IFANIAW – Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – The Local People and Capital City Project

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The village chief who had solidified returned to sanity. We gathered in his house.

Because it will affect their very own village, most villagers have gathered too.

The village chief’s house is the largest in the village but as expected, everyone can’t enter. Because of this, all the doors and windows were opened and let the other villagers to peep from there.

I am being guarded by Sainos, Sedeia, and Sunny in the village chief’s house. The village chief, Dan, his wife Miera, and their daughter Sherry are there too.

I want to keep Lagreat’s transformation as a secret so I have to let him wait outside in his dragon form.

「Why are you here?」

The village chief suddenly complained to Dan who sat next to him.

「I will be Ren-dono’s subordinate. There is no problem if I stay here.」

「How selfish!」

The village chief complained to Dan’s argument. The village chief lifts up his eyes.

「That’s all right. Let me speak for the time being.」

I suddenly cut out their talk to sooth the quarrel of these two.

「I told you earlier but I founded a country. If the people of this village are fine with it, we’ll proceed with our plan of constructing a castle a short distance from here to the forest of abyss.」

As I said again, the village chief nodded greatly.

「You don’t need to ask! We would like to cooperate by all means!」

The village chief did not even take the vote of the villagers and immediately gave his approval. I intend to ask the others for their opinion but all of the villagers in my view are nodding for some reason.

Is the dragon knight title that effective to people?

I was surprised but I noticed that there was someone who is not nodding.

The mage, Sherry.

「Do you object? 」

When I ask, Sherry shakes her head in a hurry.

「N-no! Th-this village is a part of Rembrandt Kingdom. Therefore…. 」

When Sherry said so, the village chief held a rough fist and snorted.

「What are you saying? I would tell it personally to Earl Villiers if you like! Dragon Knight-sama founded a nation! Who would decline such a miracle! 」

The village chief swings his arms as he says so.

Though it is natural, it seems that they were not informed of what happened yesterday.

I opened my mouth looking at the excited village chief and the worried Sherry.

「Ah, Earl Villiers, his margrave territory, along with other feudal lords surrounding his territory will be part of my country.  Because of his track record of maintaining the margrave territory, the earl will be my prime minister for the time being.」

「Nue!? E-earl Villiers will be prime minister!? There is already a talk like that…! 」

「Wa, Earl-sama? 」

The village chief and Sherry were surprised at my explanation. I also heard surprised voices from the villagers outside.

I nodded at the two of them and pointed at Sainos who stands behind me.

「We have a certain amount of confidence in battle. We can subdue a dragon king class without any problem. However, I have never managed a country. It would be nice to create everything from scratch but it will definitely take a long time and will be confusing before it takes shape.」

「I-Indeed. Because of that, Earl Villiers…. 」

「Eh? Dragon king? Eh? 」

The two of them reacted to my explanation, but I keep talking without minding them.

I want them to understand quickly so that we can proceed in making the castle.

Viva monozukuri!

TN: monozukuri means manufacturing/crafting/making things manually. I find it hard to find the right words to put in that cheer.

「Ah, for the time being, I’ll look around the territory while the castle is being built to fix problem places. I’ll be able to understand the problem immediately once I speak with the resident. 」

When I said so to delimit the topic, the village chief hit an oak handle.

「Splendid! To actually see and hear the citizens directly!? No king had performed such in their reign! 」

The village chief is groaning alone as he says so.

He’s totally lifting me in a way that makes me feel that I’m receiving entertainment or something.

「Ah, then it’s good. I want to make this village a capital city. 」

「Thank you very much for that proposal! My best regards from now on! 」

As soon as I uttered the request, the village chief shouted loudly and showed approval.

Dan’s family’s shoulder bounced as they are surprised from the excessively loud voice.

「What the heck? My ears hurt.」

「True. Ah, I’m surprised…」

When Dan and Miera made such complaints, the village chief wrinkled his eyebrows and glanced at the two.

「Do you not know how great this is? A capital city? It is also the home territory of dragon knight-sama. It will be a city more prosperous than anywhere else.」

When the village chief spits his saliva to emphasize it, cheers are raised from the villagers around the house.

However, Dan took a sigh and removed his gaze from the village chief and opened his mouth.

「Money again?」


When Dan murmured, the village chief glared at Dan like his eyes had some sort of bad effect.

These two seem to be on bad terms.

When I watched the two who seem to be on a serious state, Miera bowed her head to me.

「I’m sorry. These two often play with each other. It doesn’t mean that they have a bad relationship.」

Miera said so and laughed gracefully.

When we came to the village chief’s house, I didn’t recognized Miera. She unexpectedly recovered from her very thin and close to death appearance.

The recovery medicine seems to have worked though it is not possible to determine if the cause is sickness or injury.

「Is that so? It’s good if they’re not in bad terms.」

When I answered, Miera giggled and smiled.

Miera and Sherry were able to express their gratitude in front of the village chief’s house. The two of them closely resembled each other.

Sherry is a cute girl now but she will be a beautiful woman. I thought about it somehow upon seeing Miera.

When I was looking at Miera’s face, I felt Sherry’s glance.


When I looked at her, Sherry looked down as she tensed up.

As soon as she decided, she raised her face and opened her mouth.

「Please, make me your disciple!」

「…Hnn? My?」

To Sherry’s sudden proposal, I was puzzled and asked back.

Sherry nodded many times quickly but I smiled ambiguously and closed my mouth.

I’m a magic swordsman but I can use more magic than Sherry. Perhaps I may be able to teach her.

However, I presently want to make a city.

But, I might draw the people’s disdain if I hesitate.

「… Let’s see. Then, do you want to be taught by our mage once?」


When I spoke of a compromise plan, Sherry jumped and was delighted.

「That’s good.」

Miera, Sherry’s mother, is also pleased. However, Dan, who was watching, poured cold water.

「Hmm? But, didn’t you say that you will serve Earl Villiers?」


To Dan’s question, Sherry became frustrated and put her hands on her mouth.

I’m reluctant but I unwillingly opened my mouth as I saw Sherry.

「I’ll tell Earl Villiers.」

「Eh? I-is that okay?」

「It’s okay.」

When I said that, the Dan’s family finally shared the joy.

Should I assume that these three will live in my newly built castle?

Dan will be a butler…impossible. A maintenance guy of the castle?

Miera will be at the kitchen depending on her cooking skill. If not, she’ll be a maid.

Who will be in charge of teaching Sherry? Is my lowest level mage, Wilby, good enough?

While I was thinking about such a thing, the villagers who had gathered around the the village chief’s house said that they also wanted to be my subordinate.

No, let me make a city!


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