Chapter 13 – The Extension of the Hot Spring


Lyle-sensei had been buying new slave girls, following the expansion of the company.

The number of members wasn’t particularly fixed, but we received 13 slave girls.

Every one of them belonged to the same age-group, which is around 12 years old. Perhaps, it was the best age range one could look for when managing slaves.

I was joking back when I said we were doing a philanthropic work, however, this is certainly a profit-making enterprise.

And also, it was a fact that I want people that are at the age where I could use them as part of my labor force.

Later, we’d have problems with things, like teaching and accommodations, were we to increase the number of people, so this many is just right, but well….13 people?

It doesn’t look like people in this country consider ’13’ to be an unlucky number.

Lyle-sensei, probably thinks that adding new slave girls a few at a time will make a good education system when showing them how to operate guns and do specific jobs.

Should I just calmly entrust that part to him?

We had expanded the company by doubling the size of its building, however, the most particular trait of that expansion was a large bathroom erected on the 1st floor.

Water was scooped from a water well using a hand pump, and the bathroom was heated from the outside with firewood.

Naturally, there was also a drainage mouth build-in, so the water remained clean.

Even though I told her she didn’t have to, Roll was, currently, drawing water and burning firewood by herself.

Apart from wanting to put wood on the fire, even in her job, she would continuously burn niter. Just how much did she like burning?

It looks like dwarfs are a workaholic type of beings.

Still, even though we had heated the bathroom, there was still the problem of many girls not taking a liking to bathrooms.

‘Could it be that dwarfs are bad at dealing with water?’ – I thought so, but I didn’t feel like wanting to ask Sensei.

That’s because, I’d rather dip kids that hated water inside of it. I thought I’d do so later.

“Well then, things will become faster if we wash you.”


All the slave girls, were obedient with dead fish eyes.

They neither cared nor objected, since they understood this was natural when coming here for the first time.

Sensei, Sharon, and I took charge of bathing the 13 newly arrived slave girls.

“Sharon, you also, are going to help us bathe them?”

“Wasn’t it Master-sama who told me to do so?”

Ah no, you don’t need to make such a displeased face.

She’s right, I recall asking her for help.

Still, didn’t she want to be treated the same way as other girls?

Well, isn’t it fine? Be it Roll or Sharon, the most important thing is that both of them are eager to help.

All the slave girls were kind of like Cinderella.

‘Is it because they haven’t bathed themselves even once since they were born?’ – This is what one would think upon seeing their grey hair and skin.

Should I really call it grey? The color looked as though it was made as a result of mixing different paints together.

Once they’re made neat and clean using the foam from the soap, they will regain the base color of their hair and skin.

Red, blond, black, green, and even blue colors were included. It felt very much like a fantasy world.

As for the skin, there were lots of girls with small bruises, which was to be expected.

Even the slave merchants weren’t particularly sadists, so the bruises weren’t done deliberately.

Are you supposed to get that many bruises when you become a slave? Or perhaps, they’re marks from getting roughly caught, like with animals?

After we cleaned these girls’ injuries, Viola proceeded to treat them by applying an ointment she had prepared from boiling the herbs she had gathered.

It was sad to watch them being treated like that without showing any pain.

Now that I think about it, the fact they dislike bathing, just like Roll, proves they’re still human beings, I guess.

As soon as we briefly finished cleaning them, there were other seniors, besides Sharon, who joined us in wiping the girls’ bodies using towels.

With each of them being in charge of a single person, the senior girls were very helpful for generally feeling responsible and teaching others, but….

“Well, now that we are done wiping the girls, let’s change them into clothes. Once we find clothes for them, I think it’s fine to conclude this day with a meal and sleep.”

Despite me saying it this simplistically, the slave girls, who had just arrived, wouldn’t move on their own.

Even if I were to give them proper undergarments, aprons, and boots, they wouldn’t understand if someone told them it’s okay to wear those clothes.

They were most likely deprived of their sense of ownership.

I made the girls sit at the dining table and have a proper meal, after which, I told them to go sleep in their beds.

Retrieving one’s humanity is, quite a bone breaking labor.

The moment we put the 13 girls to their bed, this time we proceeded to bathing the senior girls.

“Oi, where did Roll go?”

“She was there, a moment ago.”

I couldn’t spot Roll anywhere, so I asked Colette, the former daughter of a baker, who had been working together with Roll for a while. Nevertheless, she was nowhere to be seen.

Could it be she ran away?

It was very like Roll to disappear before her bath, right after she had finished taking proper care of the newcomers.

Well, that’s fine. I’ll soak her in water anyway sooner or later.

“Well, if she accustomed herself slowly and starts to bathe herself…. Hey, you’re pretty fast when it comes to undressing, aren’t you? Oi!”

Sharon too, had undressed herself and was waiting.

Uwaa, I guess I raised her to act like this.

To think she would be able to recover back her growth after just 3 months of proper eating, however, she was probably still a school child in regards to her age.

That’s right, a child isn’t supposed to be either scared or embarrassed.

“Fine, I’ll start with bathing Sharon. Everyone, you better learn how to bathe yourselves too, got it?”

It’s not like I disliked bathing Sharon or anything.

Though, it would be very helpful if they could do it with their own hands.

Does Sharon have a strong metabolism? The large bruises, which had covered her body back when I saw her for the first time, are already gone. Instead, her skin is now pretty, which is a real relief.

She would probably suffice to work in a brothel, but, her insides would cause problems from an ethical point of view.

“Master-sama, I’m the only one who’s been ignored twice when taking a bath, so please make it up by cleaning me properly.”

“I got it, I got it.”

I understand, so please stop showing me that expression from before.

It was already bad for a portrayal.

I shall subdue my emotions as much as I can, and wash you properly from head to toe.

Her small, wagging tail was cute, which distracted me upon seeing it.

Also, there was slightly orange colored fur on her back and wrists.

Nearby her chest, there were extra lumps of soft meat, which I’d rather not comment on.

Her groin area was also hidden in orange fur. That saved me lots of trouble.

“Okay, it’s done, you’re now neat and clean.”


Ah no, you’ve already become clean. Your body was completely covered in foam, you know?

I think I’ve done my best.

“Yes, it’s done. I’ll take care of the rest.”


If you gaze at me that displeased, I won’t be able to face you.

Sharon is around the age of a school child, so she might be a bit pecuRiar due to her race. It’s probably not something I should mind, but….

Rather, I’d be a failure as a man if I were to.

I too, am 17 years old already, so responding more than this is impossible for me.

Even though I’ve been enduring lots of things….. I’m already at my limit, and about to spew out blood.

Washing the other children behind Sharon’s back, I guess, they understood quite well that I’m not a lolicon.

I couldn’t help but feel at ease.

Lyle-sensei, as well as Louise, were helping me, so we quickly finished bathing the senior girls.

“Yes, now that you’ve had your body cleaned, try and submerge yourself in the bath. It feels good once you start to get used to it.”

For the time being, I tried to make them submerge themselves.

I didn’t tell them to do anything unreasonable, but, that’s because I had experience of that, you see.

Since a bathroom is good for one’s metabolism, their bodies will also recover themselves, so perhaps they will take a liking to it while still being children.

—Scene Change—

As one would expect, dividing 26 people into 2 bath rounds made the hot water become sordid.

I decided to remove all the sordid hot water, and burn new firewood for Lyle-sensei and Louise to enjoy their baths.

I was last in the queue.

For a moment, I thought about inviting Lyle-sensei to have a bath together with me, but, before I could even ask, he told me he would enter alone.

It could be that he saw through my intention.

More importantly, what about Roll?

Once I find her, I’ll have to soak her in water at all costs.

There was Colette in the dining room.

Her soaked, long brown hair was glamorous.

This girl too, has the capacity to become at least a shop girl in a bar, were we to make her look pretty.

Indeed, her future looked promising.

Was it because she was formerly the daughter of a baker? Colette would prepare meals and serve them to others, just like part of her job, and eat as last.

The fact she is eating now, could be because Roll has finished her meal.

“Has Roll already finished her meal?”

“Ah, Master-sama. She’s still hasn’t, it seems that she usually eats late. I apologize.”

“Ah no, that’s fine. Do you know where she has gone off to?”

“I wonder if, she’s still burning firewood for the bathroom.”

I guess that’s possible.

I wasn’t there to scoop new water, but, it’s likely that Roll chose the moment when I was absent, gathered firewood, and took care of heating the water.

Indeed, she’s a workaholic.

“Then, let’s await Roll’s arrival and prepare a special dish for her.”

“Eh? A special dish?”

“Orc meat gives out a nice aroma when you add lots of salt and spices to it. Later, we’ll also treat her with a distilled alcohol for her hard work today, a first-class one.”


Roll works twice as much as others, however, she eats as much as a single person.

There’s no exception among dwarfs, even young ones like alcohol.

Alcohol is known in their world ‘life water’, and apparently, they don’t feel alive without it.

It also looks like it’s not particularly forbidden to let children drink alcohol in this world, so they can enjoy it as much as they want.

Dwarfs like food that are intense in taste, so if you make it smell really nice, they will fall for it.

And with the delicious alcohol, Roll will surely become satisfied.

—Scene Change—

“So as expected, you were here?”

“Ah, Master-sama.”

Just what’s the matter?

I had a hard time catching you, but as expected, you returned back to the dining hall at last?

“It looks like we’ve both finished our meals at just the right time. Since Lyle-sensei and Louise have finished their baths, we’re the last to enter.”

“Ah, but I still don’t have enough fleas to be bathed.”

Yes yes, you can later drink as much as you want, so let’s go to the bathroommmmm.

However, just a single bottle of whisky won’t suffice to make you drunk, right?

Or could it be it’s because you’re a bit drunk that I was able to catch you, despite you running away from me.

Roll is the biggest earner among the senior girls, so it’s fine for her to ask on her whim for as much high-grade salt, spices, or meat she wants to have.

Still, it’s a ‘no’ unless you take a bath.

That’s because, even yesterday, she’s been working away at building the niter storage shed and gathering niter.

It’s not a decent task, but, her job is something that involves being smeared in animals’ dungs, rather than in soil.

I understood the best how demanding her job was, so I wouldn’t become satisfied unless I made her clean.

“Okay. then take off your clothes. I’m going to wash these as well.”

“Ah, Master-sama.”

I quickly took off her dirty apron dress, so she covered herself with her hands once she became naked.


“Please be gentle.”

“Seriously, who taught you such things?”

We were both last, so I took the opportunity and took off my clothes to enter the bathroom.

I didn’t know what Roll’s age was, but, she looked to be the youngest among all the other slave girls, so I didn’t think of anything in particular upon seeing her naked body.

That’s why, she might be the easiest person to hang out with.

“I won’t be too hard on you, so I’m going to wash your whole body. Prepare!”


I covered Roll with foam made from a new block of soap, and cleaned her with all my might from tip to toe.

Her red copper hair and her brown dwarf skin were also the proof of her being pretty when polished.

Actually, her pointy ears shaped her cute appearance too.

Apparently in this world, elves are considered to be white, whereas, dwarfs – black.

If she does her best, she could also aim to become that dark elf, which is recently popular in fantasy worlds

“I guess I’ll become Roll’s producer and polish her into a fine person.”


Hahaha, what an interesting person she is.

As expected, I might possibly be an S.

Bathing someone like Sharon, is harsh however, I can’t help but enjoy people’s reaction of dislike when bathing them.

What’s more, Roll’s red copper hair also regained its glamor after washing it.

Isn’t your brown skin pretty as well? Not bad, not bad.

“Excellent, now you’ve become completely clean. It’s even fine to call you a dark elf.”

“Master-sama, I, don’t like elves.”

Ah, so was it like that? I guess elves and dwarfs are on bad terms with each other in this world.

Well, that’s fine. Then, I shall name you ‘bishoujo dwarf’.

“Master-sama, you’re mean……”


This bathroom was quite high, but I wanted a pretty mirror at all costs, so I requested one in this bathroom. It was something only noble families could afford.

(In this world, a mirror is generally one type of a silver glass. I spent 2 platinum coins to buy all of them, so as to cover the majority of this bathroom. Citizens would usually use copper and tin based mirrors.)

Before I could tell, there was orange hair reflecting in the mirror, which made me surprised.


Following my sound of astonishment, Roll too, did the same.

I think she was probably just surprised at my voice, which made her react in the same way.

Roll’s miserable voice echoed throughout the bathroom.

I guess, my voice was also the same.

As I turned around, there was fully naked Sharon standing there…..

“Even though you only washed me half-heartedly, you’re doing nothing but the opposite to Roll, aren’t you?”

“Hey Roll, you should be already soaking in the water.”


My mind switched its focus to something else, in order as to escape the situation, so I lifted up Roll and put her into the bath.

“How’s that? Baths feels nice, right?”

“So hot~~~~”

“Even though you’re were the one to heat it up, now you’re feeling hot yourself? Hahahaa.”

“Master-sama, are you listening to me?!”

Uwaa, Sharon quickly turned mad and didn’t seem she would let me off.

Today was a tiresome day, so I too should enter the bath.

Haaa, as expected, bathrooms are the best.

At last.

“Roll, if you count to 100, you can then leave the tub.”

“2, 3, 5, 7, 11……”

Are, why does she know the prime numbers?

Probably, someone had taught her that.

Sharon too chased after us to the inside of the bathroom.

Indeed, she’s truly persistent today.


“I got it, I got it.”

I’ve got it, so please stop pressing your chest against my back.

Honestly, that sensation will give born to something dangerous.

Also, I’m tired, so I won’t have any energy left for self-restraint.

“89, 97, 100. Master-sama….”

“I got it, you can already leave, honestly.”

“Ah, wait Roll. I’ve prepared new clothes for you.”

Sharon, ran after Roll, who had left the bathroom, and went to the changing room.

I see, so she brought a change of clothes for Roll?

(Phew. Somehow, it feels like we’re always in a rush….)

To think that the hardest working person was Sharon, who would clean up afterwards.

Sharon is an indispensable member. I’m truly glad I could find someone like her.

Submerging myself in the warm water, I expressed my gratitude towards my lot.



Oi, you don’t have to wash my back, it’s over.

Good grief, I should’ve gone out when those two were outside.

“We still haven’t finished our talk.”


Again, she entered inside the bath.

It would be okay if it was different place, but a bathroom is bad.

“Why, is Roll the only one to get special treatment, and I just a slapdash?”

“I got it. Then, from now on, I’ll do my best when bathing you, so as to make up for the time I’ve been ignoring you.”


I got it, so don’t rub your body against mine!

I could tell her ears were standing up and her tail, wagging, while she was inside the tub.

Good grief, I wonder if that place is the only one here I can look at.

“Yes, but under one condition. When I leave the tub, just sit there and don’t open your eyes till I say so.”

“Understood. I’ll do just as Master says!”

Just as she was told, Sharon sat near the washstand and closed her eyes.

Excellent, with this, I can avoid the worst-case scenario.

I scooped water into a bucket, got psyched and rinsed off Sharon one more time carefully from tip to toe.

“Han, kyan!”

“Don’t make weird sounds.”

“I’m sorry, but Master-sama’s hands are gentle.”

Honestly, I wonder if this girl realizes what she’s saying.

Damn, having a grown-up body, despite being a grown-up child, is a real torture.

That’s why I hate fantasy worlds.

“I have to focus when cleaning you thoroughly, so don’t make any weird sounds.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best, Master-sama…..Hau.”

“Your breathing-like sound is too dangerous, so stop it.”

“I’ll stop breathing, Master-sama….”

Ah, I’m already far past my limit and my heart is throbbing, so become serious and wash her, me!

It’s a physiological phenomenon, so it can’t be helped.

“I guess, it can no longer be helped, this…..”

“Ah, Master-sama, if you touch there…..”

“By there, what do you mean by there?!”

In the end, I covered Sharon completely in foam from tip to toe and rinsed her.

I was even requested to wipe her with a bath towel in the changing room.

The only thing that saved me was the fact that she kept her eyes closed, just like I ordered her to, till the end.

Thanks to that, I was able to put my clothes on, but…

“Thank you, Master-sama. I’ll ask you for a favor again another time, is that okay?”

“Yeah, I wonder when it will be…..”

Good grief, truly, your master no longer knows what’s going on.

Because of that, I spent this night worrying endlessly while being unable to sleep.

I cursed this bad lot, which was responsible for my misery.



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