Liberation War 2

「Everyone, get a little bit away… Air Explosion!」

Eclair blows the door of the throne room with a wind explosion magic.

Takeru’s party rushed inside. The throne room is a large space supported by thick marble pillars.

The central troops of Imperial army stationed at the castle were waiting there.

All the magicians are at the back and a lot of warriors are consolidating the front. There are as many as twenty people.

The tiger cub magicians, they were gathered here without helping with the confusion in the castle.

Seeing that the numbers of Babel is inferior to them, some warriors come out ahead.

Enemy warriors are equipped with swords and spears and are wearing full body armor.

They seem to have reached a moderate level unlike the soldiers who were outside the castle.

(I’m going to try my new sword technique.)

「Ray Caelum Sword Technique, Eight Slash of Gale!」

Takeru unleashed his new sword technique, Eight Slash of Gale, towards the approaching group of enemies.

The Ray Caelum Sword Technique which is praised as the supreme sword technique, hit the enemies at the edge with 8 sword attacks at the same time.

Takeru jumps into the center of the enemy and continues to swing his sword.

Enemy soldiers equipped with heavy body armor are slow and can not follow Takeru’s movement.

They were not able to judge if Takeru’s sword will be coming from above, below, right, or left and just got damaged.

Excluding his physical ability, the way he swings his sword is completely different.

Takeru’s sword muscle who had repeatedly acquired experience made him possible to move swiftly like a first class swordsman.

One by one, the enemy fell down with a sword strike.

Feene ran around the hall and makes fun of the enemy.

Now that she’s a magic gunner, she’s moving at high speed and can strike magic more precisely than before.

「Flame Shell!」

Magic developed from fire bullets to cannonballs hits enemy warriors.

As expected, the enemy can endure a single blow but taking several shot in a distance puts the enemy on his knee.

Feene quickly approaches her next target.

As Takeru and Feene reduce the number of enemies, some of the enemy soldiers tries to attack the rear guards, but of course, Ordega won’t permit it.

「You will not pass here, Shield buster!」

His shield blows off a heavily armed enemy soldier.


「Triple Strike!」

He stopped another enemy with three spear thrust.

There was no one who could break through Ordega which became the wall.

The enemy magicians that gathered around the throne use magic.

Eclair and Leiria matched the spell of the 10 magicians.

The enemy depends on their number.

Numerous fire, water, and earth bullets hit Babel’s rear guard.

「Aqua Wall」

Leiria created a large water wall that deflected all the bullets of the enemy.

「Air Cannon」

Eclair’s air cannon crashes against the enemy bullets but the power is too different.

The air cannon tore the bullets one after another and hit the enemy magician directly.

「Everyone, make way!」

At Leiria’s signal, Takeru quickly steps aside.

「Aqua Hydro Wave!」

She casted her new skill, Aqua Hydro Wave, which is an anti-group spell.

The wave of water which spreads in a large area swallowed majority of the magicians and swept them away.

Those who were swallowed by the wave were smashed into the wall and stopped moving.

They might have been tempered but magicians belonging to any army corps won’t be able to do anything against Eclair and Leiria.

The battle in the throne room ended with Babel’s victory.



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