Chapter 45 – 240 Years of Loneliness


As I climbed the emergency exit, I got to the first floor of the “Oracle’s Great Cave”.

Emergency exits can be accessed on each floor. For example, it is possible to return to the surface after taking a sea snake at the eighth floor.

It won’t hurt to remember.

Still, I was blinded by the sunlight after being in the dungeons for many days.

「Hmm, will Oracle come with me?」

「Oh yeah, I told you that I will be under hero-dono’s control.」

Though I allowed her to stay in the dungeon.

Mmm, she’s a demon-kin girl with white twin tail hair, but is she useful for anything?

「Well, are you evaluating me? I am not too confident in my figure.」

「That might be so because you’re modeled to a girl.」

Whatever. There seems to be no harm in taking her.

That’s right. Speaking of usefulness, I came here to get strong items.

「Wasn’t there a reward for clearing the dungeon?」

「Oracle’s great cave is big so there are many thing hero-dono can get but… the magic items are probably already rotting so even if you take it..」

The dungeon is deep with many floors so there it is certain to get equipments.

Are good items already been given away?

For instance, the zombie margrave is equipped with Freeze Armor. It is comparable to a curse item that if a normal person wears it, he’ll die.

「Well, assuming that I’ll receive one afterwards, can I get the most useful armor?」

「That is?」

「Hmmm, a mithril whole body armor. Not like the hauberk I’m wearing but a full plate.」

「Umu, it provides protection and resistant to all type of damage. Resistance to all makes mithril material a super valuable item.」

Indeed. Then give me one.

Mithril, more than anything, is as light as silk so someone like me who lacks physical strength will be thankful.

「As for other gears, there are boring items that only gives magical protection. Even the plate mail only has fireproof or cold resistance. You can use them but they are not user-friendly. 」

「Is that so? Those have limited use. Well, it’s better than nothing. I’ll take it all. 」

It might be good for the soldiers. If they have fire resistant equipment, they will be protected when a cannon explodes by accident.

When I wore the mithril whole body armor with all resistance, I was wrapped in in bluish pale light. I give the second hand mithril hauberk to Sharon.

「Master, I’m not really a part of the fighting force, is this okay?」

「How many times do I have to tell you not to decline? If Sharon wears it, I won’t have nightmares.」

Even if I don’t say it, I know that the brilRiant Sharon will guess it.

「I understand. I will gratefully wear it.」

「I know that I don’t need to tell you but that armor gives strong protection.」

Sharon, with a smile, puts on the shining silver mithril hauberk.

Mithril matches her orange colored hair than the leather armor.

「Don’t go out in the frontline.」

「Yes, I understand.」

When we were talking like that, the seemingly bored Oracle kicked away a stone with her feet.

The stone sank into the wall of the entrance of the dungeon, making a bashing sound.

You, don’t you also have a high combat power?

Why did you surrender quietly…….

「You are in the middle of talking to me in my dungeon, why did you make a good atmosphere with that slave?」

「Sorry, I’m sorry, let’s continue. How about weapons?」

「Oh, the weapons are comparatively good adhering additional magic. The treasure of Zack Zak, “Dragon Killer’s Great Sword”. 」

「Umm, rather than a killer, it feels like slayer. I feel that this one has also limited usability. 」

Although taking the original objective of offensive strengthening, having “Orc Slayer Spear” or “Ogre Slayer Iron Hammer” is very subtle.

In this case, “Hit Rate Rise Arrow” and “Long Distant Throwing Kife” are better.

But if we had the Dragon Killer’s Great Sword in the previous battle, the battle with the dragon would have been finished with half the time.

Again, this is limited if I give it to Louise.

「It’s not bad for a knight to have this dragon killer. Also, give me the orc slayer and the ogre slayer too.」

「You may take all the things you want, Louise.」

The thousand swords Louise has a large quantity of weapons in her big rucksack.

That skill is possible due to the inexhaustible physical strength of Louise and an ordinary person can’t imitate it.

Well, are the main magic items like this?

There are cursed tools that I don’t plan on using so I put those magic tools in reservation.

Wake said, “No, if you devise a cursed tool, it can be used for assassination,” but I do not want to use too much because it is indeed insidious.

Well, because Wake also worked hard, I wonder how much compensation should I give them.


—Scene Change—


We returned to the City of Spike. Viscount Ortholet welcomed us warmly.

The dungeon is now under my control. I introduced him Immortal Girl Oracle, the dungeon master. He pulled me out off the welcoming party.

「No way. In addition to conquering the unprecedented “Oracle’s Great Cave”, it was put under control in a short time. It’s already beyond my imagination. Only hero-sama can accomplish…..」

「That’s right.」

I have no choice but to say so.

It was scary, and I did not even thought that it would put it under my control.

「Anyway, it’s a good thing for the city. Monsters will not come out from there. How can I even repay hero-sama. Because I’m broke, I cannot give you magnificent accommodation but please take your time in staying.」

「Thank you, Viscount Ortholet.」

That said, Viscount’s residence is really frugal. I don’t want to stay too long.

The bed is small and hard, and this castle doesn’t even have a bath.

There is no maid here so the princess might find it hard to live here.

Camping and eating sea snake sashimi is better than the meals here.

Better yet, we’ll borrow the kitchen and make it.

「Hero-sama, is there something wrong?」

「No, please lend me the kitchen. I will treat Viscount Ortholet with a dragon cuisine.」

My Louise has a look that looks like she wants to boil the internal organs of the dragon.

「You even exterminated a dragon!」

「Yes. At that time, I also get rid of the former margrave who became a zombie. Apparently he also became a demon king.」

Ortholet’s opened his eyes wide and was loss for words.

I didn’t want to say it, but I can’t. I need to explain the situation to the local lord.

「Uh, please. Kitchen, use, please…..」

Ah, the viscount just kneeled and babbles like a baby.


—Scene Change—


If I need to describe the dragon’s internal organ soup, it is “spicy”.

「Coming to the tongue pungently, eating something like this must not become a habit.」

「Louise, what’s going on here? You didn’t put a spice in it, right? Is it the cause of a breath bag?」

I hope it’s not a poison. It is good but it has an unknown texture.

The taste is great but I my spoon don’t stop, this spiciness might cause me to breath fire.

「I hear that dragon’s breath bag soup will strengthen the resistance of that type of attack if proper amount is eaten, but it is said that it will become a fire disease due to excessive magic power if you take too much. It would be safer to eat one serving to avoid injury.」

「Oh, but, haven’t you already eaten several servings, Louise?」

Lyle-sensei shook his head with a subtle smile.

Louise is fine, but as a good child, I must not mimic her.

「Delicious, delicious!」

「Ah, she’s a demon-kin so it’s probably good…?」

If I have to think of something that taste similar, it would be Thai curry.

As expected, I want to eat this with rice. Will substituting bread solves it?

「Dragon steak, I(Sessha) ate for the first time since I was born……」

Viscount Ortholet, who was stunned when we told him that we exterminated a demon king, was eating politely by cutting it with a knife to pieces.

Well, the other knights, Louise and Jill, have no particularly bad method of eating either.

Looking as a whole, the viscount seems to be a big eater. He seems to have a large appetite.

It is no wonder that the viscount comes to lose his appetite if he heard that a demon king is growing on his own territory. Any Lord will be like that.

It’s a great dragon steak. You won’t taste it very often so rest for a while, viscount.


—Scene Change—


The night has come at the castle of the viscount. The number is enough but there are only hard beds.

With that in mind, I was anxious of what Princess Silhouette was doing.

Because I’m a man, camping out is okay. I can sleep by using a leather bag as a pillow but it’s tough on women.

Because Ortholet is from a Knight family, I wonder if he’s not aware of such thing.

When I glanced at the princess’ room to check her for a moment, I was glared at by Jill.

No, I just wanted to check her condition….

「Takeru, Jill and I are enough to guard the princess.」

「Well, if Louise is protecting her, she’s safe.」

Well, I had to think about the safety of the princess.

No, I didn’t forget that.

Uhm, let’s go to sleep.

「You worked hard, Sharon.」

「Of course.」

Sharon drags a heavy wooden bed and come to my side.

Even if you arranged your bed near, it’s useless since we’re going to sleep together.

The advance magician Kaara probably bears a considerable grudge against me so I nead an escort at my bedroom.

Kaara escaped at once but there is a possibility that she’ll come back for revenge against the princess or me.

Suzanne and Claudia are at the entrance of the room. It is good that the bed is moved by the window to strengthen the defence.


「What is it, Oracle?」

「Nn, because you specially took care of me I thought of attending you for the night. Allow me to do so.」

「No, if it’s an escort, Sharon…」

What a strange thing to say.

No, there might be an archaic meaning from the ”attending for the night” words.

「I experienced great pains before I went out of the dungeon so I’d like to experience various things.」

「And what does it have to do with sleeping next to me?」

I have a bad feeling but it can’t be helped to hear it though I already know the result through experience.

「From then, I thought that I do not wish to die a virgin.」


A straight pitch, is it this pattern again?

In this world, the sense of ethics has collapsed.

Well, the sister who is supposed to have strict precepts is like that.

It’s useless to say it to a demon-kin now.

「It’s a good opportunity because I became hero-dono’s possession.」

「I’ll tell you beforehand, holding a girl is not my hobby. I have no intention of doing it.」

My preference is the onee-san faction.

I won’t tell her since I’m scared but Louise is in my strike zone.

「Okay, I look like a girl but I’m 300 years old. And my sex organ is of an adult.」

「You, a girl don’t say sex organ!」

A woman won’t even say that she’s 300 years old!

Even if you were willing to subtract a hundred, that remark make’s me wither.

「Ahh, it becomes noisy. Please be silent since I’m going to sleep. 」

「Master, shall I drive out this demon-kin? 」

No, you better resign from it, Sharon.

She’s quite strong, probably it’s quite a strength when you see that kick.

「Master, that’s not it. I say that it’s dangerous to let a demon-kin with unknown identity in the bedroom.」

「Fuumu, indeed.」

「Then, I am not trusted by hero-dono? Well, you can sleep. I just thought that it’ll make you sleepy. 」

「No, it’s not that I don’t trust you. Actually, you’re showing a dutiful action.」

That’s my impression of Oracle who maintained the dungeon until it is cleared.

I think that she’s someone I can trust. That’s a fact.

「Then let me attend you for the night. Like that woman.」

「I haven’t done it yet!」

Sharon has a bright red face.

I saw a rare sight. Well, I’m embarrassed to say it directly.

「You haven’t? Then, could it be that hero-dono is into a different faction?」

「No, I’m not homo or anything.」

I definitely thought that I’ll be suspected into that kind of doubt, so I denied it first.

I will be made fun even if I show interest too much, and there will be a person that will interrupt if I act in way that I am not interested.

「I know you’re not. If I can smell someone, I can easily recognize if that person can be a sexual partner. 」

「It’s convenient, for the demon-kin?」

If you can understand that much with just the smell, picking up someone will certainly go well.

「In other words, you are pure. It’s boring.」

「Oracle, you… saying it straight. At least be moderate.」

Now, it has done a tremendous damage.

I’m still a boy in puberty with perverse nature. Saying pure is a taboo!

It is one hundred times better to be called clumsy or cowardly.

I thought I’d better push it down now … I will not … but.

「Haa, hero-dono, are you going to scatter your virginity even if you can easily do it with someone around?」

「Stop it!」

「What? You’re the one who should stop.」

Grinning and laughing, are you Ria?

「You’re a woman with no breast so I shouldn’t view you like that. Okay, I’ll permit you to sleep next to me.」

「Is that so? I’m not particularly in a hurry though. I am immortal so I can wait for 10 or 20 years until you feel like doing it.」

It’s OK, but … I, isn’t the estimate of me losing my virginity is too long?

Will I become an advance magician too?

TN: There is an urban legend in Japan that you’ll be a wizard if you stay virgin at 30

It is an ominous prediction. It’s unpleasant because a high-ranking demon-kin says it.

「Well then, let’s go to bed quietly.」

「Ano, master.」

「What’s the matter, Sharon?」

「I have breast though.」

TN: Takeru let’s Oracle to sleep with him since she’s flat chested so Sharon is worried if she’ll be kicked out of the room

「It’s okay, put the candles out.」

「…… Good night.」

Although I said that we’ll slept together,  I caught Oracle on the edge of the bed with both hands and hugged her.

「Naa, what’s this? Are we going to do it?」

「We won’t. But you’re going to be my hugging pillow.」

「Then it means you trust me.」

「Yes yes. Because we have such deep affection, you can sleep in peace.」

After a while, oracle softened her stiffened body.

I don’t know how a 300 year old immortal demon-kin lived, but it will change now with her becoming like one of my slave girls.

The Oracle is just right size so it is not bad to sleep while stroking her hair.

Saying that she’ll attend me for the night is only to deceive. It might be because she’s lonely.

A cynical person.

Me too, I understand since I’m a man who loves to be aloof.

It’s a sad thing to say but it’s impossible for her to die.

Her parent is dead, waited for the hero but got ignored, and is at the bottom of the dungeon; 240 years of loneliness.

I can’t imagine how lonely it is.

If she wants to sleep with someone beside her, even I will be able to do it.

However, for an immortal being, it will be only a brief moment.


—Scene Change—


It is still dawning early morning.

Viscount Ortholet jumped into our room.

「Hero-sama, it’s serious!」

「What’s wrong viscount? It’s still early in the morning….」

「I have received a report from a messenger. An army of the enemy country Transilvania Dukedom crossed the border and is advancing to this city of Spike! 」

The complexion of the viscount surpasses blue and become earthlike color.

I understand it well even if it is dusky.

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