Village of Phone

Chapter 1 – 5 


The village of  Phone is the small village where around 50 people live in.

Houser are like a small shed made of wood.

On the way, I carried Feene on my shoulder since she still finds it difficult to walk.

「High ~.」

She is pleased.

I had considerably attracted attention of a villager, but I was not doubted because I was next to Eclair.

A considerably large house is built compared with other houses in the center of the village.

In the house, the floor was one step higher, and looks like a Japanese old private house with something like a hearth made in the floor in the center of the house.


An old woman with a fox ears approached with a loud voice.

Feene runs and embraces the old woman.

「I always tell you that you aren’t supposed to enter a forest by yourself.」

「I’m sorry, grandma. However, I wanted Leona’s mom to drink this by all means.」

Feene takes out something like a weed from her waist.

She seems to have entered the dangerous forest to get medicinal herbs to cure her friend’s mother.

「You’re safe so it’s okay.」

Then, the fox eared old woman turns towards Takeru.

「I am the elder of the village of Phone. Apparently, it seems that Feene has been taken care of by this young human. I have to say my gratitude. I’m also sorry for troubling Eclair.」

This village has a connection with the elves, and it seems that Eclair is staying in this house.

The demi-humans that live here are led by the fox-kin. There are few young men due conscription and working away from home.

Recently, a demi-human kidnapping group of mercenaries break in. They seem to have appear in the nearby villages and precaution was strengthened.

Takeru is gathering information by listening to various stories from the elder. Eclair occasionally stared at him but he did not mind it.

Suddenly, the elder begun to talk about the tower.

「In the depths of that forest, a building that can be called a tower was built. The evil magician living there was rumored to hunt demons and use it for horrible experiments.」

(Tower, she probably means that tower. Was the former owner an evil magician? However, over a half century has passed and it is still being talked about. What was he doing?)

Takeru can’t say that he is the current owner of the tower. He’s breaking into a cold sweat.

「Does the elder have seen the tower?」

「No way, the depths of the forest are full of monsters. Being close is already dangerous to a normal person.」

The forest seems to be suitable for hunting Mad Boar or Forest Wolf even if they are monsters.

「I’ve heard I can make money from the magic core removed from monsters? 」

When Takeru asks,

「Certainly, if you bring the magic core to the town. The guild will buy it from you but that’s what adventurers and some soldiers do.」

Takeru was able to talk with the elder for a while and learn a lot.

As for himself, he said that he was a person traveling in various places and by chance accidentally heard a voice while passing the vicinity.

His story is full of holes but nobody seem to mind since nobody tried to investigate.

Though Eclair’s gaze became stronger, Takeru pretended to not notice and ignore it.

Only Feene seems to be completely tamed. She stepped on Takeru’s knee and arrived at his shoulder happily.

As the story was finished, Takeru decided to leave before anyone notices something.

On the way back, Feene said “Please come and visit again.”

Eclair was saying, “Takeru, you’re different, right? Very interesting.”

She whispered that on my ear.

After all, Eclair must have sensed something.



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