The First Actual Combat

Chapter 1 – 3 


Because the magic core that monsters had is needed for the growth of the tower, Takeru decide to hunt around the tower.

Status can’t be viewed so it is necessary to confirm his current power.

He checked the appearance of the tower from the outside for the first time. It is wholly entwined with ivy, moss also covered it slightly. It looks like a ruin.

The surrounding trees are taller than the tower; the sun is blocked and it won’t be noticeable.

(It is totally neglected for 50 years.)

Takeru immediately looks for the demon that Tifa taught him.

When the vicinity is searched a little….

(There it is. A monster called Mad Boar which looks like a wild boar.)

A level 10 adventurer will be able to beat it solo, so it should be nice to wait and see. It should be perfect for testing.

(The problem is what has become of my status. Anyway, I have no choice but to try.)

By the way, Takeru’s equipment is only a one-handed copper sword, a leather armor made of an unknown material, and several recovery potions. These seem to have been left by the former master.

When Takeru approached the opponent, it noticed him. It dashed.

(Oh, it’s coming.)

Though the boar jumps, Takeru puts it together and flings the sword with all his might.

With an unpleasant squashing sound, the monster blows apart and the sword breaks to pieces.

(Uwaa, What’s this? What happened?)

Takeru is stunned to see the sword where the blade is gone from the handle. The monster becomes pieces of meat and the magic core can’t be found either.

He seems to have overdone it. Overkill?

It seems that some of his status remain. He felt temporarily relieved but he lost his weapon.

There should also be no other weapon in the tower besides the magician’s cane.

He thought about attacking with a cane so he cut off a reasonably thick branch from a tree. Is there an status correction? The thick branch breaks without difficulty.

After making a little improvement, the club is complete.

Furthermore, he picks up some fist size stone around.

He can give long distance damage with a stone and deal a fatal blow if approached.

(Though I am like a primitive man, this supposed to be a basic hunting style of a solo player.)

When I found the next boar, I throw stones from a distance. I should have aimed well but the stone did not hit it. It hits the tree behind and makes a roaring sound as it makes a big hole on that tree.

(Geh, missed.)

The boar was surprised with the sound and comes towards me like crazy.

A strike in the cheek was made. Again, the monster was blown up and the club also splattered neatly.

(Again. No matter how many weapon I have, it will be insufficient. Should I try going easy a little more?)

Originally, I don’t have any long range attack skill. I was able to reconfirm the effect of the skill unintentionally.

Takeru made some similar handmade clubs from the branch of the tree and challenged a mad boar again.

He was able to get the right power adjustment to be able to recover the magic core, although the clubs broke quickly.

(This will be all for now.)

He was able to get magic cores from 5 boars so he decided to come back to the tower at once.

「Master, you’re amazing. To easily get five magic core.」

Tifa is happy to receive the magic cores and toss them in the furnace part of the facility like a huge wood stove in the middle of the floor.

The furnace flashed for a moment, but no change occurred in particular.

「It’s inevitable. Mad boar is lower class monster. A powerful monster is supposed to have a larger and higher quality magic core.」

「Well, that’s not going to be that easy.」

Then a new report came from Tifa.

「Master, I was able to analyze some of the latent skills from the memory of this activity.Two were activated, one-handed sword level 2 and club level 3.」

(Oh, excellent .)

Certainly most of the melee weapons skills were up to level 10 in MAX.

Were the skills activated because I used copper sword and club earlier?

Takeru compliments Tifa and pats her head.

Since low class monsters can be dealt with without problems, Takeru left the forest and decided to visit a nearby village for information gathering.


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