Phone Village Battle Arc

Chapter 1-6


A few days after Takeru returns to the tower, early in the morning.

「Master, master, please get up. This is an emergency. I found a person who seemed to be an intruder near the tower.」

Tifa rushed into the room in a hurry.

Tifa projected a screen. The view is from a tree branch that is as high as the 5th floor. It seems that someone is looking at the tower.

「Master, please give me instructions. Should I repulse it?」

When Takeru closely observes the screen,

(I thought so. Although she’s wearing a hood, it is Eclair. Is something matter?)

「No, she seems to have come to see me. There seems to be no danger so I will go out from here.」

When Takeru goes out of the tower, Eclair is looking around the tower restlessly. She’s surveying the vicinity and act suspiciously repeatedly.

「Eclair, what are you doing in such a place?」

When Takeru called her out, she went down the tree panicking.

「And how did you know that I’m here?」

When Takeru asks,

「Fufufu, as expected. I had a sense of incongruity from the beginning. When you helped us, you suddenly came out from  the forest. You said you’re travelling throughout the country but you didn’t have any piece of baggage. When the village elder talked about the tower, you had an expression that you are living in the forest.」

(No matter how confident you are, how can you say that with a doya face?)

TN:Sample of doya face

「So, do you have some business with me? Were you looking for me?」

「Yes, and it’s serious.」

Eclair hastily said, while she’s going to the town to call the guards, the bandits Takeru repulsed escaped from the shed they are kept.

They might have gather their companions and aim for the village directly this time.

「Did you report it to the guards in the town?」

「When they found out there there are more than 10 thieves, they said “We’re going to report it to our boss” and withdrew.」

Because of the large number of thieves, they’ve lost their nerve. How far will they go for a beastman’s village?

Still, Takeru asks why did the thieves who escaped bother to come back and attack the village.

「That is … Feene … her tail …」

Eclair hesitantly says it with a painful look.

There seems to be some reason.

Anyway, the talk was postponed. Takeru headed for the village.

As we passed through the forest, I saw smoke rising from a corner of the village.

(Is it too late?)

When the two rushed to the village, the thieves are surrounding the elder’s house.

Takeru wants speaks with Eclair on how to handle it before going.

「Wind, Air Tornado.」

The eclair fired magic again.

A big cyclone goes to the thieves. Several people were caught and got thrown in the air.

(Eventhough it’s a surprise attack, haven’t you thought about negotiating a little?)

The bandits who noticed us raises a queer shriek and attacks us.

Takeru takes his handmade spear at his back and repulse them.

Even if you call it a spear, it’s just a processed wooden branch of a tree with sharpened tip.

In the last few days, he had made about three spears of this kind for hunting.

The reason is that the spear is easier to carry than a bulky club.

He entrusted it to his physical ability and thrusts a coming bandit with the spear.

One person, two person, when the third person was knocked down, the spear breaks.

Takeru takes the next spear out from his back and made a stance again.

While Takeru holds down enemies as a vanguard, Eclair aims at the enemies behind with a bow.

The released arrow hits the thieves as if sucked in.

Even if it deviates from the aim a little, the arrow won’t miss its mark due to the divine protection of the wind.

The person who does not fall in one shot is driven multiple shots.

Takeru defeated two more people with the second spear. Meanwhile, Eclair defeats two more people too.

Then, the three people who were just watching behind until now started to move.

Apparently, they seems to be the leader. Obviously, the atmosphere is different from the other thieves.

A man reinforced with a full body iron armor pulls out a huge tower shield on his back.

In the back, a man with an upper body armor set up a bastard sword with both hand.

The other one that seems to be a rear guard brings out his cane and didn’t move.

「Watch out Eclair, those three seem to be different from the others.」

「They seem so. However, shoot wind, Air Barrett.」

Multiple wind bullets are released from the hand of Eclair and aim for the guy who seems to be a magician at the back.

However, it is obstructed by the invisible wall in front of the man.

This time, a fist size fireball flew away from that man and aim for Eclair. She hit with with the same wind bullet to cancel it.

Eclair changes her target, and releases the magic air tornado to the 2 vanguard.

When the whirlwind heads for the two people, the man in the tower shield pierces the shield on the ground and supports it with both hands, while the swordsman hides behind it.

The whirlwind hits the two of them and rages on the spot for a while. After the wind had subsided, the two of them appeared behind the shield without any damage. The swordsman looks at us with a broad grin.


Eclair mutters in vexation. Her breathing is rough due to continuous use of magic.

Takeru thrusts the shield with his wooden spear. The man holding the shield was astonished to see the shield dented.

However, as I thought, my spear burst when I thrusts several times.

The swordsman comes and swings around his large sword. Takeru quickly took a distance and dodged it.

(That shield can’t be destroyed by the wooden spear.)

「Takeru, use this sword.」

Seeing the impatient look of Takeru, Eclair pass the sword on her waist towards Takeru.

It’s a slender sword, but it seems quite stronger than a wooden spear.

Takeru nods silently and thrusts the large shield with the sword once again.

Takeru’s sword pierces through the shield and pierces the abdomen of the man who’s holding it.

「Ri… ridiculous」

The man falls down.

The swordsman became impatient and swings his sword around but Takeru evades it all.

Even if the man is originally talented, it is slow motion for Takeru.

He has no intention to kill so Takeru slashed the man’s thigh with the slender sword to immobilize him.

Though fire ball flies from the magician in the rear, Eclair shoots them down with magic.

Takeru starts running toward the man. Before the next spell comes, the distance is shortened in no time. Takeru hit him with his fist and he fainted.

The ending is an overwhelming victory.

The villagers who saw the battle over from inside the house come out in droves.


Feene comes running and jumps at Takeru. When did I become a nichan?

Takeru catches her and pats her head. Her shaking tail is almost making a buzzing sound.

I guess she’s very happy.

「Takeru-sama, Eclair-sama, Thank you very much for saving the village.」

The elder comes and speaks on behalf of everyone. The other villagers are also saying thank you.

It was good the I somehow made it in time.

In order not to escape this time, all the thieves were rolled up with a rope all over excluding their face.

Of course, we carefully checked the body and picked up weapons etc.

「By the way Eclair, you were trying to tell me why the thieves came back to the village a little while ago. Is it about Feene?」

Takeru asks as it become a matter of concern. Eclair says “That’s right.”, calls Feene and whispered something.

Feene says “Uuuuu” while becoming red. She comes before Takeru, turns around and shows her butt.

She raised her voice saying “Ei” and her tail suddenly increased to three.

「Feene was born with three tails. For fox kin’s, this is a joyous thing. When Feene was born, the village was overjoyed and the feast lasted for days.」

According to Eclair’s explanation, a fox who has multiple tails is rarely born and is very unusual.

However, they are not only precious, magical and physical strength greatly surpasses ordinary fox kin while growing up.

Therefore, they will be made tribal head and executive when the come of age.

However, eyes of man can be easily attracted as they are rare which is good as a pet or a slave.

A fox kin child is already very popular, and if it is someone like Feene who has three tails, the price will be very high.

Feene is also being cautious to show only one tail but there seem to have possibilities that she sometimes shows her three tails.

「Last time, I was surprised because she was attacked by thieves in the forest. It seems that her tail shows up and those fellow did not miss it.」

Eclair says in vexation.

「I’m sorry, nanodesu.」

Feene’s ears turned down so Takeru pets her head to comfort her.

Everything is fine.



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