Tower and Administrator 1

Chapter 1.1

Just for clarification: Lines between this symbol「」are actual line of a character and lines between ( ) are internal monologue of the MC.


I woke up lying on a big bed.

「Master, master, are you awake?」

A beautiful girl with waist-length silver hair beside the bed called me out. She looks very pretty while staring at me with those innocent eyes. On the other hand, she has this mature atmosphere. A mysterious beautiful girl.

「You are?」

「Yes, master. I am the person who administer this tower.」

She responds with a lovely voice

「Master… me?」

「Yes, master. This time, the ownership of this tower were transferred to Takeru-sama. Therefore, Takeru-sama will become the master of the administrator which is me.」

「Ownership …transfer … from whom?」

「Of course, from the goddess of heaven?」

The girl smiles as if it was evidently natural.

Goddess, after defeating the last boss of the tower, is that the woman who spoke?

There is a place in my memory where it is a little vague and cannot recall it clearly.

In the first place, VR technology can’t emphasize this feeling.

The feeling of my hands and feet is too realistic.

I touched the bed for trial, but no matter how I think, it is not different from reality.

(I should have been playing in my room with the VR goggle on. No way, is it different world transition? Is there such a thing?)

I tried pinching my cheeks.

… it’s painful.

(This is bad. What should I do if this world is real? Is it possible to logout in the first place? )

Takeru looks around restlessly, but the screen doesn’t seem to appear either.

The girl is strangely watching Takeru.

(Should I ask this girl about the current situation? )

「This is a real world, isn’t it?」

「Yes? Of course it is. This is not a dream.」

The girl says it as she thought Takeru’s consciousness is not yet clear.

「Why am I here?」

「Since Takeru-sama is a promising adventurer so the goddess ask me to take care of him.」

(Adventurer? That means I’ve conquered the tower in Midgard after all… )

It doesn’t seem that the girl knows the details.

Takeru decides to ask things about this world first.

「Then, is this the tower of the sky?」

「Tower of the sky? This is the first time I heard it but I feel like the name of that tower is a bit exaggerated. 」

The way she tilts her neck looking doubtful is also pretty.

It is a tower with 1000 floors so I think that it enough to deserve that name.

When the girl turned up the palm of her hand, a 3D stereoscopic image of a tower was projected there.

However, it is only a small tower compared to the tower of the sky that Takeru challenged.

「This is the outward appearance of the present tower. There are 10 floors and there are no monsters or treasure chest placed.」

It’s certainly too shameful to compare this to the tower of the sky…

I heard that there was a predecessor in this tower.

「The former master died about five years after he took ownership of the tower. After that, there has been no other owner.」

「How long is it?」

「Yesterday was the 19541st day. But today, I was able to meet the new master.」

19541 days… It’s been more than 50 years. Has it been neglected for so long?

「You’ve been alone here for all those years? Weren’t you lonely?」

The girl slight reacts by twitching her shoulder.

「Waa, I am a person created to be the administrator of the tower, a part of the system of the tower…. I don’t have feelings such as loneliness.」

「Is that so?」

「That’s right, I haven’t heard your name yet. Will you tell me?」

「I am a part of the system of the tower, so I have no name in particular.」

She has no name? That’s inconvenient.

「Well then, I wonder if I could name you. Let’s see. Then your name from now on is Tifferia and your nickname will be Tifa.」

Takeru seems to give her a name from a game character. He carelessly named her.

Suddenly, the whole body of the girl trembles slightly, and her cheeks are dyed in faint red.

Her eyes began to vividly shines as if she’s staring her dearest lover.

「Tifferia, Tifa …」

As if to confirm, she murmured several times.

「Master, I’m happy, very happy. I, Tifa, swears to be at master’s side and serve him for life with my whole body and soul. 」

I named her to be able to address her easily but it somewhat turned strange.

I pat Tifa’s head who comes to me with too much excitement. She looks at me happily.

Well, the person herself is happy so I guess it’s okay.



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