Chapter 1 – Prologue


“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa, I will die, I’m seriously going to dieeeeeeee!”

It sounds like I’m making an excuse out of nowhere, but, I was attacked by a pack of stray dogs outside a village.

Originally, I planned to fight.

However, I’ve already tossed my sword aside and am now running away desperately.

To be more precise, they weren’t stray dogs, but seemed to be more like those monsters, called ‘crazy dogs(1)’.

I thought that maybe mad dogs would be a good comparison to these ones here, but, they were far more enormous than what I had imagined as normal dogs. My legs began to tremble as soon as I saw drool dribbling from their bared fangs and their glaring eyes filled with madness.

Dogs usually tend to gather in packs.

There were probably 4 of them. Back when I accepted a request from the guild of adventurers in this village, I thought there was no way for an armored person to lose against mere dogs.

I made light of this fantasy world.

Being surrounded, I was about to be eaten alive by those guys.

The moment I thought about various things awaiting me next, I lost my will to fight.


I was prepared for the worst as I knew one of them had aimed for my ankle from behind me, but, for some reason, I didn’t feel anything.

My heart was palpitating so much I thought it would burst. I tried to grasp the situation while being awfully calm.

To my luck, the wound wasn’t that deep, as the dog had to bite through my thickly-made trousers.

More importantly, the real problem was that its sunken fangs wouldn’t separate from me.

Even if I was to dash away, like a startled hare, while dragging that mad dog along, it would still hinder my movements.

Like that, I threw myself forward, leapt in the air, and tumbled.

Gently falling down onto the ground, I rolled heavily forward while feeling the soil in front of me.

At that time, I understood I was going to die for sure.

I’ve seen somewhere a movie where a certain guy dies in slow motion. I think the same is happening to me right now.

However, this was a real occurrence and not just a scene from that movie.

Don! – My body hit against the ground.

Lying sprawled out and face up, what I saw next were flashing memories of my life till now. I was carelessly thinking about various things from that time.

I was betrayed by my own expectations.

The mad dog jumped onto the top of my chest with a bang and I could feel its weight.

Even though it didn’t hurt back when I was bitten, it felt incredibly painful and heavy when a crazy dog sprang up on top of my chest.

Preparing to devour my head, the mad dog opened its big jaw at me.

The inside of its jaw was bright red and there were white, sharp fangs lining the interior.

Ah, there are cavities in this guy’s molars.

What one should see before death was probably not a dog’s cavities.

Thinking that you ought to remember at least your sweetheart’s face (which I don’t have), I gave up and closed my eyes.

I couldn’t watch myself being devoured by a dog.


Together with the sound of something falling down with a thud, the weight of the dog disappeared.

Ahhh, have I already died?

Apparently, death doesn’t hurt if you don’t detest it much.

As expected from a fantasy world.

I wonder if a ‘game over’ screen will appear after this. Still, I couldn’t care less about that.

That’s because writhing in pain and dying after being bitten to death by a pack of dogs wasn’t just some joke.

I’m thankful that it wasn’t…..

With my eyes closed, I realized my ankle began to tingle in pain.

Speaking of which, it damn hurtsssss!

Not being able to endure the violent pain running through my ankle, I opened my eyes.

Ahh, the sky is blue.

I was still alive and laying on the ground face up.

While being attentive to my much hurting ankle, I slowly raised my body up. There was a sea of blood around me. The scene looked like it came straight out of a splatter movie.

“What’s this? Is it my blood?”

That can’t be true. The blood was spilling out from the dead bodies of the dogs, which were gruesomely slashed.

It was their blood.

The dog that had pounced on top of me and tried to bite my head off had its own head split by a knife, from which pink-colored brain matter was seeping out.

And then, a bit further away from me, I found a warrior girl, who was thrusting her somewhat large sword into the remaining dog that had completely surrendered.

Kyuuuun – an awfully small shriek reverberated from that dog.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, well…. I guess somehow.”

It was a lightly armored warrior girl who wore a thick, leather-made jacket and a black Farstian (a garment similar to those thick, cotton-made, cheap jeans). For warriors, this was considered light equipment, but, it was probably crucial for them to be able to move with ease. Her sword was a straight one with a rustic design and a pale radiating light. Judging from how effortlessly she swings it, I could easily understand this girl is strong.

Her vivid, crimson hair that stretches till her shoulders was coarsely bundled up in a ponytail while swaying from a high position. Despite being a girl, she has a large build. Her tempered body is slim, just like the blade of a naked sword, making her style look great.

It’s clear her facial lines are that of a westerner, which for a Japanese, like me, is beautiful. Is she in her mid-twenties?

Had I been some beautiful onee-san, I would’ve probably become imperious.

However, it would apply if it wasn’t for her face and body stained with spurts of blood from the slain dogs, and the patterned cloth of her drawn sword which she held in her hand.

I know it’s rude to say this after being saved, but, that gruesome appearance of her looks even scarier than that of those crazy dogs.

“Can you stand?”

“I’m fine….. ow.”

No good, my ankle, which got bit, still hurts like hell.

I was also wearing Farstian-like trousers, which I bought from one of the shops in town, but, a part of it was ripped apart with blood running down from the top.

The wound was quite deep and it wouldn’t stop. Just from looking at it, I felt unwell.

“I can provide you with a light treatment, but….”

“Umm, do you have a recovery potion with you?”

I, who was already weakened, made such an immodest request.

The expression on the Onee-san’s face turned stern.

“I don’t have any, but, do you know how much a single potion like that costs?”


Was there anyone in that village selling recovery potions?

I went to a second-hand shop in the village and sold tools which I happened to carry with me. I used the money I got from that to equip myself.

Then, I took over my first job from that guild for adventurers (that functions as bar and an inn too) and came here without realizing there was a market where you could buy recovery potions.

“No matter where you buy the potion, it will cost at least a silver coin. You said you accepted a quest in that bar, but, how much was it worth?”

“Ummm, it was 5 big copper coins.”

A single silver coin is worth 5 big copper coins.

I could understand what this Onee-san was trying to convey.

That is to say, I will go broke if I buy that potion.

Even a modern Japanese, like me, knows how important money is.

I, who sustained an injury serious enough to immobilize me, was in no place to ask anyone to hand me a recovery potion just like that.

The fact that I was rescued from almost certain death is the proof of my weak social status.

“It’s fine as long as you understand. Now drink this quickly.”

The Warrior Onee-san took out a blue vial from her rucksack, which seemed like it had been thrown away in a battle, and passed it to me.

“Are you okay with that?”

“You probably won’t be moving anywhere with that leg. In exchange, I’ll take the reward from your quest. Also, if we sell the hide and meat from those dogs, we won’t go into the red.”

Saying so, the Onee-san took out her knife and calmly proceeded to dismantle the dead dogs.

I, on the other hand, drank the blue vial.

Its taste was a bit bitter, but I could feel its effect spreading throughout my body.

My torn off trousers wouldn’t be repaired, but the wound on my ankle almost closed up.

I’m saved – I sighed with relief.

Still, after seeing how the Onee-san cut the dogs’ stomachs and took out their still warm organs, I gradually fell into despair.

This is a cruel real fantasy world.

—Scene Change—

I, who was supposed to be a regular high schooler, was sent to a European-styled village before I realized it.

A short time ago, after looking at the unfamiliar fronts of the houses in this village, I somehow came to realize I wasn’t teleported to Europe, but to a different fantasy world.

At that time, I felt a highly positive feeling gushing inside of me, similar to that of a chest burning hot.

The chance for me to become a hero in a different world has finally arrived! – Is what I thought when I jumped for joy and went to kill some monsters while being in high spirits.

However, the result of me swinging my sword at monsters turned out like this.

A crypto-otaku high schooler, like me, was a bit knowledgeable regarding stories that involved phantasm.

For instance, I’m reading this old book that I have with me. I’ve properly study things about summoning, reincarnation, and transition, without distinguishing any of them. Recently, I’ve been fond of different world summonings as well.

I can make free use of the knowledge from those light novels and judge the situation accordingly.

This world is neither a game or a simple fantasy world, but a real fantasy world based on old books!

As long as this is a real fantasy world, I should be able to make use of the crazy dogs’ hide and meat, which the Onee-san had killed in a blink of an eye.

Still, the sea of blood that is unfolding before my eyes, the internal organs are taken out and the skinned corpses of the dogs, looks grotesque.

In other words, you can’t expect things like an easy system of leveling, convenient magic, cheats at the player’s disposal, and a support characteristic that is found in simple fantasy worlds.

Rather, if you’re careless, you might die before realizing it.

This is a harsh world.

Not to mention, when you die, it hurts like hell.

Thinking back on the terrific pain, which I got from that huge dog just now, I’d rather not have the same experience twice.

My stomach has already started to growl. I want to go back as soon as possible….

“If you have the time to spare, can you help me with gathering firewood?”

The Onee-san asked me who was reluctant in helping her in dismantling the animals.

To be honest, gathering firewood is much more enjoyable than staring at this grotesque scene of dismantling.

Sigh, seriously what should I do.….?”

Complaining and grumbling, I held my head in my hands, which had been gathering dry wood.

A with-it youngster like me has no power to survive in these turbulent times.

Just a moment ago, I went my own way and mistook myself for being some sort of hero summoned to a different world.

Far from being able to kill a monster, I don’t even possess the knowledge and experience needed to process those corpses into meat and hides.

“Speaking of which, those internal organs are probably way too grotesque for me. That’s impossible.”

There was not a single depiction of that in the light novels I had read.

Certainly, if memory serves me, there was a maniacal game in which I could dismantle animals.

But it was only cutting their intestines.

Maybe, if a layman like me was to practice, then perhaps, I would be able to do it.

However, scientific and intuitive dismantling methods are totally different things.

If a modern kid, like me, was able to completely process a body, then I’d be considered on par with those at a superior level.

If I possessed such skills for survival, I would, by no means, choose to be an adventurer or a hunter.

Does she understand the feelings of someone like me?

The warrior Onee-san took the gathered firewood from me and started to cook a dog’s internal organs in a frying pan, happily.

“You can eat this meat afterwards as well. We can also make them into dried meat, but, as for the liver, you should only eat them when going on a hunt. Delicious!”


I was encouraged to eat some dog’s internal organs.

Indeed, the sizzling sound of the cooking meat stirred up my appetite. There was also the burnt fragrance of delicious looking fat.

I gave it a try and bit the steamy thing served on my wooden plate with all my might.


“Right?! There’s still plenty left, so eat, eat.”

I used to have an image of liver as something associated with bitterness, but it seems like I was totally wrong.

Rather, it felt sweet on my tongue. This could simply be described as being delicious.

Even though the offal of this fresh crazy dog was soft, it had an appropriate food consistency. The rich taste of its fat went smoothly through my throat, which made me eat to my heart’s content.

I’ve heard stories about meat being more preferably sold as dried food, but, being able to eat like this, this one here is incredibly delicious and rich in protein too.

As we encompassed the burning firewood and ate together, I was able to befriend and hold a natural conversation with this Onee-san.

Her name is Louise Carlson.

The name of Louise seems to be quite popular in this area, called Silesie.

If I was to use Japan as a comparison, wouldn’t it be Hanako? Right now, there are no people named like that here, but, that’s because this is a medieval fantasy world.

As one would expect, Louise’s main occupation is that of a female warrior. She uses her straight sword, but, she’s generally skilled in everything, and even seems to be able to fight on a horse. While we’re at it, she’s 24 years old.

Since I’m 17, I guess that makes her 7 years older than me?

“I guess so…..”

“What are you guessing to?”

I ran my mouth without thinking ahead. Well, even if I did, there’s no use in thinking back on it.

Now, it wasn’t the right time to speak one’s mind unreservedly and be infatuated by her.

That’s right, I haven’t introduced myself yet.

My name is Sawatari Takeru. I’m a 2nd year high schooler.

“That Hi-gh Schoo-ler, what kind of profession is that?

“Ummm, I wonder about that, you see…..”

A school title was probably not common in this Kingdom of Silesie.

In that case, wouldn’t I be an unemployed? Perhaps, an unemployed NEET….?

Since becoming my ideal magic sword hero doesn’t seem to be possible, I need to find some job that’s appropriate for me.

It looks like Louise has been following me from when I accepted the quest in the guild, because I seemed to be very frantic.

That’s right, now that I think back, I was certainly in a hysterical state after being transported here.

And now, I’ve changed completely from being crazy to being depressed.

Despite Louise’s unsociable appearance, she was actually a kind person. When I asked her if she knew any jobs appropriate for me, I was told that being just an adventurer was no good.


“With your skills right now, you’ll die before gaining any experience.”

“I see….”

It’s just like Louise-sama says, I guess.

“Your swordsmanship a bit eccentric, but, rational. That’s why I was hesitating to help you, since I didn’t know if you could fight.”

“Ah–, I see”

My swordsmanship is that of the Hokushin ittou-ryuu style(2).

Despite saying so, I didn’t practice Kendo during high school. Instead, I was part of the go-home club.

Once I quickly returned back home after school, I would use the surplus of my time to read about old-style swordsmanship and practice using a bamboo sword.

I was fond of Musashi Miyamoto, so I aspired to become a fine swordsman. What’s more, I also read various Olympic books.

I’m one of those so-called chuunibyou guys. Despite me being already a high schooler, being a chuuni is quite weird, isn’t? Yeah, you can laugh at me. After all, this is something to laugh about, right?

However, I cannot laugh at my current situation.

Otherwise, I’ll die on the battlefield for being half-hearted.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, is what they say.

I’m weak.

In addition to this place’s culture still developing and it’s bad public safety, I am forced to survive in this cruel world with its violent monsters.

Ah, somehow I’ve become gloomy again.

Anyway, I’m going to eat to my heart’s content, since this dog’s organs are tasty.

And then, I helped Louise with transportation of the hides and meat to the village. Once I did so, I expressed my deepest gratitude to her, and even sat in dogeza style, so as to have her find a job for me through the good connections of her friends.

One day has passed since I fell into this world.

I was arrogant to think I could become a hero reincarnated in a different world.

I was also naive to think that death here would result in a ‘game over’ screen appearing.

I would have disappeared the moment I was about to be killed by those crazy dogs.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to die, I want to live through no matter what.

This is what I strongly wished for.

The mad dogs, which tried to kill me, were further slaughtered by the stronger Louise, processed into delicious meat and preserved as a life provision.

I, must live on in this cruel world, where the weak are meat and the strong do eat.

1: Written as ‘Crazy Dog’ in katakana.

2: One-sword schools. For more detail:



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