Iron Fist

Although the capital has been recaptured, before the imperial army geared up to fight back, they must attack the next target, the fortress city of Ulros.

Therefore, Dalman, who plays a key role, is considering the next move.

Seeing their achievement in the first round, Takeru’s party also participated in the strategic meeting.

「What’s the war situation in Valoria Dukedom and AmurRia Dukedom?」

「Yes, both country have successfully won against the imperial army and seized their respective capital.」

「Okay, the first stage of the strategy is a success. We have to reorganize the army and hurry to Ulros.」

After hearing the success of the two countries that took up the simultaneous uprising plan, Dalman was relieved.

They will take the momentum of victory and form a three-nation coalition army and advance to the City of Ulros.

Ulros is more like a fortress than a city.

Occupying the city is the most important objective of this strategy. If it succeeds, they will be able to respond well even if the empire sends troops to counter attack.

The empire is on the central part of the continent and can’t afford to devote a lot of soldiers to Istria.

The problem is that Ulros is also an important base for the empire. Because of that, they stationed their best troops there.

It will not be as easy as the battle earlier.

When Takeru is contemplating about the situation in the corner of the conference room, he was suddenly called out.

「Are you Takeru? You are a lot younger than I thought.」

Looking at it, it is a woman in her latter half of 20’s. She has a fearless face and a smile that can be called carnivorous. She had a shoulder length red hair.

「I am Gina, leader of the Iron Fist party.」

「Iron Fist!」

Eclair who heard it gave a surprised voice.

「You know them, Eclair?」

「Yes, Iron Fist is a world-rank party. They are the best in the kingdom.」

「Oh, it’s an honor that you know of us.」

Gina mockingly laughs.

Iron Fist is a five person party composed of only women.

Their leader Gina is a level 48 fighter. She has reached the highest peak by being a platinum class adventurer that only a few people in the Kingdom of Coltberg reached.

Equipped with black admantite gloves on both hands and hardened with original skills, her skill build is super aggressive.

She is also known as Iron Fist Gina which also became their party name. She’s a famous existence in the kingdom not only to adventurers but also to the general public.

「I have been asked by Princess Sheila. We’ll protect your asses on the battlefield so fight with confidence.」



「I won’t show you my butt nanodesu.」

「 it?」

With Gina’s blatant words, the female team’s faces were dyed in red.

「I received the request but I don’t know what’s going to happen on the battlefield so I want you to cooperate with us so that you can safely return.」

Gina smiles and winks her right eye.

「She’s surely worried about us.」

「But how much did the princess pay to hire a world-rank party?」

「If you’re going to hire a world-ranked party, you’ll need a minimum of one hundred gold coins.」

Eclair answered like being disgusted.

「Princess Sheila cherish you that much.」

Gina looked at Babel while grinning.

「Sheila, thank you for doing this much for us.」

Felicia has thanked Sheila in the kingdom like praying.

(Rather than us, I’m sure that it’s for Felicia alone.)

It seems that Felicia is Sheila’s favorite.


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