To Istria Dukedom

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 66 / Arc 9 Chapter 2



Before leaving the tower, there are things I have to keep in mind.

I should report it to the resident military officer, Alice.

There will be politics involved if she were to join our battle in Istria Dukedom.

We should probably leave without informing the Coltberg Kingdom.

Although Coltberg Kingdom and Proxiria empire are hostile, political bargaining in this world is too complex for Takeru.

Because I don’t think that I can hide it, it might be better to speak about it honestly.

I spoke with the three resident military officers, Alice, Mira and Radbaut.

「Then, you’re going to take part in the war of Istria Dukedom? Isn’t it too dangerous to take Felicia there? 」

When she heard about it, Alice started to worry about Felicia.

「Alice, are you going to tell the kingdom about the uprising plan of the dukedom? We cannot apologize enough to Leiria-san if the information leaks to the empire because of us. 」

「Well, of course I know. So, what should I do?」

Alice makes an excuse in a hurry to the angry Felicia.

(Alice, that face absolutely tells us that you haven’t thought about it.)

Alice relied on Takeru the least from the beginning.

Alice’s personality has been grasped in previous contacts.

A problem like this one is a heavy load for Alice.

There is no other choice but to take a favor.

When Mira heard the story from Takeru,

「Well, I know what you’re thinking. I will try to minimize the information and arrange it so the it will only be transmitted to the upper echelon of the kingdom. We’ll ask the help of Sheila-sama.」

As expected of Mira, she’s the right woman for the job.

She really is a beautiful secretary.

Such a delicate work has bad compatibility with Alice, having her here can make us relieved.

By the way, Radbaut is silent from beginning to end. He seems to be a muscle brain.

I just found a shocking truth that two of the three resident military officer the kingdom sent to the tower are useless in diplomatic negotiations.

(Is the Coltberg Kingdom going to be all right?)

Anyway, at least we won’t be bothered by diplomacy.

Takeru’s party left for Leiria’s hometown, Istria Dukedom.

They entered the dukedom from the back street. The highway is being monitored by the imperial army so they passed through the forest instead.

It is a dangerous path where the low class monsters often appear but those are not a threat for Takeru’s party.

They were able to enter the dukedom’s capital using the false identity card that Dalman gave them.

「Long time no see … nothing has changed.」

As we went through the gate of the dukedom’s capital, Leiria muttered while looking at the townscape.

She has tears in her eyes.

「I have never come back ever since it was occupied by the empire.」

Ordega’s voice is also a little husky.

The two of them seem to be getting work up after their long absence in their hometown.

「Both of you, let’s go.」

There’s a possibility of getting found out if we stop here.

Takeru spoke with the two of them and went to the center of the town.

They entered the lodging prepared by Minister Dalman and waited for contact.


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