammit, I’m not going to let girls go in your country even combat personnel.

「We welcome His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Freed.」

Lyle-sensei’s father, Prime Minister Nicole, greets Prince Freed on our behalf.

Lyle’s father’s name is Nicolas Laertius. Nicole is his nickname?

「I am the Crown Prince of Germania Empire, Freed.」

「You must have been tired from your long journey. Please this way.」

The prime minister tried to guide him but the golden lion emperor quickly grabbed his hand.

「I do not like long talks, where is the only heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Silesie, Silhouette Silesie Albert?」

「Silhouette is here.」

Prince Freed glared at her then laughed.

「Aren’t you a splendid beautiful princess? Do you like to be my bride?」

Ooops, Prince Freed suddenly confess on their first meeting.

This development is too fast, is this the confidence of an ikemen?

「I will not marry a man who I just met.」

「Fuh, interesting. So there is a princess that refuses to marry me.」

What do you mean by being refused of your proposal is interesting…?

This blonde ikemen prince is overflowing with self confidence.

「I like Princess Silhouette’s beauty and her eyes filled with will. In any case, someone like you will be a good legal wife. If so, the Kingdom of Silesie will be part of the Germania Empire. After all, it is equal to obtaining the half of the world. I will give anything the pricess wants.」

Prince Freed has spread his hand greatly and pleads to the princess.

I hate his theatrical exaggerated gestures.

Anyway, if it’s this prince majimon, he will not be immediately declined by an ordinary girl.

TN: マジモン(Magimon) – no idea of the reference.

「All I want is freedom.」

「Freedom, unlike the country of Silesie that is bounded by tradition, half-elf royalty is not discriminated against in the new empire. Silesie is a cruel country that does not recognize such a beautiful princess as you as the queen.」

Prince Freed tries to embrace Princess Silhouette but he is quickly avoided.

He is being rejected by the princess and his gestures has become like a drama play.

The prince who seems to be enjoying the narrative part is not doing well  with regards to his persuasion attempt.

Is this the margin of the ikemen prince?

I, and the retainers of Silesie, were dumbfounded at the kabuki performance of the prince.

Is this also some kind of diplomacy?

The retainers on the other side are not saying anything. Are they looking at this as a prince persuading a girl she met the first time?

The court ladies who doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening are still screaming kya kya.

「Even if I will not be recognized as the queen, there is already someone in this country who will become the king.」

Princess Silhouette glanced at me as if she’s relying on me.

「Eh, me?」

「Ho ho, are you Silesie’s hero, Takeru?」

Prince Freed’s heterochromiac eyes of blue and gold glares at me impudently.

No, I do not want to get caught up in this embarrassing little play!

「No, I’m not…」

「Hmph, Princess Silhouette is okay on being not recognized by the conservative nobles, he became the regent of Silesie to seize power. Don’t listen to that very blatant man.」

Even if I’m holding the real power, Lyle-sensei just did it without permission. I’m troubled if I’m suddenly in a villainous position.

Wait, I’m the villain…? I’m not bad, it’s because sensei said that… Yes, sensei is the one!

「Takeru, you and I are heroes. Better yet, let’s fight seriously with the princess and this kingdom on the line.」

Freed who’s standing before me pulled out a sword of light.

Why did it suddenly became a duel? Shouldn’t we have a diplomatic negotiation first?




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