Chapter 43 – The Village Chief is Surprised 2

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


In the Grado Village, which is derided as the farthest village, the village chief Denma was groaning with a difficult face.

「It has been difficult for me…」

Denma is talking to himself about the parchment that is laying on a shabby table.

The incident that happened on the village the other day was listed in a bullet form.

While Denma was troubled, a sound of knocking sounded from the door of his house.

「Who is it?」

Denma murmured so while he let his irritation showed in his mouth. He went to the door.

When he opened the door, the mage girl Sherry was there.

Sherry greeted Denma and lowered her head.

「Hnn? What’s wrong, Sherry?」

「Yes. My mother’s condition has improved so father seems to want to serve Ren-sama when he returned.」

「Hey!! You dare to call apostle-sama’s name…! 」

When Sherry says Ren’s name, Denma was dismayed and blocked Sherry’s  mouth with his hand.

Sherry, who suddenly got her mouth blocked, rolled her eyes in bewilderment. She immediately shaken off Denma’s hand and sharpen her eyes.

「What are you doing? Even if he’s an apostle-sama, didn’t apostle-sama introduced himself as Ren-sama? 」

「Don’t be stupid! Apostle-sama said that because he has a big heart. He had given his name to me. Perhaps I’m the only one who heard his name. 」

Denma proudly said so to the angry Sherry.

There, a voice other the the two have interrupted.

「What are you doing, Sherry? Didn’t I tell you to come back quickly?」

「Father, it’s not my fault. The village chief has said so many things.」

Sherry looked back at the source of the voice while being sulky. Sherry’s father was there, Dan.

Dan looked at Denma with an uninterested face and rang his nose.

「That’s why I told you to quickly return. The village chief speaks in a long manner.」

「W-What are you saying? In the first place, it’s because of you that Sherry thinks lightly of apostle-sama…」

As Denma complained, Dan sighed and looked at the table behind Denma.

「Although you tried to make a profit by making a book about apostle-sama.」

「No, it’s different! The mission of Grado Village is to pass on the feat of apostle-sama as a new myth! Don’t talk like that’s what I’ve decided to do!」

Denma, who reacted excessively to Dan’s word, countered loudly. Dan looks at Denma with half-eyes and shrugs his shoulders.

「Is there a meaning to spread something like a girl’s gossip? Roughly speaking, that’s a way of making money out of apostle-sama.」

「Don’t assume that I want to make money! What a rude fellow. In this time, the world will be full of hope if an apostle-sama appears. This is a good deed that apostle-sama would desire.」

「Who will find hope in a hero’s tale that came from such a limp village?」

「E-ei! Get out of here brat!」

Dan scoffed off all of Denma’s lines. Denma’s face reddened and stomped his foot on the ground due to frustration.

At that time, a loud voice went up somewhere in the village.

「Dr-dragon! It’s a dragon!」


Reacting sensitively to the cries of the villagers, Denma ran outside, and Dan and Sherry, who saw it, followed the village chief.

Looking at it, everyone in the village looks up in the same direction uniformly, pointing and screaming.

It is the direction of the forest of abyss.

「Dragon…no way, to see one alive.」

「Is it really a dragon? Hey, village chief! Don’t be absentminded and tell everyone to evacuate!」

「Lie… that size, about 10 meters.」

The three of them responded to the dragon but only Dan was able to move instantly.

Dan looks at two stunned people and grabs Sherry’s shoulder.

「Sherry! What about 10 meters? Can you stop it even a little?」

「That’s impossible! A ten meter dragon is a disaster class, that size is the limit which the military would handle! With that size, several thousands of people and at least 100 court magicians might  somehow….」

Sherry shook her head wide as if she had been confused by Dan’s question.

Dan clenched his teeth and looked at the village chief.

「Village chief! Did you hear that! Tell everyone…!」

As Dan yelled at Denma, Denma gazed at the approaching dragon. Hee narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth.

「Someone’s riding it! It’s apostle-sama! It must be a Dragon Knight!」

Denma cried as he looked back at the villagers.

Dan opened his eyes wide as he was loss for words.

「… I guess the evacuation can not be completed in time. If that is not apostle-sama the village would be wiped out.」

Dan spoke so in despair, but the villagers, who had always been told by Denma about the apostle, were relieved and began to cheer.

Dan shook his head as if he had given up on the scene and looked back at the dragon that everyone looked up to.

There is certainly someone riding the dragon.


Dan quietly murmured, looking up at the descending dragon with a difficult face.


「Oh, it’s been a while! In addition, we were able to see apostle-sama’s face again! This Denma, is trembling with excitement! By the way, is that apostle-sama’s dragon? Is apostle-sama a dragon knight?」

「Oh, yeah. I don’t think it has been a long time. This dragon is my subordinate.」

I returned the greeting to the puzzled village chief who seems to have broke his upper limit of tension from the beginning.

The village chief who heard my answer rounded his eyes like a plate and opened his mouth.

「As expected of apostle-sama! I never thought that dragon knights exist!」

「By the way, why are you calling me apostle-sama? I told you that I am Ren…」

When I said that, the village chief shook his head right and left and opened his mouth.

「No no! It’s a matter of fear to state your name directly…」


The village chief still said something, but the man standing next to him interrupted and called my name.

「Th-this idiot! S-sorry apostle-sama! I will be strict with this person afterwards! I’ll be severely giving him detailed instructions latter!」

「No, I do not mind. What is it?」

I shook my hand lightly to the village chief who was too afraid that he will probably collapse. I looked at the man who called.

「In the past, you had saved my wife and my daughter. My name is Dan. This body is fragile and might not be necessary for Ren-dono but I think I can serve you even a little. By all means, add me and my wife to your subordinates.」

And the man named Dan kneeled on the spot and said such a thing.

This it the first time for a local person to ask to be my subordinate!

I was very pleased and my heart was really delighted but I tried to calm down and nodded.

By the way, Bowarei is a domestic animal so he is not a subordinate.

「Hm, good. However, there is something I would like to tell the village chief first. No, let’s say that I request of you.」

When I said that, I turned my eyes toward the village chief.

「You ask of me? I wonder if I can grant dragon knight-sama’s request…」

The village chief panicked then Dan, who had been kneeling, raised his face.

「I will do anything for Ren-dono’s request.」

「D-Dan! How cunning! Well, I will do my best!」

When Dan readily acknowledges it, the prostrating village chief agreed in a hurry.

「Ah, thank you. Yesterday, I founded a nation so I would like to build a castle nearby. Will the villagers be troubled?」

As I said so, the village chief and Dan opened their eyes wide and froze.


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