Istria’s Liberation Army

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 67 / Arc 9 Chapter 3


Takeru’s party were contacted during the evening.

It seems that they wanted them to visit a public hall which is located at some distance from the inn.

「Leiria, do you know that place? 」

「Yes, that’s the place where we meet ordinary citizens before. It is not that far from here.  」

「This might be the last meeting for tomorrow’s plan. 」

Takeru judged that there is no danger so they headed for the public hall.

They call for Dalman upon arriving at the public hall and the minister came at once.

「Leiria-sama! Ordega and all of Babel also came. Thank you very much. 」

Dalman was pretty excited as the meeting started.

「Leiria-sama, this will be the last meeting before the revolt tomorrow. When I call on you, I want you to show your appearance on the stage to the citizens who gathered.」

「Yes, I understand.」

It seems that the leaders of each group are gathered here.

The representative continues to explain the plan.

Tomorrow afternoon at the founding of the country festival, the citizens will gather on various places using the parade. They will all gather on the central boulevard and form the liberation army at the sound of the bell. Then, advance towards the castle.

When the meeting came to an end,

「There is someone I want to introduce to everyone. Leiria-sama, please.」

Dalman calls out Leiria before the gathering.

Leiria whose name was called suddenly proceeded to the stage.

「Le-Leiria-sama. Leiria-sama has returned.」



Seeing Leiria’s figure, the people gathered in the public hall shouted cheers of joy one after another.

All the people gathered here seem to be very happy for her return to the country.

「Leiria is very popular.」

「True, I never thought that she was adored by the people of the nation.」

「She’s really popular nanodesu.」

「That’s only because Leiria-san thinks about the people.」

Takeru’s party was taken aback from the enthusiastic cheer of the people for Leiria.

「Leiria-sama was cute, smart, and gentle ever since she was a child. There are a number of times where princess-sama thought about our nation first. She was especially popular among the dukedom’s citizens.」

Dalman talks proudly to the amazed Takeru’s party.

On the stage, Leiria slowly looked at the people who had gathered and talked quietly.

「Everyone, I’m sorry for not showing up until now. After losing the war and being occupied by the empire, we have experienced a lot of painful things. Leaving the country was painful and mortifying. I didn’t have the power to help everyone. However, I did my best too and acquired battle experience. I’m much stronger than before. I’m sure that I will be useful in the battle tomorrow. Therefore, I also want everyone to fight with all they have. My father, who died, wanted the country to be a place where everyone could live happily ever after. I’m the same. Therefore, the Imperial army must leave our country. Everyone, please lend me your power and make Istria a place where everyone can smile again. Let’s fight the empire together.」

Although here tone of voice is light, Leiria’s enthusiasm seems to have reached the audience well.

「Leiria-sama, banzai!」

「Istria dukedom, banzai!」

The hot air in the hall reached its climax.

The hearts of the gathered citizens became one.

Tomorrow’s plan is sure to succeed.

(Leiria, you did your best. We’ll definitely protect you on tomorrow’s battle.)

Feeling the enthusiasm of Leiria and the citizens, Takeru also made up his mind.


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