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A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 65 / Arc 9 Chapter 1



A few weeks after the vampire subjugation, Takeru’s party is returning to the tower after their daily hunting routine in the forest.

「Leiria-sama, Dalman-dono has come from the dukedom. Can you please meet with him? He also asks for Ordega.」

Caspar, the leader of the resident’s from the hunter’s village, called out.


「I understand.」

Leiria and Ordega seem to be confused with the unexpected name.

「Leiria, what kind of person is that Dalman?」

「He is the former finance minister of the Istria Dukedom.」

「Someone like him is probably here for some business.」

「Takeru, we will show him our face for the time being.」

「Okay, then let me hear about it later.」

「Yeah, got it.」

Leiria and Ordega went with Caspar in a brisk pace.

「I wonder why a former minister bother to visit them.」

「I hope it’s not because something bad has happened. 」

Eclair and Felicia are worried.

「It’s alright. We will probably hear from Leiria later.」

There was no need to wait for Leiria’s report. All the members of Babel were called after a while.

「Takeru-dono and everyone from Babel, I apologize for calling all of you. My name is Dalman, former minister of finance of Istria Dukedom.」

When they entered the room, the former minister politely greeted them.

He is polite but a dignified person.

「I am the leader of Babel, Takeru.」


「Feene nanodesu.」


After greeting each other, Takeru opens his mouth first.

「Why did you call us?」

「I was wondering if it would be better for Babel to listen to me directly.」

In the story of the minister, the Proxiria Empire is now planning to advance into the central part of the continent and is prioritizing sending soldiers there. They heard that supervision to the conquered countries is loose.

Utilizing this time that the Empire is dedicating soldiers to fighting other countries, they are planning of a series of counter offensive operation with two other countries that are friendly with Istria Dukedom.

Istria Dukedom, Valoria Dukedom, and AmurRia Dukedom’s archdukes are somewhat related by blood if you trace their bloodline. Those three countries built an alliance with Istria Dukedom as its leader.

Those three countries have been occupied by the empire during the last war.

The three countries plan to simultaneously attack the Imperial forces stationed in each dukedom’s capital.

「The number of stationed soldiers were around 1000 but now they are less that 500. If we miss this opportunity, there might be no next time. I would like the second corps that are living in this tower to join the battle. The morale of the soldiers will rise greatly is the princess who was strongly loved by the citizens join us. So please.」

***TN: Just a reminder, the second corps were like Leiria’s escort when they escaped from the dukedom. They are basically the residents of the hunter village.***

Dalman’s strong tone shows his enthusiasm for the plan.


Ordega waits for Leiria’s decision.

Leiria, who has been thinking deeply for a while, raised her face.

「Takeru, I told you before when I became a member of this tower that “I’ll talk about it properly when the time comes.” Do you remember?」

Leiria stares at Takeru with serious eyes.

「Ah, of course I remember, Leiria.」

「Then, that time is now. I will return to the dukedom. Takeru, thank you for everything.」

「Princess!」「Leiria-sama, thank you very much!」

Oldega has a complex expression but Dalman is genuinely pleased.

Leiria’s existence is good for this plan.

「If that is Leiria’s decision, we must also prepare for departure.」


「What a strange looking face you have. I’ve told you before. Babel doesn’t abandon its people. If Leiria says that she’s going to fight, we will naturally support you.」


Leiria jumps out of the sofa where she sits and embraces Takeru.

It is rare for Leiria who is always calm to take such action.

「Takeru, thank you very much.」

She is looking up at him with wide eyes. It’s not her usual looks but it’s quite lovely.

(Such a great destructive power. She can KO an average man in a single shot.)

And Takeru is an average man.

「*cough* *cough*」

Dalman artificially coughs.

And when Takeru looks around, the female group are glaring at him as usual.

「Well, that’s it.What is the specific movement that you’ll do?」

Takeru returned to the topic in order to return Leiria back to the sofa.

「Next month, there will be a festival for the foundation of the dukedom. A parade will be held on that day so many citizen will gather in the castle. We’ll going to gather the liberation army there and surprise attack the castle. We already arranged an informer inside the castle.」

「Are Leiria and Ordega going to participate in it?」

「Ordega is set to participate in the battle but Leiria-sama will be at the rear to improve the morale of our allies.」

「No, I’ll fight too.」

「No,we know that Leiria-sama is a mage but it is too dangerous to participate in direct combat.」

Apparently, this minister does not seem to know Leiria’s current power.

With Leiria’s battle experience with Babel, she’s not comparable to an average mage.

「It’s okay. We’ll keep Leiria safe so don’t worry.」

It is pointless to explain Leiria’s power unless seen directly so Takeru just told him that they’ll escort Leiria.

「If that is the case then please do so in a range that is not risky.」

The minister probably gave his consent to save Takeru’s face who is the owner of the tower.

「Even if the sneak attack succeeds and you were able to take over the castle, won’t the imperial army come to recapture it?」

Eclair, who is in doubt, asked.

「The capture of the castle is only part of the strategy. Along with our country, Valoria Dukedom, and AmurRia Dukedom will also capture their respective castles. After that, we will advance together to Ulros.」


「It is a city that connects the highways of the three countries and the empire. Well, rather than a city, it should be called a fortress. In the last war, Ulros was captured due to a surprise attack. If we can hold down Ulros, we can endure it even if the empire sends more troops.」

「But such an important city is surely firmly protected by the empire.」

「That’s right. The battle of Ulros will be the key of this war.」

(Even if we succeed in recovering the capital city, there will be more severe battle waiting. With this, I even have more reason not to let Leiria and Ordega go with just the two of them.)

Takeru reiterated his willingness to accompany the two to Dalman again.


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