Allied Forces of the Three Countries VS. Ulros Stationed Troops 2

While Takeru was in the midst of rampage, the rear guards were not left behind.

「Freezing Arrow」

When Heralda’s arrow hits the enemy, the enemy’s body freezes and stops moving.

Heralda is a level 41 gold class archer. She is using a bow as tall as her but she can use it freely whether on long, middle, or short distance battle.

Freezing arrow is a skill that gives the arrow ice attribute. It will freeze the opponent’s whole body regardless of the part they are hit.

If a person has a weak magic resistance, it’s game over after one shot.

「Nine Full Shot」

Three arrows were released three times. It’s a skill that shoots nine arrows almost simultaneously.

All of those arrow will hit the enemy regardless of her aim.

Hendrick is a level 39, gold class summoner. A summoner is a special job that summons contracted fairy or monster and makes it fight for you.

The summoned individual sucks the summoners mana as it acts for her.

An excellent summoner is said to be have 2 summon as a limit but she had contracted four monsters.

The monsters contracted are normally stored in a magic tool and can be summoned as needed.

In Hendrick’s case, her contracted monsters are sealed in the magic crystal which are hanging on her waist. She summons monster according to the situation.

This time, she summoned a salamander with high defensive power as the party’s shield.

The fire lizard is wrapped in flame all over its body and can stop the enemy’s attack with its rock like skin.

It also spits out flame barrett from its mouth to attack its opponent.

The last member of Iron Fist is Florina, a level 32 silver class priestess.

She’s a healer who has mastered the highly difficult to acquire, middle heal. Though a priestess has the same role as a shrine maiden, they have different battle style.

Unlike a shrine maiden who has no means to attack physically, a priestess can equip a lightweight weapon.

Florina can also utilize a mace and fight out ahead if necessary.

One of the enemies came at the rear of the salamander.

Florina faced it with her mace and round shield before Eclair could react.

She hammered the mace to the lightly armored enemy on top of his helmet.

After beating a certain amount of warriors of the magic corps, Takeru faced the ogre alone.

His gigantic figure is about 3 meters high and seems to be larger because of its bulky body.

Its weapon has a blade like a huge cleaver and it’s also equipped with full body iron armor.

This is a proof that the ogre is not a monster.

Takeru closes his distance to the ogre for the first time carefully.

「Dolipur Jopar」

He was able to use skill? His cleaver swung three slashes vertically from above.

Takeru manages to dodge by a back step as the cleaver passes by in front of his eyes.

(It will be dangerous if I got hit by that.)

It seems that the ogre in front of him does not only have a gigantic figure but is also an experienced warrior.

However, Takeru will not be defeated either.

He dodges the ogre’s cleaver and turns to the right of the enemy at high speed.

「Three Slash Snow Flower!」

He swoop his sword to the unguarded flank.


The ogre gave a desperate attack as it took some distance.

「Moonlight in the Water!」

An extending sword attack hits the ogre from below.


The ogre who received a great damage becomes desperate and thrust in.

Takeru jumped over the weapon of the enemy and dashed in it to reach the head of the ogre.

「Fiery Sword!」

He released his new technique, fiery sword.

A flaming intense blow from above clashed with the ogre’s head.

The enemy rolled on the ground with a sound like a big tree was cut down.

As their vanguards are being defeated one after another including their favored ogre, the magicians in the rear started shaking.

There was someone who tried to run away in haste which made the formation collapsed.


「Air cannon!」

「Aqua shell!」

Eclair and Leiria’s spell worsen it.

The elite troops of the imperial army, the magic corps were destroyed without fulfilling its expected role.


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