Fortress City Ulros

「What! The three countries revolted at the same time!」

Meanwhile, in the fortress city of Ulros, the empire’s General Teleman, who is the one in charge of the city, yelled at the soldier who reported to the point that the blood vessels on his forehead were clearly visible.

「Ye-yes! The enemy seems to have crept into the Nation’s founding festival of Istria Dukedom from their hiding.」

「Those bastaaarrrddddsssss!」

He hold his fists tightly and strongly clenched his teeth.

(This is bad. What will happen to my position if we lose all three countries? The emperor will not forgive this failure. I’ll be disposed off as a failure.)

In Proxiria Empire, anyone can be appointed to an important position depending on his achievements regardless of his social position but incompetent individuals are mercilessly condemned.

If the empire’s central government knows of this blunder, General Teleman will definitely be demoted. If things gets worse, he will be court martialed and his neck may fly.

「If I dispatched troops right now to reclaim the three countries, should I start with Istria? Oi, notify the army to start preparing for dispatch.」

The general wipes his cold sweats and attempts to give instructions while concealing inner concern.

「Please wait, General Teleman.」

「Is there anything else?」

When he was interrupted by his deputy, Teleman frowns due to impatience.

「Yes, it seems that the enemy is going to rush on the momentum and intend to attack Ulros.」

「What! Is that true!」

「According to our scout’s report, the coalition forces of the three countries are preparing to march here with Istria as the center.」

「Those stupid bastards! All right, this is urgent, assemble the army and go out. I’ll show them what happens to those who defy the empire.」

Teleman orders his subordinate to not make use of their advantage.

「But general, isn’t it better to barricade the fortress than facing the enemy?」

His deputy gives him the choice called siege.

「Fool! Do you not know what will happen if the emperor received a report that we’re hiding in the fortress while allowing the three countries to revolt? We will crush the coalition of the three countries directly and conquer their capital city again. Rest assured, the best units are here such as the armored army.」

When the deputy’s proposal was dismissed, they began to move to gather the soldiers.

General Teleman is confident to his 1,500 troops that are stationed in the fort.

They have enough military trainings and are under the general’s direct control.

In addition, there is the existence of the elite Ulros Magic Corps.

The magic corps is a small troop of about 60 people but they are soldier who were chosen for their excellent magic and sword techniques. Because of that, they are preferentially given with skills.

Their training program is also unique. They are like adventurer party who explores dungeon and forest to hunt monsters to gain experience.

Therefore, majority of the soldiers that belong to that corps are said to be equal to a copper class adventurer.

Some of them even have the ability to reach silver class.

The empire only dispatched such troops in the frontline of their important bases.

Because there is also the presence of the elite Magic Corps, Teleman ordered the advance of the army without listening to his deputy.

If they have just stayed in the fortress city of Ulros, there is no way they’ll be defeated but he have put themselves into danger.

He had no choice but to reclaim the three countries in order to recover from this blunder.


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