Tower of the Sky Final Battle

Prologue 3



Finally, Takeru stands in front of the door of 1,000th floor, the tower of the skies’ top floor.

(This is final boss’s door, What kind of guy is the last enemy? I will definitely be sorry about losing after coming this far. I will need to start from the first level again?)

Takeru opened the last door while throbbing.

The final boss is an angel with 12 wings, 6 arms, and 3 faces. The highest rank of angels who are guardians of heaven, Seraphim.

The chief in heaven who ties its Seraph and others together, the guardian angel of the planet, Lucifer was waiting for an intruder.

「You did well to come this far, Takeru. I am the last guardian of this tower.」

In the three faces, a man’s face turns towards Takeru and talks.

(He somehow read my name, is it a special event?)

I have never been called out by the enemy until now. Furthermore, the opponent calls the name of Takeru, will conversation probably be formed?

「If you can defeat me, as a person who has conquered the tower, you will be given a special reward. 」 The woman’s face continues.

「At the end of this battle, Takeru, what do you want? 」 A man or woman or a neutral face asks.

It looked like the simple event, but Takeru couldn’t help answering for some reason.

「New adventure and new encounters.」

I didn’t want to try to look good.

I want to enjoy the world of such a realistic game like this more.

The feeling which I thought so was a natural word.

「Then, it is good to come.」

「Your wish would be granted.」

「This is the last trial.」

The 3 faces are showering with words one after another.

Takeru activates his skills and challenge the final boss.

How much time has passed?

Takeru kept plunging into Lucifer’s heart and using a sword.

The power of the aura which weakens the enemy reaches the maximum.

It is impossible to counteract everything  of the highest rank Seraphim.

The Seraphim is attacking with 6 arms with a sword, an ax, a spear, a cane, a mace and a shield respectively.

Takeru dodges them with minimal movement and drives a sword.

When twelve pupils appear in its twelve wings, twelve lights are emitted from them.

No matter how much HP you have, you’ll die with that instant death attack. Takeru avoids by taking a large distance.

And he place himself to point-blank range again and wave a sword. He was driven to a dying state many times, but came through it with his skill.

The HP of enemies that seems to be infinite began to gradually decline.

Fighting continues for a long time from that, finally a blow of Takeru’s satisfaction catches the seraphim.

Lucifer who loses all HP disappears. Takeru’s body is wrapped in light at the same time.

The front of my eyes whitens as if sucking me in.

Just before I lose consciousness 「Let’s give you a new adventure as you wish, be sure to have fun. 」 I felt like I heard a female voice.




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