Chapter 42 – Capture of the Great Cave


「Master, praise me.」

「Oh, well done Roll.」

I stroked the brass hair of Roll while eating  a locally sourced orc burger.

I don’t want to favor(patronize) a slave girl so much but she’s the cutest for me.

I’m sure someday the dwarf girl’s era will come.

「Hammer here and it is possible to take the soil from here.」


I have barked unintentionally.

To some point, I noticed what Roll is trying to say!

For many years the monsters continued to live here killing and being killed by adventurers. The great cave where feces and urine, flesh and blood, and and so forth sink in and don’t hit by sunlight.

This is just a treasure trove of saltpeter!

「This large cave, just as it is, is the production center of saltpeter!」

「Master, your character changed.」

「O, I’m sorry, the blood of a miserable merchant is languid.」

「It’s amazing, I tried to boil it a little while ago, it’s possible.」

Indeed, she’s born a workaholic.

Did you boil down the soil during the break in this state where the surroundings are struggling to capture the dungeon?

「Alright. The dungeon capture is proceeding smoothly, begin making saltpeter promptly, Roll.」

「Aye aye sir!」

To think that saltpeter can be procured locally, the supply is perfect.

Advancing smoothly can’t be help.

…..somehow, I can say that it’s not luck.

The capture of the third level was completed. We entered the fourth floor and we suddenly stagnated.

Unlike the upper level that has orcs, the fourth level has a very large hierarchy of undead mummy called “Mami”.

It doesn’t have weapons, just a bandage man that attacks by striking. It is not such a threat by itself.

It is an undead so the effect of shooting isn’t satisfactory but if Ria purifies it, it will disappear. It is also not difficult to beat it with a sword or a spear.

However, it was a bit of a threat when they were enough to fill the passage.

Still, I’m confident with our number. It was good until we advanced to the middle of the fourth level by force push.

「Why are monsters spawn from the captured zone, Sensei?」

Even though we came here in a pattern of dividing each block and going forward after completely conquering it.

The monster sprang from the already-conquered safety zone, and a little confusion happened and the march stopped.

「Synthesizing the report of the soldiers, and, I think the cause is probably this room.」

「It certainly became a monster house, but it has already been annihilated.」

It was just what sensei said.

The room which had been packed with the bandage man should have been neatly cleared up earlier, and they are spawn out again.

「This may be an infinite spawn room.」

「Isn’t monster infinite spawn a foul?」

The small room where the bandage man springs infinitely no matter how much we kill them.

I don’t understand the logic of creating it either.

In other words, all mami that springs out of this small room spreads to the fourth level.

Perhaps there are some limitations, but it is certain that Oracle’s labyrinth was infinitely spawn for 300years.

Infinity is scary.

I thought that I say the underdevelopment of a demon king class undead master.

「In other words, the supply line will be divided in any way here.」

「Unlike the opponent, we don’t have unlimited physical strength here.」

What is that?

He also had measures against the quick hunting of the dungeon by the military. Immortal King Oracle is magnificent.

「Ria, can you purify this small room for papa?」

「The opponent is a curse of this level, it is impossible for me. I can’t take it off with this feeling of difference of power so I apologize.」

The difference in power is enough to make Ria not to joke around.

Well, the opponent is the immortal king.

「Takeru-dono, after capturing the fourth floor, let’s set up a base camp at the exit of the third floor. Let’s attack the fifth floor with only combatants.」

With such arrangements, the dungeon capture proceeds.

As for me…… while watching the mummy man spawn infinitely, I was beginning to think that I could use this for something.


—Scene Change—


「Okay, Suzanne, Claudia please do it.」

The two had been pushing the enemies from the infinite spawn small room using the black cedar big shield. They now switch with me.

I equipped the black cedar sword on my right hand and the sword of light on my left. I concentrate.


「Direct heart shadows style (Jikishinkageryu) secret principles eight phase blast!」

Two step piercing, three step piercing and quadruple piercing!

Four steps with one hand, eight steps with both hands, I pierce the mummy man with swords on both hand.

By the way, I’m shouting the technique’s name proudly. All of my swordplay techniques are self taught by reading an old school swordplay book. I’d like to deny that this might be different from the real thing.

Originally it is a mystery that can not be used without accumulating long training and high spirituality.

However, even if it is a skill imitated only by reading a book, if the weapon is good, it has a high offensive power.

Three Mummies in front of me were blown away at once with my eight phase blast.

It is a fragile enemy, and there is no response.

However, the number becomes a sufficient threat.

As it spawns endlessly, when the room is filled with mummy men, it will go out soon.

「Eight phase blast! Eight phase blast! Eight phase blaassstttt!」

16 step piercing, 32 step piercing and 40 step piercing!

As long as I have physical strength, I kept piercing, piercing, and continued crushing them.

The more I move, the calmer my heart becomes.

「haa haa ……Star king sword!」

My body is reaching the limit of its physical strength and the excitement is turning to fatigue.

I leave off last one of them from the lower berth.

The dirty bandage of the mummy man whom I cut quickly flew in the air.

I feel the limit of physical strength and pull to the entrance of a small room.

「Suzanne, Claudia, please!」

「Yes, Master!」

They set up black cedar big shield which is larger than the small body and pierce the mummy that spawns again from the gap with a long spear.

「Master, please.」

Sharon covered me who became all of a sweat with a towel, and Viola gave me cold water.

「Fuu ……」

I took a break.

Looking at the infinite spawn room, the first thing that can be thought about is whether the spawn will stop if you block the entrance to the room with rocks or something.

However, the immortal King Oracle is sure to have taken measure.

If we make a wall, break the ceiling, and crush every small room, perhaps a different place will be an infinite spawn point.

If we do something wrong, the Mami who overflows will sneak up to a different level and it may end up becoming an infinite spawn point.

The conclusion I gave was to make this infinite spring room into my “training room”.

I am going to raise my experience points here while the gun man corps are searching for the lower layers.

Of course, because this world is a real fantasy, accumulation of experience is invisible to the eye.

However, by repeating the battle, actual battle experience will surely rise.

I’ll keep sharpening my skill and strengthening my combat power here until I’m satisfied.

Even if I made a mistake in the battle and have my flesh torn,or break some bones,the miraculous medicine (elixir) can recover me in a moment.

For an old-fashioned swordsman, this place is an ideal site for practical training.

「Okay, Suzanne, Claudia. Let’s switch.」

When I rested enough, I get fired up again.

With swords on both hands, I brought death upon the enemy.

「Direct heart shadows style (Jikishinkageryu) secret principles eight phase blast!」

The speed of my thrust is increasing at an accelerating rate.

Faster, more accurately, the performance (speed) of the original light sword should not be such a level.

Until I obtain the image of overcoming my nightmare, the “Magical Bullet of Rebellion” of the king of thieves Wake.

I’ll keep using the limit of my power with the sword.


—Scene Change—


「Yow, you look good.」

A young man in green hood stood in front of us, holding a big size synthetic bow(composite bow).

King of thieves, Wake.

A one-time powerful(cheat) enemy in the battlefield.

However, I’ve seen this man in my nightmare.

Like many, many, many times every evening.

I thought that this was a dream.

「Hah, is it really Wake?」

「Yes, you’re not hallucinating, hero.」

Upward smooth blond hair, kukku….. smiling and laughing like a bird’s chirp.

Until just ago, I continued to slash Mami.

If I say that I continues to slash while imagining his image, will he continue to laugh like that?

「I heard from Neneka that you are doing fun things. I collected arrows and shields then make my way to this great cave. Is the group from the thieves guild I sent useful?」

「Yes, because there are a lot of traps in a dungeon. We’re saved.」

It does not stray as an example of a dungeon, there are traps in Oracle’s Great Cave.

However, most of them were reported as simple pitfalls.The forces that accidentally fell to the pit on the fourth floor were rescued by searching the fifth floor.

TN: If you ask me, rather than a trap, that’s a shortcut.

Immortal King Oracle is rather fair.

He does not take the sample of having sharp tree stakes at the bottom of the pit.

I think that human beings are more heinous than monsters, those words are true considering one side though it was a mediocre line.

「Have you done something special?」

「Eh, no….」

Wake who smiled suddenly narrowed his eyes and glared at me.

I don’t know the meaning of those words.

「Why did your swordplay becomes strong suddenly? That is, it grows to the strength of Gale before he died.」

Ah, I thought it’s the training, but he was more concerned about Gale’s strength.

「Had Wake fought against Gale?」

「Ah, a while ago when that fellow became a baron. We attacked when he ordered to get rid of thieves in Dot Territory. I was curious when I heard that it was a man who rose from position after a long time because you can’t be promoted to the Knight’s Order of Silesie Kingdom if you’re not part of a noble or knight’s family.」

「So, did you win against Gale?」

「Unn, it’s a draw. He plays with the first two shot of my magical bullet of rebellion and dodged the third one paper thin. He was quite strong . He was like you but the opposite.」

Then, he’s stronger than me who could only play with two shots.

I see Gale as a temporizing man. Did he really have the level and ability equal to Louise?

「Before letting out the second magical bullet, he ran away leaving the front line to his adjutant. He was able to shake the first but I would never know what he’ll do the second time. Many of his men died while withdrawing. No matter how many times I encountered him, he ran away to the back and did not fight.」

I see, he’s a bit like me, but the complete opposite.

Fight only when you can win, and escape even where you can’t win, hence you won’t lose.

Gale is a gesture of character, but its behavioral principle is rational.

I don’t want to imitate him. There are many places to learn.

「My magical bullet can knock down three to five ordinary soldier at once. It is a technique that will be up to that but if it is a battle between large army, it can’t overturn the war situation. 」

「Even so, if it is a small battle, it seems to be enough to overturn it.」

「That’s right, that’s why I’m the head of the thieves. My power is specialized in long-distance attacks, so I’ll lose if I fight with you at this distance one-on-one.」

「Eh, is that so?」

Is it so? The magic applied to the green robe of Wake is something which bends the track of firearm bullets.

It is a cheat so aren’t you invincible?

「Of course, I don’t fight a swordsman like you one to one.」


On Wake’s side, there are two thieves with a sword that seems to be strong.

If I close my eyes, it is so quiet that I don’t feel their presence. Both of them seem to have a moderate skill.

「I’ve been called “Wake the Wake”(Bridges Crossing Strike). It’s not like its groundless but I’m really cautious.」

「I see.」

If I slash Wake at this place, his escorts will move while he earns a distance.

Wake is invincible if it’s a long distance fight.

「Naa Wake, did you come to cooperate with the dungeon capture?」

「Oh yes. It seems like interesting to subjugate the untrodden great cave. I thought that you’d let us mix  up.」

That said, Wake smiled a good smile.

「Wake, if you’ll help me, I’ll pay you a reward.」

「I’m more interested in the gun you use than money.」

Well, I guess so.

I thought firearms will attract the attention of Wake.

「Please use a gun freely. Neneka can also use it so she can provide technical assistance for the thief guild.」

「Well, a plucky story. I just want to use the new firearm.」

「Naa Wake, if you are interested in guns, will you look at this?」

I thought for a moment and tried to show the blueprint of the rifle.

The blacksmith I’m depending on is having some difficulties.

How does a firearms specialist sees it?

「This, this rifle is wonderful. You put a spiral on track, you’re a genius having thought of this yourself.」

TN: スパイラル – Spiral, he’s talking about the rifling.

「Well, there’s a pioneer, but…..」

「My mentor, the Bow Saint Lowe, has a grandfather who only thinks about bow. The ultimate arrow that my master’s grandfather thought of was something that applies this spiral. 」

「Well, that’s amazing. I guess that people can think of it.」

「The old Grandpa’s Bow Saint Lowe. At the same time shooting out an iron arrow, it made wind magic super-rotation to stabilize the orbit and strengthened the power at the same time. Of course, it is a technique that only the master class can do. I saw the mechanism of this gun trying to do exactly the same thing mechanically.」

「Well, I guess I just have to rely on magical powers.」

In medieval fantasy metallurgical technology it is difficult to dig a delicate helical groove inside the barrel.

Local adaptation is also difficult, as it is different from spherical bullets unlike modern bullet type.

As it is impossible to solve these problems, even the prototypes are hard to finish at present.

「You have an interesting talk.」

Lyle-sensei came up from the fifth floor.

It seems that the search for the lower floor came to a stop.

「Have you been listening sensei? There seems to be the magic that can hang a spiral to the bullet.」

「Bow Saint Lowe is famous as a person who developed wind-based magic that has the ability to increase or decrease the hit accuracy of arrow.」

「What is it? Did sensei knows about it too?」

「Eh, King of Thieves Wake-shi, we meet for the first time. It is obvious that the green robe has the magic of bow saint that lowers the accuracy.」

Wake immediately added magic to his equipment and glared.

「Hero, this is great. You and this sensei were…..」

「No, I am an intermediate mage so I can only see the magical power a little. It seems that it will be possible to create a rifle as a magic gun if you can tell us the magic of the bow saint.」

「No way. The secret of magic bow is a top secret that only the disciple of old-mang Lowe knows. Well then, if that magic gun is made, will hand one to me as well?」

In such a way, though it’s the deformity-like structure which uses bow magic for help, I had a feeling that a rifle will be manufactured at last.

「By the way, because we will incorporate magical jewel , it will be usable even if you have no magic power. Please be at ease, Takeru-dono.」

「That’s good.」

Even though I can make a rifle, it’s boring if I can’t use it.

However, it is a bit disappointing that mass production is difficult.

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