Chapter 38 – Appeal for the Sake of Founding a Nation

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


Soarer was massaging my shoulder while we’re riding Lagreat in his dragon form. We’re flying in an altitude where we are lined up with the clouds.

「My lord, that was a truly spectacular victory. As expected of you.」

「Well, it’s not a big deal. But I guess it’s good.」

I was really enjoying the good shoulder massage while answering Soarer with appreciation.

「Leader, what are you going to say to the earl? I mean, about how did you annihilated that large army.」

Sedeia came next to me and asked me such a thing.

「Right, it seems that they are really pleased with a dragon knight. The site where we fought flashily will remain as ruins for posterity in the future.」

「I want to become a dragon knight too.」

「That’s impossible, Sunny.」

When I was talking with Sedeia, Sunny says her wish and I gently replied to her. Sunny puff her cheeks.

「I’ll take master’s crotch again today.」


I turned to her and tried to seal Sunny’s mouth with both hands due to the bomb she dropped.

I feel that Sedeia is looking at me with cold eyes so I tried not to look at her and spoke to Sainos.

「Can you see the Earl’s Castle?」

「It’s already in your presence, my liege!」

「Alright, let’s start founding our nation! We’ll be busy today!」

When I said so, Lagreat slowed down a little and began to descend to the ground.

Because this will be the first time that a dragon will descend in the castle, the earl’s residence seems to be in some sort of uproar.

While listening to the various voices heard from below, we landed in the courtyard of the Earl’s castle.

The courtyard surface is a light brown clay. It seems that it is usually a training field. There are trees lined up on the edge but the center was a wide space.

When we got down, a knight and a servant come out from a distance.

「Re-Ren-dono!? That dragon…」

Slightly behind, Earl Villiers appeared in the courtyard.

「It is my subordinate.」

When I explain so, I heard a loud commotion from the people around.

「Wh-what … No, I heard it already from Baron Bowarei …」

The earl was so stunned by the black dragon that his words surprisingly did not come out immediately. He raised his face as soon as he remembered it.

「Oh! You’ll control the dragon to engage the Galland Empire’s army!」

When the earl says so, I opened my mouth while being conscious of the eyes of other people.

「No, we already annihilated them.」

When I answered that, the earl looked up at me with an appalled face. The surrounding people also are severally expressing their surprise.

「No way… The Galland Empire’s forces should be nearly 100,000. To do it in such a short time…」

「It is 80,000. I already asked Dennis, who is the general of the border defence force, to confirm it. The information will arrive here tomorrow.」

When I answered the earl’s question easily, the voices of the people around me grew further.

The earl glanced at the surrounding people.It seems that the earl understood my intentions.

「How did you do such a feat? It will be impossible to give an army of 80,000 a devastating blow in a short time unless you pincer attack them with more than twice their number.」

When the earl said that, I put my hand on Lagreat’s head and nodded.

「It might be so if we’ve done it normally. The Galland Empire’s army use long spears and hide their body using big shields. It will take time to critically hit them. However, I have this guy. He flew directly in front and touched the center of the Galland Empire’s army straight from the sky. Many commanders lost their will. In the middle of confusion, my mages casted countless of flames from the sky. We also did something to the terrain to prevent the enemy from escaping, you should at least look at it once.」

When I dramatized the story about the war, there were even cheers coming from the surroundings.

They heard a story that seems to come out straight from a Hero’s tale.

If they are an ally of a hero from the legend, the opponents will surely be massacred.

I heard that execution with guillotine was a show in old Europe that pleases the citizens. Given that, hero’s tale will also be popular.

Anyway, from now on, that hero will become a king.

「Then it means… as expected of a dragon knight, no, of Ren-dono. I heard that you are going to establish a country, can I ask the name?」

When the earl asked me that, I suddenly returned to sanity. I was fairly strained even before the war, it seems that the heat shuts my head.

I haven’t decided the name of the country yet.

The earl asked it at the best time.

But I can’t answer it. It is necessary to declare the founding of a nation with the earl here to have the information of the new country to spread in Rembrandt Kingdom in a dash.

Ren Ren kingdom is a big no. It sounds like a name of a zoo.

I opened my mouth remembering the name of the game where I created everyone.


When I murmured, the earl raised one eyebrow and looked at me.

「Einherjar… The dragon knight’s country is Einherjar?」

When the earl repeats my words, the same words are heard one after another from the vicinity.

It’s the title of the game. It is easy for me to say it because I’m already familiar with it.

In this world, dragon knights are apostles of god and they are characters that came out from the myth of a hero.

Although it is something that came from Earth, it is a myth in this world too.

Immortal warriors who continue to fight at the palace of god. It is from the norse mythology of northern europe.

***TN: He’s talking what Einherjar is. Click here for more info about it.***

Indeed, it is a name suitable for the guild members I am proud of.

In that case, as the king of the country, I will be like the chief god Odin but I’ll reject it because I don’t want to be identified as a god.

When I was thinking about such meaningless thing, the earl lowered the head to me.

「I acknowledge and respect His Majesty the King of the new country Einherjar. For you to defend our territory, I cannot express how grateful I am.」

「Don’t worry. Then, we’ll proceed to the Galland Empire again.」

When I told that to the earl, he rounded his eyes.

「No, that is…No, I guess Ren-dono will be safe. Though I should remonstrate you for that suicidal act, I suppose it’s an unnecessary concern.」

When I said that, the earl bowed deeply again.

I was acknowledged and showed respect to as a king of a nation by an upper noble of the great country, Rembrandt Kingdom.

This sensational news will be passed on and will not die out.

With this, the Rembrandt Kingdom will not question it if the earl leaves them.

I spoke farewell to the earl and fly with Lagreat again.

Next is the last work for today. I have to inform the Galland Empire about me founding a nation.


The empire’s defense city of Alda which bordered Rembrandt Kingdom.

The townspeople didn’t know that they are officially at war with Rembrandt Kingdom. The city is very crowded even in the evening.

While listening to the vigorous voice of the merchant, we headed to the mansion of Turan, the magistrate who rules Alda.

There were two gatekeepers in front of the mansion of Turan. They watched our approaching figure.

The gatekeeper on the right side nodded shallowly when he saw my face.

「I’m sure you’re the escort of Baron Bowarei? Can I help you with something?」

「Is magistrate Turan here?」

When he heard that, the gatekeeper wrinkled his forehead and returned to being expressionless and nodded.

I come to this world for some reason. I don’t need to speak politely

No, it should be said that I just don’t want to.

I can’t even think of a polite response. I noticed it with how the gate keeper reacted just now.

While I’m being puzzled with my own change, the gatekeeper opened his mouth with a single cough.

「You might have to wait for a while in order to hear from Turan-sama.」

When the gatekeeper said that, the gatekeeper on the left side entered the mansion.

After a while, when the gatekeeper came back, he turned to me and opened his mouth.

「It seems that Turan-sama will meet you. This way.」

The gatekeeper turned his back and walked ahead without waiting for our reply.

We then went into Turan’s residence afterwards.

When I entered the office, Turan was waiting with the same emotionless smile as the other day.

Now, it is the founding of a nation declaration.


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