Chapter 40 – Magistrate Turan of Galland Empire 2

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


—Turan’s POV—

「I don’t understand what you mean.」

I said that while staring at the man sitting in front of me.

No matter how much I think about it, I can only think that he’s making fun of me.

Annihilating the invading army of Galland Empire?

What is this guy talking about?

「Just to confirm, according to Ren-dono’s words, you founded a nation in the forest of abyss and the earl who is moving to be independent is now part of Ren-dono’s country. Therefore, you mean to annihilate the Galland Empire’s troops that invaded the territory of the earl?」

When I summarized his words for confirmation, he smiled and nodded.

「That’s right. It seems that you get it now?」

「Don’t joke around!」

His light reply makes it look like he’s making a fool of me makes me involuntarily stand up and yell.

My guards who were at the back of the room reacted to my actions and dropped their hips.

On the contrary, the four adventurers in front of them didn’t even move at all.

After all, these guys are just idiots.

They can’t comprehend such a level of war between countries.

They must not understand the battle.

Baron Bowarei who idolize them is not a clever man when I think about it.

Perhaps, those nobles must have been deceived by these adventurers with this kind of attitude.

I finally noticed the true identity of these racketeers so I clenched my teeth.

「The visitors will leave. Get out.」

As I got up from the sofa and said so, Ren looked up at me and laughed with his nose.

「Hold on. I have to report another thing.」

「… What is it? 」

I sat back on the sofa and replied to Ren who was looking up at me.

I’m sure that my face is cramp but it can’t be helped.

However, did Ren see through my mind? He made a fearless smile and opened his mouth.

「Your army, were already annihilated. 」

「…What? 」

I felt a strong irritation to Ren’s words.

To further more conduct irritation to someone, I can only think of this guy as a madman.

I could no longer ignore the provocation. The limit of my patience was reached.

「Get out. Or I’ll punish you for lese majeste.」

When I said that, Ren rounded his eyes as if surprised.

「You’re an easygoing guy. Are you alright having lost 80,000 soldiers? I’ll assume that you are, we’ll take our leave.」

Ren got up from the sofa and left the office while muttering something sarcastically.

My guards glared at them with eyes full of bloodlust. They tried to grab their arm but they were able to go out quickly.

I looked at the soldiers who chased them from behind but it was clear to me that the movements of Ren’s party are light.

However, that’s all.

A magistrate’s mansion is always packed with dozens of highly capable soldiers.

There are also four guards patrolling outside.

Ironically, they will know the power of numbers on this occasion.

I thought of such things inside of me and felt a dim joy.

But, there is one thing.

What Ren said about the 80,000 troops of the Galland Empire remains in me.


Ren’s group of adventurer was surrounded by soldier. They stood in a spot without even a feeling of tension.

I gave command to the soldiers.

「Have them taste a bitter experience.」

When I told them that, the soldiers responded in unison and narrowed their siege of Ren’s party.

The soldiers were already holding naked swords in their hands but Ren was calm.

The next moment, the dog beastkin disappeared.

I don’t even know what happened.

However, when I thought that he just disappeared, the surrounding soldiers fell to the ground at the same time a dust of smoke rose.

What magic should I use? I opened my mouth trying to chant an earth based magic that I’m proud of while looking around.

But a cold metal was pressed against my neck. I stopped chanting and closed my mouth.

「If you try to harm my liege your body will split in two in a blink of an eye.」

I heard a clear, low, calm voice of a man next to me.

I felt sweat flowing from my forehead to the tension where I could not even move one fingertip.

Ren shrugged his shoulder and seems to be apologetic.

「My bad. Your original expectations are correct. I’m sure that Earl Villiers territory would have been yours but it is now part of my country.」

「Are you really saying that… Facing two great powers behind the forest of abyss… I don’t think it’s a good location for a new country.」

When I barely object, Ren laughed with his nose and turned his face to the boy standing next to him.

「Go over there and fly.」

「Eh!? It would have been better if I had flown from the beginning!」

「I wanted to confirm the state of the city, probably. All right, look.」

「This is embarrassing…」

When the boy complained to Ren with a disagreeable face, he bent his knee lightly.


And, after saying a word, the boy lightly ascends to the sky.

「…Wh-wha-what is that? Flying magic without even chanting…!」

I opened my eyes wide in surprise, but Ren looked at the boy, who flew away, like he doesn’t mind it in particular.

He’s an incredibly good looking boy but he doesn’t seem to be an elf. I wonder if there are really some people who can reached the highest peak of magic at that age.

Speaking of which, I think the boy’s eyes are red…

When I was thinking about it while scoffing, screams resounded in the city.

When they saw it, the former interacting public was taken to the past and became a crowd of onlooker.

The townspeople, merchants, and travellers are all shouting something while looking up at the sky.

I turned my gaze to the sky because I was tempted by their voices and…. I was speechless.

It’s a dragon.

The Black Dragon is coming towards us.

「No way… That boy…?」

I muttered so unconsciously and I shivered with own terrible thought.

No way, did that boy tame a dragon?

Or are you saying that he’s an old dragon knight?

I saw the dragon slowly lowered altitude as if saying that it will descend here. I felt a chill comparable to an ice sliding down on my spine.

「Quick, evacuate…」

「It’s not necessary.」

When I stumbled while trying to run, I heard Ren’s voice.

The atmosphere of his calm voice made me want to block my ears from a bad feeling.

But Ren continued to ridicule me like that.

「It is my subordinate. You can rest assured.」

The people of the city who knew nothing and just saw the dragon which had descended and the adventurers who jumped on it leaked a voice of admiration soon after.

「Dragon Knight…」

Someone says those words.

Stop it.

I wanted to cry.

「Dra-dragon knight!」

「An apostle of god!」

However, no one guessed my feelings, and the voice of admiration changed into cheers.

Stop it!

That dragon knight, the apostle of god may become our enemy!

I mourn in my head and cursed my misfortune.

Why, at such a time!

I forcibly supported my body in order to not collapse and raised my face, Ren who rode on the dragon looked down at me and laughed.

「The country of the dragon knight, Einherjar. That’s the name of my country.Write it in your report.」

After saying that, Ren who rode the dragon flew up to the sky.

There is nothing to report.

The news of the dragon knight will surely flow to the heart of Galland Empire tomorrow.

The day after tomorrow, the whole country will know, and all five of the great powers would recognize its existence within a week.

「Country….dragon knight… Ein herjar.」

I muttered with a complex feeling.


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