Chapter 43 – Capture of the Great Cave Part Two


Despite the unexpected incident of King of Thieves Wake party joining, the search of Oracle’s great cave advances.

When I’m walking the fifth floor where capture has ended already, Wake is surprised to see a large quantity of spider corpse.

「Uwa, these are giant spiders. You’ve done well exterminating this number.」

Long-legged poisonous spider, they spit viscous thread to make weapons useless or to block movement. I hear that it is a troublesome enemy that injects deadly poison as it bites.

「This kind of creature-type monster is a prey for the gunman corps.」

Sensei comments slightly proudly.

It’s a much more manageable opponent than an undead or inanimate/non biological creature.

「Aaaah, you can use a gun after all. Oh, may I get the corpse of this spider?」

「Well, I do not mind. But Wake, what are you going to do with the spider corpse?」

In any case, I can not think of the use of ordinary monsters, even Louise does not eat a poisonous insect.

「Both viscous threads and bags are filled with poison which is also a good tool for thieves.」

「Indeed, are you going to use it to seal enemies’ movements and assassinate them? 」

After all, in terms of espionage technology, Wake’s Thief Guild is the leader.

We advanced to the sixth floor disregarding the thief subordinates of Wake that are dismantling the poisonous spiders with a knife.

Oracle’s Great Cave sixth floor is a floor that barely has monsters.

In a strange room lined with miscellaneous ornaments, there is a sacred character in front of the door that does not open in any way, and a strange line is written.

「《I’ll catch a cold | Where is the mummy man “Mami”? 》What is this? 」

「Takeru-dono, Could you open the coffin there?」

As sensei says, as you open the coffin, the door that did not open opens.

「What is that?」

「Mystery multiplication riddle. It is embarrassing to explain it because it is a story at the preparatory school level.」

「Please tell me.」

「The mummy man who has caught a cold is coffin (kofin) coffin (kofin)….. is a pun.」

TN: the words in the parenthesis are written in english.

I think Immortal King Oracle’s ability is amazing but, the gag sense doesn’t seem to be fatal.

I think that it is the material which is worse than mystery credit that the Sphinx in question gives.

TN: Probably Oedipus rex reference

「Look for the pet which is on the floor.」

「Takeru-dono, Please turn over the carpet there……」

It was cold. How could you come up with such a stupid story, Oracle?

「Choose the end of Eternity.」

Oh, this is something philosophical, it seems like a profound mystery.

「Takeru-dono, please press the letter “N” there.」

「Uwah, seriously….」

It is true, the door opened.

I won’t choose “N” since it is too easy to understand if the is the case.

TN: Eternity is “eien” so N is the end letter

「I hope these things are not considered according to the audience in question.」

While saying that, Lyle-sensei has a very disagreeable face.

It gradually reduces the spirit of sensei to explain. It was a harsh floor that can be said to be clever if it is a trap of shame play.

Sensei, I think.

No matter how strong the undead faction is, their brains are rotten.


—Scene Change—


Oracle’s Great Cave seventh floor.

A strong enemy appeared when we came here. Rather, it is a pleasure to have a battle.

The sound of footsteps from a group of stone golem can be heard as we proceed smoothly in the square.

It is a monster where the gun is almost not effective.

It can be said that it is clearly incompatible with the gunman corps.

Well, there is no need to take the trouble to bring the cannon.

Even if we can’t rely on guns for this type of enemy, we have warriors with combat power too.

「Yosshi, let’s clean this up quickly.」

「Hey Takeru, don’t go ahead alone!」

Louise is angry and chases in a hurry.

The stone golem movements are slow. I was able to visualise how to beat it.

「Hokushin Ito-ryu,  Star-King sword!!」

The golem’s arm swings down with a heavy stone club but it was cut off with a return slash from the sword of light.

There is nothing which cannot be cut by the sword of light as long as its blade reaches.

「Hoo, my lord has become able to do so much.」

While receiving the admiration of Louise, I picked up the cut off stone club and hurled it at the stone golem with centrifugal force.

With a loud noise, the stone golem collapse and rolled upon the surrounding golem like a stampede.

Even if I train myself to some extent, I can’t imagine winning against Louise.

Wake fires “magical bullet of rebellion” taking out the far away stone golem. The Seventh Level became quiet.

「Even though I got an iron gun, it is boring if I have no turn.」

Wake seems to be raring to try the gun.

“Oracle’s Great Cave” eighth floor.

The eighth floor, the zone where the underground water becomes a waterfall thus making a falling sound.

What kind of structure is it? The water flowing as a river next to the aisle is beautiful. It is healed by becoming a waterfall according to the height difference.

「I want to bathe.」

「Takeru-dono, you should stop it.」

There was a huge sea serpent that appeared up to its neck from the river in front of us.

Of course, because it is a biological creature, it will be dealt with by the fire of the gunman corps immediately.

It seems that the skin is not hard enough to let the bullet pass through.

When the turn of the gun came at last, Wake becomes proud and poured bullet on the sea snake.

Although he use it for the first time, he loads fast.

As expected, he’s a man who’s accustomed in handling projectile.

「Louise, what are you doing?」

「Do you not know? The meat of sea snake is very delicious.」

It was about time to eat, so everyone helped Louise to raise the corpse of the sea snake, cooked it, and eat it.

「Indeed, this is a delicious dish.」

「Takeru, I know that I said that it is surely good but don’t eat it raw.」

Because it is fresh, I made sashimi and tried it.

Rather than a snake, it has a flavor that is close to a slightly chewy red fish.

Even if you eat strange things and soil your stomach, there is a detoxification potion, so you do not need to worry about parasites.

It is a good place for fantasy to be able to do various adventures in terms of meals.

「If you can eat it so deliciously, I feel like eating it a little.」

「Well, please do it at your own risk.」

Louise told me that eating sashimi was not bad.

As expected, she has a good mouth.

I hope there is soy sauce, I’m lonely because I have to dredge salt.

There is no soybean, but there are other beans and wheat, so it may be possible to make about miso paste.

Should I try challenging fermented foods next time if I have time?

「Sensei, if you look at it this way, the great cave is a treasure trove of monsters you can eat.」

「It is. The food problem in the city of Spike might improved if we process it to dried meat and sell it.」

Before that, I’ll use it as military ration.

Soldiers shows no resistance in eating monster meat so I appreciate the cheap cost.

In addition, a lot of sea came out when advancing ahead.

「I can’t eat this much.」

While Louise makes such lines in the room, I cut off the head of a sea snake.

When the Great Squid (Kraken) came out, I could only think of eating too.

「Grilled squid coming!」

When I cut off the squid’s tentacle with the light sword, the big squid was spitting out black ink over here and there.

「Black ink pasta ah!」

TN: In a certain illustration, it seems that saint-sama was caught by its tentacles.

The eighth floor is so wonderful that it is not an exaggeration to say that it is just a food storehouse.

Incidentally, as soon as Louise fished, human eating fish (piranha) was caught.

Because this fish is not poisonous, it is edible.

Because there is no sunlight, it is regrettable that it can’t be sun dried.

However, I don’t recommend swimming here even though the water is beautiful.


—Scene Change—


“Oracle’s Great Cave” ninth floor.

Generally, all the maps of the great cave that are sold ends here.

In other words, it means that there is such big danger here.

「There might be a lethal trap, so please be sure to let the thieves investigate with special care.」

By the instructions of sensei, Neneka examines a wall with a serious look throughout.

Sensei also studied the flow of the wind carefully. If it is a trap such as a poison gas, there should be an exhaust device so it can be detected.

In such a way, we carefully advanced to the middle of the ninth floor.

A cause became clear why the search after this floor did not advance.

Zombie, zombie, zombie, zombie and zombie.

Zombies as far as you can see that fills the hall.

Everyone has armor and swords. They walk around the open space with adventurer’s outfit.

「Sensei, this is…」

「Well, everyone that died here becomes a zombie. Even in case of it proliferates and becoming helpless.」

Guns are ineffective against zombies.

It’s going to be quite a bone to break through here.

「I’ll try to purify it.」

Ria steps forward and performed a prayer for A-sama but she only purified one zombie.

「Apparently, it seems to be considerably cursed. My purification is hardly effective.」

「It is intentionally trying to put a zombie pool here.」

Indeed. This is a labyrinth created by the immortal king.

To use the adventurer who is trying to explore the dungeon itself, as a trap.

「In any case, we have no choice but to cut them down a little bit. Please sanctify the armament with the holy water of Ria-san. Let’s cut them down a little bit.」

The battle begins with sensei’s order.

Truly, the former adventurer’s zombies are strong.

The fact that they are wearing equipments means that they have defensive power as well.

Consciousness of their lifetime seems to remain somewhere. Their figure of swinging sword around is close to the feeling of fighting humans.

「But zombies are zombies. There is no altruism.」

The movement is not dull, there is no feint, and the way of the attack is monotonous.

「Hokushin Sword Flow (Kiriotoshi)」

Showing a deliberate gap, I slash its arms as the opponent attacks.

By attacking with a sword immediately on the opposite side as well, I cut the zombie and turn it down.

In the midst of battle, Wake started to say, “How about sanctifying bullets?”, this was effective.

The bullets sanctified with holy water will also damage zombies.

As expected of the projectile specialist, the efficiency of zombie extermination rose as it became possible to attack using arquebus.

Shortly thereafter, the zombies filling the square are expelled.

「It is strange.」

「What’s the matter, sensei?」

「No, I thought that there is a zombie carrier but there didn’t seem to be one.」

「Oh, are you talking about the source of infection?」

「Yes, there is a sense of incongruity that there is no zombie carrier.」

Sensei was lost in thought, but the doubt was broken off immediately in the next room.

Zombie carriers with sharp tusks and nails are overflowing the room.

「Everyone, absolutely don’t approach. If you get bitten, you will become a zombie, just fight with projectile!」

This is bad.

If you step into the room, you’ll meet a crowd of zombie carrier. All adventurers in the previous room might have been put to this.

If it were not for the sanctified guns, we would never have proceeded.

Because there is a projectile expert here, we are saved.

Wake also shot the “magical bullet of rebellion” with a sacred arrow. My Louise was equally active with a small bow.

I also tried my best and shot an arquebus with sanctified bullet.

Ah, I want a rifle soon.

Sensei did not utilize the weakness of zombie with flame magic, he was attacking with stone bullet magic instead.

Compared with earth, water, and wind,  it is said that he is not good with flame magic.

Yes, there was such a setting. I completely forgot.

Lyle-sensei seems to be a cheat that can do anything, but sometimes he can’t.

When we finished searching the ninth floor which had the appearance of the zombie festival, we continued to go down to the tenth level.

There was an impression unlike a conventional cave.

The passage that was colored by the brightness of the chandelier to welcome us who came to here on the tenth floor.

Like a castle of nobility, red carpet is beautifully laid out, luxury colored pottery and expensive-looking furniture are lining up.

「Sensei, if I’ll take this jar back and sell it, I’ll make a profit.」

「Well, I think it’s okay to do so when we are done …」

No, I understand it.

The fact that this kind of luxurious furniture is here is like an evidence that there is an enemy’s boss with intelligence.

As we advance to the red carpet, a crimson fiend flew and attacked us.

It is a group of gargoyles!

It is a formidable enemy, but ends with a salvo of guns.

These guys are petrified.

The gargoyle who became a stone to protect himself from shooting was also torn by the light sword.

It was regrettable, Gargoyle.

「Well, there is a room that is protected by the Gargoyle, this is the boss!」

「Is that what it is?」

Was there something that sensei did not even know?

Well, it is a promise. Is it a boss or a treasury?

The gargoyle is a guard.

We open the gate, which Gargoyle had protected, inside.


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