Tower of the Sky Journey

Prologue 1


(I’ve finally reached this point. How high are you really? How should I climb this?)

The tower is much higher than the clouds.

Even halfway through the tower, the top of the mountains can’t be seen since clouds already hides them.

I can’t imagine how many levels are there with its tremendous height.

「Tower of the Sky.」

Takeru finally arrived in the place that he has been thinking to challenge someday since he started this game.

(If you conquer this tower, you will be part of the TOP10 player at once.)

The world’s largest MMORPG, said to have tens of millions of users, the World of Midgard.

This game was created using the latest VR technology, surprised the gamers around the globe with its realistic world. Gamers were captivated in a blink of an eye.

It really feels like you’re in the game world.

Not only that, players are free to do all kinds of activities in the field.

Users were able to enjoy the world of the game with each preference not only the combat system, but also the production system and support system.

High school student Kusakabe Takeshi(Takeru) was no exception. He was instantly immersed in the world of the Midgard and neglected both study and club activities.

In school, he was a very inconspicuous type, basically a student like everyone else, but it’s different in the game world.

The player named “Takeru” had a reputation of being heroic in the world of Midgard.

Takeru is always ranked in TOP 100 as a player. The guild to which Takeru belongs “Yamataikoku” was also known to be in the TOP 50 guild.

The center quest for guild events is gaining powerful weapons but can also earn experience and skill points so war potential are arranged.

Takeru was active as a central attacker of Yamataikoku.

Although he was trusted and guarded by the guild members, he was already thinking of capturing the “Tower of the Sky” for a long time.

While many players fix their role from the beginning like tank, support and healer as jobs, Takeru prioritize HP rise as a warrior and strengthening attack power.

Magic skill was added at middle level.

Of course, if you are a vanguard attacker, there are also a lot of options such as Magic Warriors and holy knights, and many players choose them.

However, unlike the self-reinforcement skill that much vanguard players chose, Takeru chose mainly on opponent  weakening and action obstruction skills.

These are chosen mainly by rear guard magicians.

With Takeru’s Life Steal, most of his weapon of choice places a greater emphasis on attack power and attack speed.

In other words, he chose a weapon that could the convert of some of the damage he had inflicted on his own attack on his HP.

These were rare and costly to strengthen, but Takeru has used most of the quest rewards to strengthen these weapons.

This style was very unstable up to the middle level. Some may think it is impossible to play with such build but it gradually stood out from the time he exceeded level 50.

A player beyond level 70 can be called an advanced player. His survival rate as a tank and above the average damage begins to balance. He reached the point where he is seen as a unique existence even inside the guild.

By the time his level exceeds 100, even in “Yamataikoku” where top class players gather, he was able to play an active part as a central attacker.

Takeru left the guild to pursue his objective, to go to the “Tower of the Sky”. It is in the northernmost tip of the continent.

He can finally bump into the battle method he thought of to survive the unexplored tower.

Having to carry out the style that is said inefficient, all for this.

The solo event of the “Tower of the Sky”.


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