Eclair and Feene

Chapter 1 – 4 


There seem to be some towns and villages near the tower. That information is more than 50 years old, but it’s better than nothing.

Takeru decided to go to the village of Von, the one with the closest distance with the tower.

The village is in the northwest direction and seems to be a little distance outside the forest.

Takeru could hear battle sounds when he was about to leave the forest.

Takeru approached the place the sounds are coming from quietly. He watch the state of event from a shade of a tree.

A woman is surrounded by men who looks like small fry villains.

「Aren’t you adults ashamed ganging up on a child!」

The one who raised the voice is a 17 year old woman protecting an 8 year old girl. She’s about the same height as Takeru and has a beautiful blonde waist long hair. She’s a beautiful lady who’s enough to pass as a model.

If you look carefully, her ears are longer than normal.

(Is that an elf? She’s an amazingly beautiful girl, but I wonder if all elves in this world are beautiful too.)

Takeru had felt admiration at a wrong time.

The girl clings to the shade of her mantle. She might have protected her against those men.

「Noisy, beasts’ children are expensive to sell. Especially a woman, as a slave or a pet.」

「Well, aren’t you pretty? If you get in our way, I’ll do you.」

The woman who was booed in sequence let out a red face full of anger and trembles a little.

「Don’t joke around and eat and this. Power of shifuru, Air Blow.」

Magic was shot suddenly.

The two men who were in front of us were blown away by the invisible wind and crashes into the tree in the back.

She seems to have a very radical character that doesn’t suit her appearance.

The men flinched for a moment but immediately surround the girl while pulling out the swords from their waist, aren’t they accustomed to ruffian’s play?

(This is bad. A disadvantageous situation. Should I help?)

Takeru wants to help but he doesn’t know neither the opponent’s ability nor his own. He hesitates because he do not know up to what extent he can help.

Again, the elf girl cast a spell and blow one person off.

However, one person from behind finds an opening. Furthermore, another one pushed her down.

「Wait a minute, let’s talk.」

The woman also resists, but she can’t seem to match the men in terms of power.

The beastman child tries to tear a man off but she was thrown away by a man after saying “noisy”.


At that moment, Takeru’s head blacks out as if a switch was flicked.

Unnecessary concern disappears and he starts running at a tremendous speed towards the bandits to help the woman and the child.

When the men noticed, he already kick the man that covers the girl and sends him flying.

Eh? Because I adjusted my leg he will not die.

A man tried to slash me with a sword in a hurry and I pay him back with a fist in his stomach. A hole opened in the man’s leather armor and he faints in agony.

The remaining two people also swings their swords but Takeru dodges flutteringly. They were repulsed with a blow in the stomach.

(Somehow, I was able to matched opponents of this level for the time being.)

Takeru’s power seems to work to other people.

When the dumbfounded woman returns to her senses, she immediately stands up and tidies herself.

「I’m pretty sure that I can take care of them. I express my thanks for now even though it was enough for me alone.」

She’s pretending to be tough. Her face is a little red so it seems that she feels a little unreasonable.

Takeru holds up the beastman child who falls down suddenly. It’s a lovely girl with fox ears.

Whether she is frightened or not, her long ears are sticking out of her head.

When I try to let her stand up on her own, her face frown with pain. Apparently, she seems to sprain her foot. Her left ankle is red and swollen.

「Wait a minute.」

Takeru took out the potion he had and sprinkled on the girl’s ankle.

The swelling disappears neatly.

「Are you okay now?」


She seemed to feel uplifted, her ears become the pin and waves her tail.


The elf-girl looks like she’s interested.

「Speaking of which, I didn’t introduce myself yet. I’m Eclair from Rietveld forest.」

「I’m Takeru.」

「Takeru? That’s a weird name. Are you from the eastern country?」

He cannot say that he was summoned from a different world.

When Takeru falls silent,

「It seems that you don’t want to say. Thank you for everything. Come on Feene, give your thanks too.」

「Thank you for helping, nanodesu.」

The fox ear child called Feene gives her thanks brightly.

The two of them came from the village where Takeru was heading. As it was just right, Takeru decided to go with them.



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