Tower and Administrator 2

Chapter 1 – 2


After waiting for Tifa to settle down, I continued asking her. It seems that this is a completely different world from the original game.

This world is called Asgard.

I heard that the tower was in the outside edge part of the huge weald in the eastern part of Eurasia continent.

No wonder it was neglected for fifty years.

When I looked at the map projected by Tifa, most of the places other than the periphery of the tower were dark filled unexplored areas. In other words, no information.

It seems that everything was created based on the memory of the previous owner of the tower.

「I’m sorry. The former master had passed away without developing the map.」

Tifa informs me sadly.

「What kind of person was the former master?」

「It was a magician named Oswald Tora. He was a level 25 expert adventurer. It seems that he was attacked by demons when he was exploring the middle part of the forest.」

When Tifa turns up her hand, an image of a middle-aged man about 30 years old appeared.

He looks like a typical magician with a cane and robe.

Looking at the status information of the corner of the screen, the skill structure is an offensive type that is mainly focused on fire attribute.

With this, I think that solo play is impossible, but is it normal in this world?

To begin with, isn’t level 25 too low to be considered an expert?

Speaking of which, I wonder how my status is.

I’ve defeated the final boss so I should have gained a lot of experience. And also treasure.

Takeru is puzzled on how to confirm his present status.

Status screen… How should I view it?

When Takeru is thinking desperately…

「To view status, appraisal skill is needed.」

Tifa teaches him.

I was surprised that I could not see my own status, but she seemed to be able to scan my status using the tower’s function.

It might have changed from the previous world, so I decided to see it immediately.

Thin red rays pass through Takeru’s whole body upon Tifa’s instruction.

「… I’m sorry. It seems that appraisal is impossible.」

「What do you mean?」

I gently ask the flustered Tifa.

「… There are two possible causes. One is that master was summoned from a different world. Another is that master’s level exceeds the appraisal level the tower has.」

Usually, the appointed owner of the tower is an inhabitant of the current world which is Asgard.

Regarding the level, at the time of the capture of the tower of the sky, Takeru hit the level cap which is 180 when he was on the 500th floor.

Maybe that still remains.

The possibility is either one or both.

And finally, the thing that Takeru was concerned about the most. He asked why he was appointed the owner of the tower.

「I don’t know the reason behind master being chosen as the owner of the tower. But in this world, being the owner of the tower is a very honorable thing. It brings immeasurable benefit to the owner. It is considered to be commandments of the gods. 」

「Benefits? What are the benefits?」

「First of all, you can use various functions of the tower. Specifically, the tower is equipped with treasure storage, appraisal function, skill creation, skill tree management etc… In this world, they are very important and expensive features. By further growing the tower, you will be able to use new functions as well.」

I think I just heard some unfamiliar words now.

「The tower grows?」

「Yes. This tower can grow and expand its scale if master offers resources. There are currently 10 floors, but if the master cooperates, 30, no, 50 floors might not be a dream.」

「If the tower grows bigger, will there be some good things? 」

「Yes. The growth of the tower makes it possible to draw more mana from the astral line. As a result, the function of the tower will be strengthened, affecting all functions such as expansion of the treasure storage and raised appraisal level. In addition, special skills and original skills can be provided in the skill creation.」

「Skills are important. There is no meaning in raising level if the skill structure is a miss.」

「Yes. Can master provide the skill he intends to learn?」

But with the towers current ability, my status can’t be viewed so it’s impossible to provide skills. It seems necessary to raise the level of the tower immediately.

「Come to think of it, what happened to the weapons, items and gold that I had?」

When Takeru ask what he thought of suddenly,

「… I’m sorry. I can confirm that there is a group of materials in the subspace of the treasure storage but at the present level of the tower….」

「Can you take them out?」


Because Tifa said it in vexation, I told her not to mind it.

(It seems that this world is different from the game, so it’s better to think of it as a reality. I certainly said “I want to have a new adventure”, but I never thought this is going to happen. )

However, Takeshi Kusakabe is an owner of a quite imprudent and casual character.

Although he is not good in both studying and sports, he had absolute confidence in RPG games.

Postpone difficult things, experience a different world; it is a waste not to play the latest MMORPG. With that, I decided to try a new adventure.



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