Hunter’s Village

Chapter 2-1


A week has passed since the joint life in the tower started.

The protected villagers began to get used to life here, and started to do variety of things not just sleeping.

They collect medicinal herbs and antidote grass that are growing around the tower and sell it to nearby villages. They were able to carry baggages as it is safe around the tower and they were able to utilize the tower as a depository storage.

Takeru does not mind it, but Tifa seems to have something to say.

I had a lot of discussion with the representatives of the villagers.

Talk dates back a little from there.

When they accepted the villagers, something odd was happening at the different location of the dark forest.

The village is at a location that is nearer to the center of the forest than the tower of Takeru.

There were about thirty people living in the village called “Hunter’s Village”.

As the name of the village, they earn their living by hunting monsters that appeared in the vicinity, taking magic cores and materials, and sold them in the town.

As a result, most of the villagers have experienced more than intermediate class adventurers. They have sufficient ability to live in the dangerous sea of trees.

But that day was different from usual.

In the morning, when the villagers were ready to hunt and leave, a monster suddenly appeared at the entrance of the village.

Caste Serpent, it is a large snake that has a rank of danger level B. It attacked the villagers without any warning.

For hunters who were accustomed to fighting with monsters, it was a nonstandard VIP.

In the first place, a level B monster can only be dealt with by multiple advance class parties.

Even so, they still grab their weapons and counterattack although they did not give much damage with their intermediate class attacks.

The serpent knocks down villagers one after another with its tail and fangs.

When the large snake has its eyes on a girl who had come to see off someone, red rays irradiated from the ruby in its forehead.

When it hits the girl, here whole body began to tremble.

“Stop it!” “Leiria-sama!” They scream as they see it.

A warrior with brown skin jumps out and hugs the girl called Leiria to rescue her.

「Ordega, take Leiria-sama and run away!」

The village leader shouts toward the warrior.

Ordega hesitated for a moment but nods silently. He held the girl and ran away.

The serpent tries to follow them but the villagers desperately block it.

Ordega continued to run through the forest holding Leiria.

Leiria ‘s body glows dark red and seems to breath painfully.

To save Leiria who was cursed by the Caste Serpent, he have to hurry up to a town where he can get a cure.

But it seems like she won’t make it.

Ordega recalls stories that had recently become a topic among villagers.

Indeed “I often see beastkins gathering medicinal herbs around the ruined tower.” “It looks like they’re trying to make a new village nearby.” Is what they said.

Ordega made his foot faster towards the direction of the tower.



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