Chapter 48 – Mira’s Struggle

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—Mira’s POV—


Inside the front gate of G.I.Jou.

In the area between the wall and G.I.Jou, the alchemists,including me, and the builders gathered by Dignity were working together.

Other guild members select materials such as rocks, clays, and high-level monster materials gathered from the vicinity of G.I.Jou. We alchemist are making metals for the exterior wall one after another.

The blacksmiths are processing mithril and orichalcum in the forge into building materials.

At first glance, it seems to be going well.

From long and narrow to wide, all building materials are steady sucked into Dignity’s item box.

However, it is actually quite a slapstick scene.

First of all, not only the available members with production job are collecting materials but also the other members who were supposed to be on break.

It is certainly a good thing that a lot have gathered but…

「Oh, too many…」

As I groan, other alchemists turned their eyes to the side.

A mountain of rocks, clays, and monster materials are there.

I looked at the other members and vomited a sigh.

「That castle certainly would used up this much materials but…」

When I murmured, the blacksmith Camry who’s sitting at a distance shouted.

「Don’t say stupid things. Alchemist will only use their skill once. Us blacksmiths are going to use our skill twice because we’re also going to carve magic seals later.」

「We’re the one who’s sorting the materials and we don’t have anyone to switch with us. If you have any complaints, why don’t you make the thickness of the building materials thinner?」

When I said that, the Camry shook his beard and roared his nose.

「Damn it! We’re building a castle where boss would stay. Do you want it to be lousily made?」

The Camry folded his arms and looked at Dignity.

Dignity checks the completed building materials one by one and stores them in the item box.

「This doesn’t have any problem, right? I’m getting used to something good…Ara? A bit short, is it not? I don’t have plan to do thing like patchwork, can you increase the length?」

Dignity calls the nearest blacksmith member and the one he called hurriedly begins the revising of the said building material.

「That fellow…is too keen with details. Even though there are already a fair amount of boards that will be pasted on the wall of that castle, he complained about those materials as one centimeter shorter. Let’s extend the length of the next materials by that much.」

「No, that is really something to complain about.」

When I said that, Camry looked at me with half-opened eyes.

「You only have to tell boss. You already received his favor, right? Hmm?」


The Camry suddenly swung the conversation in a strange direction. I felt my face getting hot so I averted my face.

「Why would you say that!? It has nothing to do with work!」

「Hehehe, don’t be shy.」

When I got angry, Camry laughed with a careless face. Because the lower half of his face is covered with beards, his eyes looked disgusting.

「You guys!? Why are you having a stupid conversation? Unless we move quickly, the day will end?」

Dignity, who was aware of what we were talking about, got angry while shivering.

That’s rude. Even though I spoke with the Camry, my hands were not resting.

「It’s not possible! Why is today’s pace like this! If the pace is dropped a little more, it will take three days to complete the castle!?」

「I want it to be built* tomorrow?」

「「You want to have a baby*!」 」

TN: Mira said 作る(tsukuru) which means to build or to construct.It can also mean to have a child.

Dignity and Camry shout together.

All right, let’s work quickly to receive master’s praise.

Translated by Elite4Harmon of shmtranslation

All the building materials were completed in the evening of that day. The members with production jobs which had finished collecting materials earlier had begun making windows, furnishing furnitures, and so on.

At this rate, the castle will really be completed tomorrow.

Walking down the hallway as I head to where master is to submit today’s report makes my heart throb.

I’ll tell master today’s result and unleash an aura of wanting to be praised.

Of course, there was no such skill, but master will pat my head with a smile.

That’s what I assumed.

I somehow managed to make him promise to take a bath together with me.

I unintentionally laughed with Huhehehe aloud.

It doesn’t sound creepy, right?

By the way, during our conversation, Eleanor was listening next to him and nodded with a smile.

It has become a talk where we’re going to take a bath together so she’s glad for some reason.

She was able to shrewdly join.

As expected of Eleanor.

I was astounded by Eleanor’s quick wit.


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