Allied Forces of the Three Countries VS. Ulros Stationed Troops 1

The Istria Dukedom is also preparing to advance to Ulros in a rapid pace.

500 troops from Istria, along with the 500 troops from Valoria Dukedom and AmurRia Dukedom, the 1,000 allied forces of the three countries are heading towards the fortress city of Ulros.

Their numbers are almost the same but because they are not a regular army, their equipments are poor and they don’t have enough combat training.

However, the morale of the three countries troops are very high as they have just reclaimed their homeland. They will not fall behind the imperial army.

The problem is the Ulros Magic Corps.

The allied forces have no chance of winning unless they have much greater power the the general’s soldiers.

Takeru’s Babel and the Iron Fist will be responsible for that role.

2 parties with eleven people versus the 60 elite troops.

Iron Fist leader Gina seems reluctant to that proposal.

「Don’t you think it will be a little hard for us? We don’t know what will happen on the battlefield.」

She complained.

「Maybe I should extort more from Princess Sheila.」

It seems that she can’t go against contracts once she accepted it.

We received a news that the imperial army went out of Ulros and was advancing towards here.

「It will be hard to beat them if they barricade themselves in the fortress city, why did they come out?」

Eclair who heard the news said curiously.

「What Eclair says is true. The enemy must have various circumstances.」

It seems that Princess Leiria can guess what the enemy leader thinks of to a certain extent.

「If the empire is coming, it is convenient for us. Let’s hurry and depart the capital to settle this.」

It is not necessary to make the capital a battlefield. The allied forces take arms under Dalman’s instruction and left the capital.

Both armies were to face each other in the open plains along the highway, the middle point of the capital and Ulros.

Each armies spread and glare each other.

There are no special strategy. It seems that the soldiers will bump straight to each other for a decisive battle.

However, the right wing of the imperial army is clearly different from the other group. They have a different coat color.

That must be the magic corps.

Babel and Iron Fist head to the front of the army and expose themselves to show off their presence.

「Gege, isn’t that an ogre? Why is it in such a place?」

Gina was surprised finding a soldier larger than anyone.

「How come such a monster is in the army, what’s going on?」

Takeru was not able to hide his astonishment looking at the monster like ogre.

「Takeru, ogre is not a monster. Strictly speaking, they are inhabitants of this continent like humans and elves.」

Eclair is right. Ogres are not monster.

They are inhabitants of this world like humans, dwarves, and elves.

They made their own independent nation and built a solid foundation in this continent.

「If it is not a monster, does that mean that the empire teams up with the ogres?」

「I’m not so sure. That ogre is probably working here as a mercenary.」

Ogres earn as mercenary in various places by taking advantage of their in born high combat power.

Some say they are making parties to earn money by monster hunting like adventurers.

「Well, anyway, I’ll leave that ogre to you, so just beat it up.」

Gina is already trouble for all of the things that happened that were outside the contract so she threw the deal with the ogre to Takeru.

When the battle horn sounded, both forces began advancing troops.

The magic corps in front of Takeru and the vanguards on their side moves forward.

Is their number around 40?

The ogre advances a little behind.

It seems that the rear magicians started casting support enhancement magic.

「Well, should we go out too?」

Takeru and Gina, and this time Ordega also joins the vanguard.

Because the Iron Fist is there, it is unnecessary for Ordega to guard the rear.

Even if he stays, he probably be motionless as a rear guard.

The three of them lined up and crashed with the advancing soldiers.

3 to 40, the difference in number should have made the other party hopeless but in fact, it is the opposite.

The soldiers who clashed with them are bashfully knocked down.

Takeru moves around in order to not be surrounded while sweeping the enemies equipped with swords and spears with his sword.

「Three Slash Snow Flower!」

「Moonlight in the Water!」

He activated skills in succession and defeats the enemy before him.

When the enemies tried to surround him,

「Eight Slash of Gale!」

He repelled the enemies in his left and right at the same time.

The soldiers who are against Takeru are knocked down almost without doing anything.

Gina is even more aggressive. She thrusts in the middle of the enemy and hit them with her adamantite fist.

The enemy won’t be able to endure it even if they have shields.

She’s hitting enemy one after another with her tremendous speed and high physical ability.

Esther supports Gina from the rear.

She is a level 36, silver class magician. She’s a fire attribute specialist but she doesn’t have any damaging skill. Her skill build is purely for Gina’s support.

She is Gina’s childhood friend and the two of them are from the slums.

In order to protect themselves from mean adults, Gina has demonstrated her phenomenal fighting ability since childhood.

When she heard that Gina was leaving the town in order to become an adventurer, Esther followed her.

Esther, who was aware that she had no battle talent, decided to devote everything to Gina’s support.

Since the day they became adventurers, Gina and Esther have overcame countless of battles with their combination.

「Enchant Flame, Triple!」

It’s a sixth tier magic that greatly increase Gina’s attack power.

「Accel Attack Burst!」

It’s a magic that greatly increase attack speed.

「Ignite Fire!」

It’s a magic that greatly increases the target’s reaction speed. It contributes to attack and evasion.

Ester turns all her magic into support type for Gina.

Her role in the Iron Fist is to assist the platinum class Gina in battle.

With successive support magic from Esther, Gina’s movement became sharper.

「Why don’t you fly! Dynamite Impact!」

Gina’s punch just blow off three enemies with shield.

「Hundred Blow!」

Countless fist wrecks the enemy in an instant.

The attack power of a platinum class is comparable to the empire’s ogre.

Even alone, Gina can beat down those 40 soldiers.

Ordega is not a superhuman like Gina or Takeru.

He draw the enemy, prevent their attack with his shield and return a strike with the spear.

「Critical Strike!」

Although not showy, the enemies in front of Ordega are steadily being defeated one by one.

Feene, who’s supposed to be a reserve force, jumps out to support Ordega.

When Ordega is fighting with someone then a person get behind him, Feene restrains it with magic.

「Flame shell nanodesu」

On the other hand, if someone targets Feene and approaches her, she quickly runs away.

「Goodbye nanodesu.」

Once she activated her skill Flame corps, there is no soldier who can keep up with Feene who’s moving at a high speed.

Even in collective warfare, she demonstrated his ability as a magic gunner.


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