Chapter 2 – The Discovery of a Cheat Skill?


It’s been 1 week since I was teleported from the modern Japan to Losgow, a remote countryside located in the Kingdom of Silesie.

I’ve already become completely discouraged.

“Arhh! For Christ’s sake, why is there no running water!?”

I was regularly transporting well water to a certain farmer’s barn.

My job right now is taking care of cattle, which are a common replacement for farming tools in these medieval times.

Once I finished drawing water, I proceeded to feeding them next.

I filled a manger with plenty of dried leaves.

“Mooo” – making such a sound, the cattle seemed to be pleased.

I thought they were kind of cute, but I had no time to ponder about that because of my demanding labor.

That’s why, I’m telling you not to lick me.

I do like meat, but I’d rather not be the one licked by it.

“Haaah….. Good grief.”

It was one hard work after another.

And muscle pain after muscle pain.

I was hired by a family of farmers who live in this household, thanks to Louise’s mediation.

As long it’s something like helping a farming family, even I can do it. I was thankful to Louise for that.

Still, even though I was supposed to be hired as a farmer, why was I forced to do a job similar to that of a dairy farmer?

Oh right. To begin with, I didn’t plan to become either a farmer or a dairy farmer.

What I wanted to become was a magic sword wielding hero!

I think, I should already give up on that idea, but still….

I thought I’d become accustomed to demanding physical labor if I continued to work like this, but, I guess it won’t happen. My muscular pain is piling up one after another. No matter how much time passes, it won’t change for better.

The amount of work I had to do wouldn’t let me recover in time, and there was no work regulation department.

“We still haven’t entered the busy farming season.” – I got the owner of this farm to say that, which made me look like a person with a lot of spare time.

The reason why it’s hard for me to complain is because the head of this farming family, his wife, and even their small daughter is working harder than me.

In a medieval times fantasy world, even water drawing and wood-chopping are incredibly hard.

Naturally, instead of modern science, there exists magic in this world filled with swords and magic.

However, the ones who are able to use it are particular people called magicians. Even if they didn’t make their names as adventurers, it seemed they would generally serve some royal family or work as a government official of some kingdom.

Later on, they could also become priests capable of using holy magic. Indeed, those people are quite influential, aren’t they?

In other words, the life of a common plebeian with no magic has remained unchanged since long ago.

Judging from the point of view of a modern kid, like me, even those who live their daily life without magic possess a strength, which makes them look like they’re holding a cheat skill.

What should I do once it becomes hectic during that aforementioned farming season?

Perhaps, my arms will fall off, I guess.

“Argh!! I don’t want to do this any longer.”

I laid myself on top of some dried grass.

The dried grass had no bugs, which is usually an unavoidable part of it. Therefore, it was hygienic and pleasant. I could sleep like this, endlessly.

And then, would I be dismissed for skipping out on my job, even as a farmer?

Even though I survived and was saved from those crazy dogs.

“It won’t do if I give up. I have to live on.”

I raised my body up from the dried grass and roused myself.

Picking up a thin stick of firewood, I began to draw up a plan on the ground’s surface.

I was in a situation with no paper and pen, but, rather than grumbling to myself, writing like this made it much easier for me to gather my thoughts.

For example, instead of grieving over the lack of running water, how about I make it myself?

No, with my unskillful fingers, making something to produce running water will be tough, but, I can also suggest that idea to someone who can make it.

Since there’s also a water wheel used for grinding powder at the river nearby, can’t I use the pure energy from its dynamic force to draw water with a pump?

Even if it was going to have to be a water well with no dynamic force, I could still easily draw water as long as I had a hand-powered pump.

Thinking it wasn’t related to social science, I told myself to cut it out and focus more on improving things, like my cooking skills.

But, I still need that…. and this…. – While I was worrying, a certain blond girl came into my view.

“Ah–, Takeru is slacking off again.”

“No no, I’ve been just thinking about something for a little bit.”

This girl is Sara-chan. She’s the daughter of this family of farmers.

Sara-chan wasn’t that much of a special beauty, but, her blond hair and small posture were cute, which made her the no.2 feast for my eyes.

(While we’re at it, the no. 1 feast for my eyes is Louise. She’s indeed a no.1 with a rare appearance in these times.)

Sara-chan’s cape and apron that looked like garments of Heidi indeed gave the impression of a village girl, which was nice.

She’s nice, but despite her being a child, she’s very noisy.

It looks like she’s been incredibly puffing up with pride upon finding out there’s someone more inferior than her in this household.

I want to speak my mind and tell her to shut up.

But well, I’m already an adult. Even if I’m treated like a servant by a girl younger than me, I guess there’s no way for me to scold her over a minor matter.

I named the girl Sara-chan, probably because of her rustling blond hair, as a form of my modest retaRiation against her inside my heart. By the way, this is a secret.

“Eh? Takeru, you can use Sacred letters?”

“Right, I can write them. That’s because even someone like me is a high schooler……”

For some reason, Sara-chan looked at my letters and drawing on the ground’s surface with an astonished face.

As for me, I was more surprised at the fact I could become a chuuni neet, rather than graduating from high school.

No, I’m working as a farmer, so there’s no way for me to be a neet.

That’s right, I’m doing a job for a middle school graduate.

Somehow, it didn’t feel like my status would improve.

“Incredible. For you to be able to write Sacred letters, Takeru is a literary man, right?!”

“Yeah, I know I’m incredible….. hey, speaking of which, what are Sacred letters?”

When I asked Sara-chan for more detail, it turned out that the letters, which I had written with ease, were apparently the same as those high-rank letters used in official documents, called holy characters.

Being able to read and write letters without seeking assistance is considered a skill needed to obtain a prominent job in this world with low literacy. Especially, those who can use holy letters are treated as an intellectual class and revered as literary people.

Even Sara-chan, who had been taught by a single literary person in this village during her free time, could, at most, write low-rank letters.

Somehow, it seems like the sacred letters are being applied by some sort of church on a global scale. If I was to use my former world for comparison, it would probably be equivalent to Latin or Greek.

So would low-rank letters be the same as those in regional languages, such as French and English?

I tried to write some of those low-rank letters used in this Kingdom of Silesie, and it turned out I could write them easily.

“Amazing, you’re so smart! Despite Takeru being a literary man, why are you working as a subordinate of this household? Are you an idiot?”

“Am I an idiot or smart? Honestly, decide which one it is.”

I was told I to cease my job of cleaning cattle’s dung and go straight to this village’s office to apply for a job, which I could do as a literary man.

Since Sara-chan’s teacher worked in that office, it seemed she could introduce me to that person.

I had no idea that the language commonly used in my country, from which I was transported, would be related to me finding a job here.

I wanted to express my gratitude to Sara-chan, who had told me this world’s letters.

However, how should I repent for speaking ill about your job, Sara-chan?

—Scene Change—

I, thanked the Rod family, who had been looking after me over the past days, and took my leave.

I received my one week-worth share of money.

The money that I held in my hand was 7 fragmentary copper coins.

While we are at it, 2 fragmentary copper coins is equal to 1 big copper coin.

If I were to convert the currency here into Japanese yen, 1 fragmentary copper coin would be around 50 yen. Not including the cost of 3 meals per day, which I could eat to my heart’s content, I’ve earned a little less than 350 yen. When working desperately for the whole week.

My earning was extremely low, but there was no work regulation department in this Kingdom of Silesie.

“Oh my, it’s good that you’ve found another job.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

And so, everyone from the Rod household saw me off with expressions similar to that of sighing with relief.

I was being evasive, but, it was wholly thanks to the female warrior, Louise, who’s an influential person in this town, that this family decided to hire me. It looks like I’m now indebted to her.

Even though I had helped this family each day by paying for my stay with one fragmentary copper coin, it looks like my work wasn’t sufficient enough.

I guess it was reasonable for me to be chased away.

That’s right, if I don’t pass as a literary man, I won’t be able to survive in this world at all.

Feeling the sense of crisis once more, I was brought by Sara-chan to this village’s office.

“Senseiiii, I’ve brought Mr. literary man.”

The office was located in the corner of an open space inside this stone-built village.

It was an exceptionally splendid building,

As soon as I entered in, what I saw was a neatly made wooden floor. In this village, where floors are full of gaps, this building was gorgeous.

While we are at it, even the fairly well-off Rod family, who own a big plantation, has dirt flooring covering more than half of its house. Alongside that portion, they also have stone and mortar-made floors, but apparently, they have to put straw on top of them when it gets cold during the winter.

Even those floors with gaps are considered luxurious here. Yeah, indeed, life here is harsh.

Certainly, this building is the most gorgeous one in this village, but, there is just a single girl inside of it.

Hmm, a girl?

The person who was preparing documents over the desk was wearing a male’s attire.

In modern days, you would usually see an office clerk wearing a black-designed business suit, but, it’s not like its design is that functional.

The girl’s buttons were done up to her nape and she was wearing an extra tight vest, in which one could feel sultry. Her attire gave an impression similar to that of a middle ages’ noble or a gentleman.

It was clearly different from those rough clothes worn by villagers. The buttons were pretty, just like jewels. Her attire’s embroidery was beautiful, and its sewing was firmly done. Looking at her garments, they were most likely the formal wear in this kingdom.

However, despite her being dressed in such a uniform, to me, she still looked like a brown, short-haired beauty.

“I’m a man.”

Did she understand what I was thinking about from my gaze? The man dressed beauty lifted up her fine cheeks and spoke with a chime-like beautiful voice.

Her cheeks were amazingly slender. Is she a model? Many would agree she is an astonishing beauty.

Is the sensei who proclaims herself as a man past her twenties? It wouldn’t be strange for her to look like a female if she was a handsome male, but it’s hard for me to imagine an adult man who looks like a woman.

Obviously, anything can happen here, in this fantasy world….

“Greetings, Sensei. My name is Sawatari Takeru. It’s my first time to meet you.”

“It’s Lyle Laertius. Right now, I work as a secretary in this area. I’m also in charge of teaching letters to Sara-chan, you see. Also, I’d kindly ask you not to mistake me for a woman. ”

No matter how many times you say it, it doesn’t sound that credible, you know.

However much of a Caucasian you are, your lines are way too slender and your skin is too smooth. For you to be this beautiful, could be it you’re an elf?

However, I see no pointy ears, so I guess, you’re a human.

I was very curious and wanted to ask this person what kind of toner they use but…. I refrained myself from doing so.

I don’t know his circumstances, but, if I were to make fun of his statement, I’d most likely just worsen his mood.

Also, this Lyle sensei holds my chances at getting a job.

“Sensei is an incredible person, you know. He’s a secretary who was sent from the kingdom’s capital, and even that tribal chief, who speaks his mind and holds nothing back, is just a small fry in comparison to Sensei.”

“Hahaha, Sara-chan, you’re actually the one who doesn’t hold back.”

This person had a bit of a stiff expression toward me at first, but, I guess even someone like him can laugh with Sara-chan, who’s his disciple.

I think his cheerful, smiling face is too pretty.

Seeing how he laughed without denying anything, perhaps, being a secretary was really much more distinguished than being a tribal chief.

Excellent! So he’s an influential person, right? I’m going to flatter myself as much as possible.

“Lyle-sama, actually, I…. no, I have some confidence as a literary man.” (1)

“I don’t remember anyone talking about having self-confidence as a literary man, but, if you say so, I shall test you a bit.”

As expected of a teacher who would immediately give me a test.

It seemed that Sara-chan had also made some unpleasant memories regarding tests. I looked at the test I had received from Sensei with bitter expression.

I too hate tests a lot, but, since I had already learned from my bad experience with the previous job, I decided to become serious and listed as many letters as possible.

“Done.” – Leaving my pen aside, I finished the dictation test by copying down its content.

“Heh….? This is interesting, isn’t it? I may be rude, but I didn’t think someone as young as you could do it. Where did you learn to write sacred letters?”

“Umm, it seems like I was transported here from somewhere, but, I have no recollections of that.”

It thought he wouldn’t believe me, were I to say I had arrived from another world, so I decided to pretend I lost my memory.

Things like that usually work in different world scenarios.

Had I simply said the truth, I would’ve probably been treated as a lunatic.

“So Takeru-dono is a stray person? That’s rare indeed. Actually, I had thought that you’re unfamiliar name would be from somewhere in the eastern direction.”

“Umm, what’s a ‘stray person’?”

“A stray person is considered to be someone teleported from unbelievably far away. Rumor has it they come as a result of an explosion from a summoning magic or a space-shift magic, but, the exact reason is still unclear to us.”

“So you have no details regarding that?”

“Space-shifting and summoning are both rare magic, you see. When they run out of control, rare phenomena tend to occur. From what I’ve heard, there seem to be people who had their memories disturbed or lost after being transported. Apparently, there are also those who possess strange knowledge, but, it’s hard for us to search for the main cause, you see.”

“Is that so……?”

Lyle-sensei is certainly an amazing person. After all, he’s been described as such by Sara-chan.

Engraving that extensive knowledge to my heart, I Immediately understood the extraordinary situation, in which I was placed, without the need for an explanation. I was probably one of those characters who possessed that sort of ability.

Judging from the Sensei’s talk, my case wouldn’t sound like a different world transportation, but, I can guess I’m not the only one who has been sent here over the years.

“Umm, Lyle-sensei, I have a request. Please hire me one way or another.”

There’s no way for me to let this chance slip away.

I have to beg for Sensei’s instruction no matter what.

“Even I alone would be more than enough to operate this office, but, since Takeru-dono is a valuable stray person, and also a fellow literary man, whom I have gotten acquainted with after going through all this trouble, I shall hire you on as an assistant clerk.”

“Thank you very much.”

Like that. I was entrusted with the position of an assistant clerk. It felt as though a sheriff half-heartedly hired a gun-toting stranger as his helper in some Western.

Were there also cases in which he would appoint a bureaucrat at his own convenience?

Even though Lyle is the person who runs this office, no matter how much of a secretary he is, doesn’t it feel like he’s got way too much authority?

Just who on earth is he……..



(1): He says at first ‘Ore’, which is a casual form of ‘I’, and then, says ‘Watashi’, used on formal occasions.



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