Tower of the Sky Capture

Prologue 2 

It is the first week of the capture of the sky tower. Takeru had come to the front door of 100th level.

(Alright, this is going well)

For the level 115 Takeru, so far this has proceeded without any problems. However, the map of each level is wide so it unexpectedly took time for a solo event.

(The floor boss is inside, right?)

If you leave the door of 100th level, this floor seems to be a large one-floor structure.

And as expected, a floor master was waiting at this floor.

A monster who has a head and horn of a cow, a well statured body, and a height of several human being is at the corner.

It’s a Minotaur.

It has a high durability and regenerative ability that does not match its build. This monster is a powerful player for intermediate and lower class players. It is not very difficult for advanced class players.

Naturally for Takeru that exceeds the level 100, it could be a small fry.

If it was a normal Minotaur however, the monster in front of him is covered with a black skin, and the arms and legs are so thick that they are not comparable to the average Minotaur.

Black minotaurs are upper rank minotaur with several times more  fighting power.

It’s a monster you can’t meet in a solo event.

(Black Minotaur? To put such monster though it’s a solo event.)

At the same time as each other’s appearance comes into view, the battle starts.

The black gigantic figure raises a groan at a distance and brandish a two-handed battle ax in one hand.

Takeru challenges the muscular monster opponent head-on.

「Let’s go, Death Aura Circle Activate.」

A thin dark blue ripple spreads about 3 meters around Takeru.

Death Aura Circle, this ominous light gives a variety of penalties to the adversary in the effective range.

There is no direct damage.

Physical offensive ability drop

Physical attack speed drop

Physical attack hit rate drop

Magical offensive ability drop

Magical attack speed drop

Magical attack hit rate drop

HP automatic recovery inhibition

MP automatic recovery inhibition

Various weapon attribute-resistant drop “sword, sword, ax, mace, spear”

Various magic attribute-resistant drop “fire, ice, wind, earth, holy, darkness, light”

Special effects-resistant drop

Moving speed drop

The effect of the aura greatly dulled the action of the enemy.

Furthermore, Takeru himself has a weapon with special effect. The two-handed sword “Masamune” has Life Steal.

The ex wielded by the minotaur is also losing its effect due to Death Aura.

He cannot dodge all the ax attacks that are made at close range.

Takeru cuts back damage without taking damage. Fighting head to head with the monsters specialization.

“The best defence is offense” Takeru’s skill is literally an embodiment of this.

The attack of Minotaur reduces Takeru’s HP, but Takeru deals damage beyond that.

Takeru’s HP recovers with life steal comparatively.

Even if Takeru’s HP decreases temporarily, it recovers instantly, almost maintaining a full state.

On the other hand, Minotaur has huge HP which is not embarrass boss class monster, but does not have means of the HP recovery.

Minotaur ‘s HP continues to decrease, Takeru maintains his maximum HP….. he wins a complete victory.

(Okay, I did it. My Death Aura Circle and Life Steal idea was not wrong.)

Considering the battle result against the floor boss, Takeru’s skill kicked the minotaur.

The HP of a floor boss greatly exceeds a player since it assumes an anti-party battle.

If someone challenges it without the help of a rear guard, even if he inflicts more damage, his HP won’t last. He will be overwhelmed in the end.

As for the recovery of HP, in addition to the restoration limit of recovery medicine, there is a time limit for continuous use of items.

Recovery spells also can’t demonstrate its effect for vanguard use. Distributing a lot of skill point there has no meaning.

Because a vanguard normally lacks skill points.

Takeru captures the 100th floor without difficulty and takes the momentum to capture the next floors.

With Takeru’s skill which does not require recovery, such labyrinth that does not permit leaving shows its strength.

By regularly invoking the aura, he can restore HP with controlling MP consumption.

He ran up to the top with almost no breaks and reached the door of the 200th floor. The boss on this floor was a huge hydra with eight heads.

Just like he did with the minotaur, Takeru triggered the aura and engaged the enemy to close combat and won.

After that,

300th floor

400th floor

500th floor

600th floor

700th floor

800th floor

900th floor

Boss appears in every 100 floor and Takeru destroys it and captures the tower.

His level had already reached the upper limit.

Upon reaching the level cap, the experience value seems to be converted to skill point. He use it to strengthen the aura further.

The effect range of the aura exceeded 30 meters, and its effect was also maximum.

And finally reached the front of the door of the top floor, the 1000th floor.



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