Chapter 50 – The Castle was Built! Let’s Party Today!

This is the third days since we started building the castle.

The castle was completed.

Yes, it feels strange but there is no mistake.

The castle was completed.

I nodded a little while looking at the glittering white silver castle as it bathes in sunlight.

It is really cool.

「Oh, oh … what a castle … …」

「That, is the new castle of apostle-sama…」

Behind me and my guild members are the villagers of the Grado village who are raising voices of admiration as they looked up at the castle.

「Are you satisfied, Boss? By the way, what’s the name of this castle?」

Dignity joyfully touches and wiggles his body as he asked me. His voice drew everyone’s attention.

The villagers and my guild members are quietly waiting for my words so I say the name that I had decided.


Because I was a little embarrassed, I chewed it up a little.

「Val Valhalla Castle, right? Isn’t that good?」

「Val Valhalla Castle! A wonderful name my lord!」

「Val Valhalla Castle…」

「Oh, what a divine name…! Val Valhalla Castle…!」

Wait a minute!  That is not the name I officially announced!

I wanted to withdraw the remark and announce the name again but with this atmosphere, that chance has already disappeared.

While everyone was saying the shameful name repeatedly, I stare at the white silver castle in the distance to escape reality.

Well, it is probably good to assume that it is not similar to Ashitano Castle in the game.

TN: アシタノ城(Ashitano Castle) – This is the first time I encountered this so I don’t know if this is a reference for something.

There was a problem with the name of the castle but the new castle was completed. There were also three bridges completed including one that came across the waterway between the Grado village and the castle by the evening.

「Everyone, you have worked hard! Today’s work is over. Now, let’s guide all everyone to the base except the villagers who’ll remain here. Village chief, how many people are going to leave the village?」

When he heard, the village chief looked around the villager and opened his mouth.

「Th-that’s right. After all, there are parts of the village that needs to be protected so some will be left behind… I would like to like about 60 people to go but is that alright?」

The village chief looked at me while looking sorry.

Well, that will be no problem at all because there are a lot of members who can use flight magic this time.

I nodded and looked at the villagers.

「I’m going to invite 60 people this time. The rest will be invited next time so you can wait in peace.」

When I say so, cheers are raised from the gathered villagers.

「If you take them alternately in the first half and the second half, you can invite them all in one day, right?」

Lagreat, who’s diagonally behind me, told me that in a small voice.

What are you talking about?

I shook my head and wrinkled my forehead. I looked sideways at Lagreat and opened my mouth.

「If I don’t return by eight o’clock, I’ll pass the curfew.」


Lagreat raised a question mark in his face as he thinks about my remark.


We carried the villagers to G.I.Jou with flight magic. We then moved altogether to the dining room.

On the way, there are times where some of the villagers fainted for experiencing flight magic for the first time but there was generally no problem.

By the way, the villagers continued to be surprised in G.I.Jou so I had Miera and Sherry carry the dishes to the dining room to calm them down. The dishes were well received as usual.


「Oh, tasty … what kind of meat is this?」

I heard voices of praise from the villagers.

Of course,even I don’t know.

It seems to be different from the meat of the wild boar from before.

「What kind of meat is this?」

When I asked Eleanor who sits next to me secretly, Eleanor wiped her mouth with a handkerchief and opened her mouth.

「It’s crocodile camel meat. I heard that it’s the lump part.」

「…Oh, a mysterious creature. But it’s okay, it’s delicious. 」

I looked down at the meat on the plate with a complex feeling.

The sauce is light but complicated since it pulls out the taste of the meat. This meat was simply delicious.

I want to eat rice.

But I guess it can’t be helped. I taste the distilled liquor that is also distributed to the villagers.

The alcohol content of the distilled liquor is over 20% but once it is lined up with fruit water, everyone can drink it deliciously.

I would be glad if this becomes the origin of cocktail in this world.

While thinking of such a thing, I saw the village chief, who’s holding a distilled liquor bottle in one hand, staggers as he walks.

「Apostle-sama! Thank you for hosting such a feast!」

「Village chief, you’re drunk.」

I knitted my eyebrows and said so but the village chief stroked his chest.

「Ugh! I, I am the village chief of Grado village, Denma! As the village chief, I have enough guts to not drown in alcohol! Now, let’s drink together!」

「Hey, you okay? Stop it already.」

I said that and took away the bottle from Denma, he showed his teeth and laughed.

「Oh! As expected of apostle-sama! You’re going to chug it in one go?! Now, everybody, clap your hands! Hey! Hey!」

Denma began to adjust the palms of both of his hands on his head while looking at me holding the liquor bottle.

There seems to have been an anxious drinking in this different world.

By the way, the other villagers who were not as drunk as the village chief are pale as they saw the village chief’s reckless action.

When I was thinking of what should I do with this cold atmosphere, a man extends his hand from the side and takes the village chief.

「Stop it, village chief.」

It was Dan who appeared.

Dan is not in his usual clothes. He was wearing a light armor made of lesser dragon scales which is a kind of lower dragon species.

But his face is full of raw wounds.

「Mou… Let me be! Apostle-sama and I are enjoying our drinks!」

「You have always been a bad drunk… Ren-sama, I’ll take this idiot.」

「Yeah, I asked of you.」

When I say that to Dan, Dan nods and carries the drunk village chief in his shoulder.

I tilted my head as I saw Dan carrying lightly the village chief like a big pillow.

「Somehow, Dan’s power seems to increase significantly.」

When I murmured, Eleanor nodded.

「Yes, though he’s still practicing by hunting nearby monsters as training, we supplement his lack of ability with equipments. Thanks to the ring and bangle we gave him, he now have a reasonable strength, reflex, and speed.」

「Oh, you gave him the surplus. That alone made a difference.」

I was impressed with Eleanor’s explanation.

To be honest, I was thinking about the possibility of a level up such as the time of the game in this world and the possibility of the concept of status be applied to this world.

However, looking at Dan, it may be good to conduct a verification experiment of his growth.

After completing the construction of the capital city, it may be fun to conduct experiment with the growth enhancement of this world’s people.

After the drunkard was sent off, the party continued peacefully until the evening. After that, the villagers were sent back to Grado village.

The village head, who was still drunk, was pulled by other villagers and threw him in his house.

Be careful not to drink too much.



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